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  1. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    Another sheet of beds for sleeping under blankets, those with the stripes: Enjoy!
  2. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    Got busy with life but managed to find some time to finish one sheet of those couple beds! Example: So adorable <3 lol Adds some life to your taverns and houses. The Actual Beds: Enjoy!
  3. Meep007

    It has been a loonngg while~

    Welcome back, LadyMinerva Plenty of room around here for ghosts, muffins, charizards, etc. Just no touching my muffins and we'll get along fine.
  4. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    Finished the flower pattern, I'll get to the rest when I am able. This update is mostly to mention that the sleeping sprites had a mistake (princesses hair cut off a little) and it was fixed and re-uploaded. Be sure to replace that if you were using it. Anyway, here is the beds. Enjoy
  5. Grr dumb job now I'm too tired too work on anything rpgmaker related:(



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    2. Meep007


      @Cookie Ninja Nah I'll take it. I love cookies, just not as much as muffins


      @Tarq'o'Lantern Uh...no comment


      @lonequeso I hadn't thought about it like that.... all the muffins I can eat :D

    3. Meep007


      First paycheck goes to presents though. My sister just had her birthday but I had no money then, now I can get something soon. I got 3 siblings with November birthday's too. Two of them are early and I won't see them for two weeks after I get paid so I gotta ship them their gifts ugh. And my aunt's having a baby shower soon so I'm gonna send her lots of diapers lol she's gonna need them.


      Then I'm a broke muffin...

    4. lonequeso


      Christmas is after that, too. =3

      You could always steal tacos from work and send those as gifts. Oh! and hot sauce! Lots of hot sauce! =D

  6. Meep007

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Nice. Didn't know how much I missed your music until now, great job as always
  7. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    @Rezanta Hey, yeah it's been a while Been busy with life and...it's still busy lol but since I'm out of school now I have more time and I only work part time for now. I hadn't touched any RPG Maker in all that time believe it or not and I missed it, wanted to see what new things have been made in all that time. I'm also curious what next I'll be editing lol I usually finish a project and then think of something else afterword. Don't usually plan ahead, just go with the flow ~ EDIT: I also wanted to note that I didn't even notice that the other small beds already work with my edited sprites. They actually line up perfectly. Wasn't on purpose but saves time. I also hadn't planned on editing those ones lol now I have no need to. <-------Those ones (grab full sheet up top) So feel free to use them as well. Edit 2: Here is what I accomplished tonight. The stripes are gone. Need them gone before I can do patterns. Edited my original black bed a little to make the blanket fold less shiny looking too. Will start editing patterns in tomorrow after work (maybe) or the day after if I'm too tired. This might go quicker then I originally thought, no promises.. Only took a few hours. But now it's 1am And example of the new pattern I made: I attempted to make a flower. I think it looks okay? lol Will add the old patterns as well and maybe new ones if I feel creative.
  8. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    EDIT: Just noting that almost all my interior window sprites were missing off here (10 of them), not sure what happened. Re-uploaded them. Feel free to use them like I do. I use a night and day script so I made an event to close them at night. Adds some "life" to people's homes. Just a suggestion. Or if you can't add anymore tiles, you can use these if you left out windows. Might save you a page. EDIT 2: And my vehicles? I'm thinking I probably just forgot to put them up top lol Thank you both @Takeo212 Yes the bigger beds sometimes bother me as well. The colors of the stripes kind of make them look like satin. I don't hate it but they could use the variety. Since I just finished the smaller beds I may be able to work on the bigger ones. I was actually have some trouble thinking about what my next project should be. I have off of work today but it's gettting late so not sure how much I can accomplish today and I have work tomorrow (and I might crash after lol) so it may take up to a few days or over a week. Will up update you all on that sometime soon. I could also make those beds usable with my edited sprites for married couples lol Anyway here are the finished beds edited and the sprites for comfy rest under their blankets zzZz They will be added up top as well. Beds:
  9. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    Here is what I was able to accomplish so far, feel free to use them now or wait for completion: Only one full set a edited beds so far the edited sprites so far And another example of how they look in-game: A lot of them match which is a coincidence but cool. I think it look nice. Not all the sprites are here and not nearly all my beds. I'm going to edit the patterns as well but not today. Can barely keep my eyes open to do any more zZzz...
  10. Finally got home from my first day of work at my first job! :D (Taco Bell)


    I was there 5 hours before my shift because my sis was my ride and worked morning, so I screwed around with our headset all that time lol :lol:


    I expected the worse but it was actually pretty fun...at least in the morning when it was slow. Afternoon got stressful but everyone was nice and patient with me when I started out slow. Working with food made me very hungry though. :(

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I hope you didn't eat at Taco Hell...

      Sorry, not a fan, at all. But it is better than McDickald's...

    3. Meep007


      I did lol


      I like it way better Cr*pDonald's as I like to call it, but I prefer coming home to homemade food :)


      Definitely healthier  and the kitchen (at least at the one I'm working at) is very clean and if you...heavens forbid put your hand on your hip or face to itch some scratch (ugh), you gotta throw away your gloves and get new ones (don't even know how many pairs I went through) :(


      My sister is a rough boss but she keeps the place running smooth. :lol:

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I'm glad she follows health policies. That's always a good sign.

      (I won't go into the details of how many times I've ran into that issue...)

  11. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    Since I haven't touched RPG Maker in a while I decided to finally do something. Here are some simple patterns for the bed recolors I made to add some variety to them, enjoy. And an example of upcoming work: Going to convert all my beds to be used with edited damage sprites. Sprites will be separate to allow for mixing and matching Should work with any damage sprite that is like RTP, you just gotta chop off their legs.
  12. Starting work tomorrow...and my sister's my boss lol


    That could be good or really bad. She makes my schedule so I piss her off and I'll have to work early mornings :o

    1. PhoenixSoul



      Just don't end up dating her or anyone she ends up dating under the same roof, or it is Disaster City. lol

      Sounds like a sitcom, doesn't it?

    2. Meep007


      lol her boyfriend lives with us...:lol:

    3. PhoenixSoul


      All that's left is the dreamy starlet upstairs...

  13. Well, look what the cat dragged in. Welcome back!

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    2. Meep007


      lol no but this 2 year old tried to run me down with a lawnmower today (not a real one but still... )

      I'll be looking over my shoulder for the next few days :mellow:

    3. lonequeso


      Oh that's right! Kids like to beat you up for some reason :D

    4. Meep007


      lol you remembered that haha...yeah o-o

  14. Meep007

    Fare Thee Well

    Whelps guys... I knew I would be getting real busy around this time so I haven't been able to surf this site, post, or even work on my project anymore. I'm going to be focusing on life and stuff since I'll be enrolling in college pretty soon. I'm still not sure what career I'd really like to have. I mean I still kinda want to be a pilot, but I might find something else I enjoy more by traveling. There are some things I wish I could finish, but time has not been on my side lately and it seems like it's just passing by way too quickly. I want to get my real life started before I'm dead and my sister is moving out soon to begin hers as well. (Still kinda hard picturing us not living together after all these years. Well, less abuse I guess.) So it's been fun. I'm mean I don't know any of you personally so I can't really say what your really like and I haven't been here very long, but many of you have been extremely helpful and nice so thank you very much. Fare thee well...at least for now... ~ Meep PS: Good luck with your projects. Music, games, or whatever. I still look forward to some of your finished products whenever I can find the time to play them. I wish you much success.
  15. Meep007

    More of a "Seeya Later"

    Good luck and see ya!