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    Good morning everyone, I am getting a script error when an enemy evades an attack. It looks like this: Script ' XAS ' line 3487: Name error occured. uninitialized constant XAS WORD::EVADED I usually try to troubleshoot and find the answers myself for the experience and i thought that maybe it was just missing the graphic for when a character evades because a 'Missed' graphic shows up when the character misses but i dont see a missing graphic in any folder. Is this game meant to work with certain hit on weapons? Any help would be appreciated to stop the crashing on evades. Thanks
  2. Ipathsk8n7

    Skill Conditions

    Hello all, My issue is that I have a skill that freezes the enemy. I also have a skill that I would like to use that can only be used if the enemy is frozen. How could i make that a condition? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks