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  1. Hello! Long time user, first time posting, etc. I'm in the process of making a game called "The General's Return" and one of the main characters is a little girl. I've never really used children in my games before, so I was unaware of just how few good face edits there are for them. I've done some rough edits myself, but I've put a lot of time into this game and want something of a higher quality. What I'm looking for, in list form: An edit of the Spiritual(5) fairy's face to remove the wing, make the dress light purple instead of blue, and put flowers in her hair based on the Actor5(8) sprite and face (Isabelle in the basic RTP) An edit of the Spiritual(5) fairy's face to remove the wing and necklace, and put her in a light purple nightgown that covers her shoulders General Emosets for both face edits - although given one, I could probably copy and paste it onto the other An Emoset for the first edit for an injured/dying person, like blood coming from the mouth with smiling/pained variations, crying, unconscious etc None of these are particularly difficult, although I suppose the Emosets might be a little time consuming. If anyone knows a place I can commission this relatively cheaply, that's helpful as well. I'll probably need more help in the future, so I'm happy to spend some money if needed. I'll credit everyone who helps, of course, assuming you have some way for me to identify you.