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    What are you working on?

    I'm working on The Rise of Scourge! Or rather, the second chapter of it. XD Genre? Adventure, horror, action..I think lol This game is based on the Warriors manga, The Rise of Scourge. You play as the main character, a small house cat named Tiny, as he goes through the torment from his siblings, ventures out into the forest and meets vicious wild cats, then finally continues the rest of his story in the city, renaming himself Scourge as he gains power over the other cats in the city. As for elements, the character sprites and artwork, as well as the map areas and new music I'm working on for the later chapters and boss fights. I don't have any scripts..I'm not very good when it comes to those. I have a lot of features I'm planning for the new chapters. Chapter 2 is nearly finished, has a ton of new items in it as well as many more characters. It has a mini game near the end, which will be a bit difficult. Chapter 3 will have a lot of mini games, including a timed challenge. You can win new collars from some of the challenges. There will be 5 main chapters in the game. Including a secret chapter after the ending, chapter 6. Some of the choices you make in earlier chapters will alter the gameplay in chapter 6, and will also change the type of ending you get. It also has many bosses..yikes. XD
  2. SpookyHollows

    Real Time Effects

    Tried adding it in, but everything is gray o.O no clock or anything shows up. I put the script in the editor in the right place, but is there a script call I need to do? Sorry for these lame questions, I'm a noob at putting in scripts.
  3. SpookyHollows

    Advanced Game Time

    This probably seems like a dumb question, but how do I install this? I'd love to try it out for one of my new games, but..I'm a noob when it comes to adding scripts. X'D
  4. Like the title says. I was working on a new version of my old RPG and then this happened... During a mini boss fight, the skills tab won't show up in battle. In normal gameplay, there is a skills tab in the menu. I haven't added any scripts or anything. So how do I get the skills tab to show in battle?
  5. SpookyHollows

    Skills tab not showing up

    Aa, thanks so much Rikifive! I never noticed that in the old game XD That fixed it, now I can see the "Special" tab while battle testing.
  6. SpookyHollows

    Skills tab not showing up

    Sorry for slow responses, my internet is really bad lately. No, I mean like I just can't use them at all, nothing shows up. And there's no Skills tab at all in the battle menu, like there used to be from what I remembered..or rather the "Special" tab, I got used to calling it a skills tab though. Any skills I made are set to be used "Only in battle" I don't use any scripts, as I don't really know how to use them. As for TP? I don't use TP, whatever it stands for I don't know, but I turned that off, as I never used it in the old version of the game. Even before turning TP off, there still wasn't any Skills tab in battle menu. I'd post a screenshot if I could, but..I don't really know how to, but during the revamped mini boss fight I made, the battle menu has this after you click on "Fight" "Attack" "Guard" "Items" But no Special tab. o.O
  7. SpookyHollows

    Skills tab not showing up

    I dunno, I think it might be trasnparent. But in the terms database, the skills area has "Skills" typed in it like always.
  8. Working on The Rise of Scourge RPG

    1. Raiken Jenova

      Raiken Jenova

      Oooooooooh, undeads! (/'-')/

  9. SpookyHollows

    Granny's Lists - Animal Sprites

    Very nice list! Anyone know of a crow sprite though? Not like an anthro one though, I need a normal one to fly around an area in my little RPG.
  10. I hope I'm posting this in the right place, I'm not familiar with using forums. Anyways, I am working on a little fan made RPG based on The Rise of Scourge manga by Erin Hunter. I am looking for some tilesets, specifically forest and city ones for the big areas in the game. This will be for non commercial use, of course. For the forest I'm looking mainly for some big trees, tree stumps, logs, various plants, etc. City can be various. Looking for something a bit dark and creepy with city stuff though, as the city area in the game will be kinda dangerous.
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