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  1. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    I've just tested and the app isn't working, I don't why nor have the sources. It's time to develop another app... After this and some other projects I become interested in web development and now I'm a pro web developer. I'll start it tomorow, let me know if someone want a way to get feedbacks from the development.
  2. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    Hum, yes... but we will need to variables, one for max value and one for current value. About the enable/disable, I'll put it now!
  3. Cidiomar


    Just some tips: Optional arguments: def self.plant_seed(*args) item = args[0] plant_id = args[1] # the unique plant id this event is associated with planting = args[2] opts = (t = args[3]) ? t : {} # optional pos = (t = args[4]) ? t : 0 # optional stage = (t = args[5]) ? t : 1 # optional def self.plant_seed(item, plant_id, planting, opts = {}, pos = 0, stage = 1) You can use 'or equal' instead of inline ifs: t[:max_fertile] = (tmp = t[:max_fertile]) ? tmp : item.seed_max_fertillizer t[:grow_frames] = (tmp = t[:grow_frames]) ? tmp : item.seed_rate t[:loop] = (tmp = t[:loop]) ? tmp : item.seed_loop t[:loop_stage] = (tmp = t[:loop_stage]) ? tmp : item.loop_stage t[:fertile_effect] = (tmp = t[:fertile_effect]) ? tmp : item.fertile_effect[/background][/color] t[:max_fertile] ||= item.seed_max_fertillizer t[:grow_frames] ||= item.seed_rate t[:loop] ||= item.seed_loop t[:loop_stage] ||= item.loop_stage t[:fertile_effect] ||= item.fertile_effect Use #upto instead of Range#each: def number_stages_not_watered_optimally count = 0 optimal_water_per_st = optimal_water (1...last_stage).each{ |st| count += 1 if times_watered(st) != optimal_water_per_st } count end def number_stages_not_watered_optimally count = 0 optimal_water_per_st = optimal_water 1.upto(last_stage - 1) do |st| count += 1 if times_watered(st) != optimal_water_per_st end count end
  4. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    Open the RM VX Ace, press F11, go down and find the last script, create another script pressing Insert, paste the generated script on it.
  5. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    UPDATE: Two code generation mistakes fixed: Image's filename was passed as link. Don't making cache, resulting in lag.
  6. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    Due to the problem related in this topic: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/7311-rgss3help-and-rgss3doc-are-down/wn/ I'll put this tool down soon.
  7. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    Yup, import and export are like save/load. You can import all images, but they must be a valid url. This app can use only external images at this time. thanks ^ ^
  8. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    It's the "linked" param. Setting to HP, its width/height will be changed with the HP. Try generating the code and testing.
  9. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    UPDATE: Completly rewritten. (Still don't compatible with Internet Explorer) Export/Import function (Save/Load) New propertie for text (Fix from) About ten bugfixes Better performance and less size.
  10. Cidiomar

    How to Easily Turn Scripts On or Off in the Script Editor

    Script OFF: =begin msgbox 'active!' " =end #" Script On: #=begin msgbox 'active!' " =end #"
  11. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    Hum, understood now. Cool idea, but not now, may be some day. ;D
  12. Cidiomar

    VXAce HUD Designer/Generator

    Not sure about your idea, can you explain better?