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  1. babzai

    Animated enemies

    is it possible to make the enemy sprites bigger? (yes) But now the battle wont end when all the enemies die
  2. babzai

    Final Boss music

  3. babzai

    Final Boss music

    I don't know what song should be the final boss
  4. babzai

    Town Maps

    it's good
  5. babzai

    S^!% Adventure

    Drawings for my "game" posting here because the showroom is blocked.
  6. babzai

    Fonts stopped working

    I fixxed it, you have to type the font's real name, not the file name
  7. I can't add anymore fonts to the game, the first fonts I put in worked, but the new ones don't! I can get Bapin to work, but not Drum & Bass
  8. For some reason, i can't add anymore fonts to the game, only the first 5 I added work, and the rest just don't...