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    Hi, everyone!

    Hello, everybody. To be honest, I've been lurking around this forum (and the official RPG Maker one, and rpgmaker.net, and RMKR, and GD Unlimited...) for nine months now, but I've only decided to introduce myself today. I'd copy-paste my intro from rpgmaker.net, but it's down right now, so I'd just wing this. I'm Daryl Sun, and I have next to no experience in making videogames, though I've been reading up on game design and watching my siblings play videogames (I'm nervous and excitable, and would more likely break the controller...or the TV). I primarily use RPG Maker Ace, though I'm yet to master it and RGSS3 completely. Also, I'd just want to say that, from what I've seen in my lurking, this is such a lovely community, you are all wonderful people, and I'd like to give you hugs if you guys weren't possibly continents away. So I'll just settle for the next best thing. FREE VIRTUAL HUGS FOR EVERYBODY!!!