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  1. Genre: JRPG Game Progression: Completed (but the translation of the game is incomplete) Recruitment: Need help in testing and translating from Russian to English Average game time: 5+ hour The game takes place on the fantastic planet Aezzz populated by humans, elves and many different mystical creatures. The whole planet is a big single country and in its history were no wars, because all people signed the pact of friendship. The game story is focused on a strange thing named Mysterummy, which is passed to Trenz, the main protagonist of this game, from his parents. FEATURES: Positive atmosphere Non-linear game play. 7 original playable characters, for 6 (4 in this demo) of which joining the party is optional. You need about 7 hours to finish the demo, but it can be played through several times, because it has many endings, bad and good, and varied characters combinations. Voice of heroes in fights Humor Also, you can Fly on brooms Find many logical riddles And visit many secret places Unfortunately the game have some imperfections: most of graphics and music is not original Translated to English a little less than half of the game. Characters: Credits: Screenshots: Download demo from Itch.Io : https://anntenna.itch.io/mysterummy
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    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    749 something funny happens here
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    Where are my Internets?

    Thanks! Yes. I'm sorry I didn't notice this message immediately. I'm creating a new game now. But I will try report to constantly with all updates and discounts on my game in this topic.
  4. обалдеть, кого мы нашли тут >u>

  5. AnnTenna

    Where are my Internets?

    Many thanks! Nice to hear it! On Friday, the game will be released in one bundle very cheap. But I don't know whether it is possible to give such links here.
  6. AnnTenna

    Where are my Internets?

    We've got a lot of feedback on the game - thank you so much! Hence I figured out weak points of the game, and we tried hard to improve them and thus make the game more pleasant and interesting for you. Play against the AI! First thing that drew my attention was many people didn't have a company to play the game with. So bots are now implemented! Yay, you can compete with the computer! Though there are more updates to come which should make bots smarter, but anyway the characters already can do a lot, and they even have the unique temper each! This is the biggest change since the last version. It wouldn't be possible without the help of the fellow Cerberus, who wrote special plug-ins for the game. Terrible mimic chest from now on isn't that scary! We've got lots of complaints about the chest which swallowed a player making him leave the game. It looked for some that he'd stuck there forever. To save the fellow from that chest, someone has to encounter the mimic chest again and defeat it. It can take a lot of time, which is boring for the player. But I found the solution! Now in case if the mimic swallows the player, the chance of meeting him is increased greatly, as the result happens almost immediately, and the friend leaves the game only for a while. By the way, even bots are able to save players from the mouth of the terrible creature! The gamepad support has been added! Denis has updated the input plugin, and the game now supports gamepads with little effort. Besides, Steam Controller is picked up too - I checked and even added the most comfortable settings in my opinion by default. So now it's more comfortable to play! Other fixes and improvements! Some little mistakes were noticed in texts, mainly it's misprints. I apologize for it. Thank players, who found them and sent me screenshots. Also, the hint for full-screen mode switching key (F4) was added, really, it wasn't obvious. I should have done it earlier. Also, for your convenience, the cursor is moved to the button OK when inputting name from keyboard. Well, and some aesthetic fixes, for example, more precise animation of popup numbers on selling in store. And dish aerials are now multi-coloured - showing the colour of the player who got the village connected. Now the game is available on Linux and Mac!
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    Where are my Internets?

    Yay! Thank you so much! ^___^ Particularly pleased to hear that you liked my drawings!
  8. AnnTenna

    Where are my Internets?

    Where are my Internets? Abstract: funny board game about searching the Internet Genre: board game Game Progression: completed Recruitment: None Average game time: 2+ hour Story / Setting / Purpose: It is a board game set in a strange fictional world that resembles our present-day world, but with elements of humour and surreal events. You play as a typical city person who arrives in a desolate countryside with no trace of the internet. Your aim is to survive in these tough conditions. There is only one way you can do it: become an internet provider, and get online. Characters: Yorick Was born and grew up in the big city. He didn't ever expect that he would end up in such a remote village in the prime of his life. Poor Yorick! Matilda A cunning and witty heroine, she doesn't waste time she gets straight to the point, and will find a way out of any situation. Terence A natural blonde person who is very impressionable. He suffers more than most over not having a connection to the internet. Greenie The most cheerful and carefree person in the game, always honest and true, but she is often lucky for the most inexplicable reasons. and.... Dice! Yes, it is the hero of a game too! He is a difficult and complicated many-sided character. Six-sided, to be precise. Credits: Created by AnnTenna Publisher DNVA Music Dee Kourtsman Game Engine: RPG Maker MV Plugins DK Plugins Special thanks Art DarkDes Sholar Anny Plugins Hudell Dirge Tor Damian Design Shaz Lekste Galv SumRndmDde Yanfly English translation Mikhail Andy Nuttal Dean McGill Xitilon Testing Eniya lg.balukation RastaMan ALLiGaToR Samael Oleg Selyukov Arrakttur ЗБ Il Xeneder VocalMix strelokhalfer Sandorka Oleg Krasovsky IgorS Mr_Woodrat Trailer Dr_Z10 Screenshots: Features: ◠Unusual idea and setting. ◠Original graphics with a unique style. ◠Pleasant atmospheric soundtrack. ◠Single Player, with up to four Characters. ◠A lot of surprises and humor. Download: (2,99$) Steam page Known Issues: None
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    Akarom: The World of Iniquitous

    Map looks good. I suggest to add the river, trees and lakes. Although, maybe you plan it.
  10. AnnTenna

    Roof Tiles as "Star" Passability

    I found this plugin in my Steam folder
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    Hello from Ann!

    Hello! My name is Ann. Excuse me, I speak English badly. I hope you understand me. I am the administrator Russian community "rpg maker" I have long been familiar with RPG Maker and love it! I have finished my game, but we are not yet fully translated into English. I'll show you when it's ready.
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