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  1. CyanHide

    How to start writing VG music?

    All three of you helped a lot! Thank you! I took everything you individually told me, combined it and used it. I decided to try and make a battle theme, because that seemed a good place to start in absence of inspiration for a location-specific piece, and I decided to make it genesis style so I had a good selection of drum sounds while still having a lot of simple wave-based sounds for the tunes as opposed to the more complex sounds of SNES and higher. And here it is!: My next attempt will probably be based on a picture; an ambient theme for a specific area.
  2. CyanHide

    How to start writing VG music?

    As a hobby, I create NES, Genesis, and SNES styles of existing songs using famitracker and milkytracker. (here's my soundcloud; https://soundcloud.com/liam-mcneaney) but I'm interested in getting started with composing original pieces of music that may or may not be used in video games with a NES/Genesis/SNES aesthetic. The will's there, I have a good knowledge of musical theory, but...nothing. I'm not getting any ideas for original tracks. It's like musical writer's block. How do I take that first step? Maybe the other video game music composers here could help me. Thank you.