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  1. MultiMouths

    Variable display on Menu screen

    So, I even message DP3, I tried to work around the script of morality, and I wasn't able to do it, for what I wanted, a bar that would gradually fill would be the ideal, instead of only show the name of the morality
  2. MultiMouths

    Variable display on Menu screen

    Thanks a lot, Rikifive!
  3. MultiMouths

    Variable display on Menu screen

    Well hello... I'll be brief, I have been looking for a script to vx ace, but I had no luck, what I'm looking for is: - A bar, or anything that displays a variable in the main menu screen below the command window - That could display more than one variable, but only one per time (switchable, with switches, like "Show variable 1 switch 1" and "Show variable 2 switch 2"), like when changing groups or something, showing that group or party collective stats (e.g: Fear, regret or anything related to it), so it could affect the outcome of certain events or reactions - Can be a bar or anything else, maybe even a number display, I'm not picky about it, I just would want an information display in the menu to variables in the main menu And yes, I have been looking up and down for it, I'm not a scripter, but I had dealt with it trying to figure it out if anyone could help me I would be extremely thankful Anyway, from brief this had nothing, anyway, sorry for bother, I would appreciate any help, thank you very much
  4. MultiMouths

    Lockpick minigame

    There is an incompatibility with the "Khas Awesome Light Effects" It crashes when you try to start any lock picking session, I even tried in a blank project, still crashes out of nowhere: "Script' Game_Interpreter' line 1414: ArgumentError occurred. wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)"
  5. MultiMouths

    Title screen command

    Is just what I look for, but at the moment I try it, it says that is not working, and now I'm tryng in a brand new project to see how it works, I'll tweak a lil bit here, but thanks, I guess this will work, very thanks, this post can be closed now ---===@@@@@@===--- EDIT: made it work, now it can be surely closed, thank you very much
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