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  1. Lord, I haven't been here in a while. I see the site got a makeover, looks pretty good!

  2. Jesus christ i haven't been here in a while. Anything interesting happen recently?

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    2. Kayzee


      When did you leave? I didn't notice much myself.

    3. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      I didn't necessarily leave, rather I kinda just forgot (and I've been busy with other things).


      I think the last time I was here was around January 28th 2017 or something.

    4. Kayzee


      Hmmmm... I can't remember much going on since then. Well, Kaz stepped down as admin but that happened only a few days ago I think.

  3. Right when I'm getting back into playing Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, my gamepad decides "Hey guess what my battery is bad now". These next 11 days are going to be painful =.= At least the FP2 demo is coming out in a few days, so that'll distract me until the battery arrives.

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      Oh yeah and hey haven't been here in a while

    2. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      WB, batteries have always been out to get us! Here, have a cookie *hands over cookie* and never let a broken battery get the better of you ;)

  4. I need to find a movie or something so tomorrow will go by faster o-o

    1. Kayzee


      Hehe, that eager huh? The holiday season is great and all, but as far as I am concerned a holiday is just an excuse to do something fun with people you love, and you could do that any day you like too! Don't let a holiday ruin your fun on the days leading up to it!

  5. Is anyone else getting this glitch? http://prntscr.com/dmatf6

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    2. ShadowfrostZen


      Yeah, same. I just checked and its still doing that.

    3. Rikifive


      Me not, but I know what caused this and how to fix it.

      You can PM me and we'll sort it out.

    4. Rikifive


      I even may know what EXACTLY causes this and how to fix this globally for all users...

  6. I've been hoping for snow all this time and all we get is freezing rain that makes it hard to drive =.=

    1. Cadh20000


      Ugh, that's not good... Hope the weather changes for the better for you.

    2. ashm


      i never live in 4season country, how does it feel about rain on winter ?

  7. Haven't posted a status update in a while. I've been making some tilesets and backgrounds just in case I make a new projects. On that note, if anybody wants a simple checkerboard backgrounds (any color), just let me know and I can send them your way ^-^

    1. Kayzee


      *gives you a random hug*

  8. I finally have a discord account :3 I dunno why I held off on getting one for so long, guess I just didn't think about it.

    1. Seriel


      "[10/7/2016, 8:08:14 pm] (38) Alphys Hedge#1031 has joined the server.

      [10/7/2016, 8:08:54 pm] (37) Alphys Hedge#1031 has left the server."


    2. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      Sorry, I joined and then left because I thought it wasn't active. I didn't realize you were supposed to keep discord servers open at the time (I'm still kind of new to this).

  9. Alphys Hedge

    Will You Press The Button?

    No, I have no use for a death note anyway. If you press the button, all of your favorite anime characters will brought into real life, but they'll all hate you.
  10. Hell broke loose in a different forum I like to use, so I think I'll be leaving that one to stay here. If you know what I'm talking about, you probably understand why.

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    2. Amysaurus


      Yeah, Shin. I wonder who that was.

    3. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      What forum was it, anyway?

    4. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      The MLPForums. Long story short, two moderators resigned because the main moderator was childish, selfish, and overall not a good moderator. Then a different moderator removed both of the posts, not wanting to cause drama. The fact that they removed the posts ironically crated more drama, and now many people are starting to leave the forums.

  11. I wish I had a mind eraser so I could watch Kill la Kill again. It was so amazing watching it, but now that I finished it Idk what to do .-.

    1. Kayzee


      Watch it again but look for foreshadowing/references/easter eggs you missed the first time?

    2. Skysagi



      Or just watch it again because you can.

    3. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Find another cool anime to watch. :P

  12. Not at all, just about an hour (which really isn't a long time considering how fast it went by)
  13. I made the spotlight less bright, and tried my best to make the "C" have a bit more depth: Wherever you have your credits for the game, just maybe something that says "Title Screen Image by Alphys Hedge". It doesn't really matter where in particular you want to put it. You're very welcome, by the way! This was actually the first request I've ever done, so I'm happy that you liked it. Again, if anything still seems off, let me know and I can change it ^-^
  14. Do you know what the screen resolution for MV is in pixels? (The size of the game window) Once I know this I can get started on it. EDIT: (Went ahead and just looked up the resolution) Does this look like what you wanted? I had to tweak the logo a bit to make it look better against the background. Don't hesitate to tell me if anything looks off, I can always edit it since I have the .pdn file.
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