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  1. It is not currently available, I don't like to release scripts until I push them into version 3-4 first. Sorry to say, however maybe we could work something out via PM? I'm always looking for a hand in art, music and mapping =)
  2. this is possible, however I'm unfamiliar with the scripts you've mentioned to know whether or not my methods of doing so would alter pre-existing code. In fact, I have a v2.0 battle system, that pretty much does what you are asking about.
  3. So I was working on making a map for my brothers game, once I am done how do I send it to him?
  4. Daskana

    fireball sprite

    Yea I was looking for something a little different, more ryu fireball than that one is. Turned on its side so that it can be shot at someone and fly at them.
  5. Daskana

    fireball sprite

  6. Daskana

    game title ?

    To tie in with the current "Theomachy" title my title would be Theomachy withe the sub title "a divinity (or divine) tale"
  7. Bah! Thanks for the info
  8. The misnomer is 100% correct as far as I'm concerned. I just can not seem to get the hang of the whole process, even after reading and watching the tutorials lol
  9. My brother has Ace and is using it for his game, I wanted to help out making maps but dont want to get an "old" version. Thanks for the help.
  10. Daskana

    [CLOSED] Raymi's Windowskin Shop

    I would like to request a WindoSkin: Username: Daskana Which RPG Maker: VXAce WindowSkin Color: Multiple shades of blue, leaning more towards dark shades WindowSkin Style: Elegant Design Requests: It is going to go on my battle system demo if you could incorporate battle into it somehow that would be great Other: Not that I can think of but feel free to get creative, you know where the skin is going
  11. Daskana

    Feed back for characters WIP

    I am by no means an artist so take whatever I say with a grain of salt =) They are very nice full body characters, are you going to smooth out the color or is that a style for the game? Also something about Faye's hair around her chin bothers me but I cant exactly pinpoint it. Aside from those two areas I think they are awesome. Lets see more of your art!
  12. Daskana

    fireball sprite

    I am looking for a fireball sprite to add to my battle system demo. If anyone could help out with this it would be greatly appreciated. Standard orange fireball, if you feel like going above and beyond small medium and large. Otherwise just a normal moving fireball sprite would be great.
  13. Daskana

    Dream Scripts?

    What would be something that you would like to see as a script for VXAce but has never been done, or is thought to be impossible or would just be really cool to have a script for? Im looking for ideas to write to help showcase my scripting skills before I decide if I want to make a shop. Thank you.
  14. I have some really really rough drawings if anyone could do some nice UI work for me it would be greatly appreciated. We can talk compensation in pm if necessary.