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    Community Driven Game

    Interesting concept KilloZapit would be interesting to have the rouge do gender swapping as the story progresses
  2. Mortigentus

    Community Driven Game

    Im looking to develop a game something unique and new. This takes a while and its no short feat a.k.a disappearing for a few years to make said game. If i want some more help ill of course come back and post as this was very helpful. You guys helped me very much with just a few short posts. Basically i learned i need a little more of a developed idea for a game. I also learned that some people do feel this game engine is a little limited as to what it can do. Yes it has a lot built in but more can be added with only a little coding such as reflective tiles. When i next make a post it will be to keep everyone in the loop as to what im making so far and ask for input as to how everyone thinks its going and if they have any ideas. Thank you all for your wonderful help so far. Please if anyone feels like they have ideas go ahead and please post i will check on at least a every other day basis.
  3. Mortigentus

    Community Driven Game

    The community here is full of people with more often then not partial ideas. Nothing full and fleshed out. A little scripting here some graphics there and even a short story or two. Yes there are people out there who are making full games onthis forum but im here to help those who cant seem to have a fully fruiting idea. Im here to help people ripen and come together to see the beautiful fruit of their burdens. The money part thats because well lets face it its really hard to be a full time developer and to be able to bring games to the market that really enjoy so making a game that yes makes money so i can continue making games for people would be very nice. And its not like im going for anything more than 5-8 bucks really just something to make being agame developer easier finacially. Right now i need everyones help for ideas i can sew together and make as a cohesive and beautiful game that i know people would whole heartedly enjoy. However i have a story and right now ideas are flowing like crazyfor me.This forum has helped and i thank everyone butif its okay im gonna disapear for a few years.
  4. Mortigentus

    Community Driven Game

    Thank you everyone for your replies so far. Now to respond to the different things brought up so far. first thing time of my game. Yes i understand an 8 to 16 hour game is one heck of an undertaking that is like saying im going to write an 800 page novella for my first book. However when it comes to games i expect nothing less of myself right now then i would expect of others and that is i expect especially if im paying for a game is 1 dollar is going to amuse me for at least 1 hour. A lot of games do not fulfill this for me. However this is my opinion and i plan on making a game that hopefully sells anywhere from 8 to 16 USD a copy as a result i wish to have 8 to 16 hours worth of game play. Secondly i did just get RMVX however it doesnt mean i havent been following for almost 2 years watching tutorials and trying out some coding and even graphics design myself its just money has been tight for me and RMVX is by no means cheap. Im not going into this as a complete newb but yes i am fresh and i am at least taking the time to learn the program. Right now this post is to see what i will have as my final goal of having bought this lovely open source program. And finally as to plot that others may hopefully build upon. Last night i had this as a dream: A rouge gets himself caught in his usual antics not neccesarily a bad guy just his lifestyle choices arent all that great. So there he is looking at the bars of his newly found cell. As he plumps down on his cot he notices a nifty little purple pointed hat. Curious indeed why such a belonging would be in the cell. Curious as he was he was also Wondering as to how it would look on him so he adorns the hat and goes to look at his reflection in a nearby pool of water on the floor. "Hmmmm now dont i look like a raggedy wizard dont I?" "No actually youre now a witch" said a omnipresent voice "Now who said that?" the rouge says confused. "Why an old hag trapped in a hat looking to be freinds with a puckish rouge in hopes of her release" "Do you know how to get me out of this cell?" The rouge asked "I have ways of doing that yes and many more for your antics" The voice responded with enthusiasm "Well then i think i foresee a most beautiful friendship indeed" Basically witch is a hat that helps the rouge out with magic while the rouge finds a way to release her from her spell and accidentally saving the world at the same time Thank you all for your responses and please do not take this post wrong as there is a lot of opinions in it. And remember opinions are like asswholes everyones got one but that doesnt mean thats how they need to appear. Please i look forward to more responses and especially ones as nicely put as we have so far.
  5. Mortigentus

    Community Driven Game

    Okay so here's the situation. I got rpg maker vx ace because i wanted to start making a really good rpg. However my idea of a good story and what your idea of a good story is are two completely different things. I need a story but not just any story an epic story. One driven and created by the community of people who want to play this game. So im here to see what you guys have as ideas. Characters, Beginning plot, Bosses, Mechanics anything and everything. I mean i could make the usual save the princess from mister meany or save the world from very bad guy. But i want something complex something worth spending 16 to 24 hours of your life or more to play i need twists i need everything good. But i don't know whats intriguing you guys do. So tell me what you find intriguing so i can make it a reality.
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