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  1. Thorgaaz

    Skills with different hit rates.

    Sry... figured i poted something similar a Long Time ago and it had been solved too. Point is, the success Chance IS calculated based on hitchance. Yust not additiv, but multiplicativ. Means... if you have 150% Hit and 50% Success, than you have 75% in total and not 100% I can work with that. I yust forgot due to my Long break (because of my Job) Soo.. Problem solved. Sorry again for Posting an solved Topic.
  2. Thorgaaz

    Skills with different hit rates.

    No Ideas or Suggestions at all?
  3. wow thanks. Ist been a Long time now, but i will check this out. (its night now, so i check it on daytime)
  4. Hi fellow Designers. I have the following Problem. I try to create Skills which have different hitchances by themself. So for example my Hero has the Base Hitchance of 80%. Now I want to create an Secure Strike which deal less dmg, but hits 20% better (so it has 100% total) and I created an Heavy Attack which deals more dmg, but hit 30% less often. And Basic as this sounds, i do have some Problems with that. At first i used success rates, but thats not calculated using the heroes hitchance i guess. So even if you have an state which increase your hitchance by 100% your heavy attack will fail 30% off the time. The second thing i tryed was creating an preattack which first grant an state which change the hitchance, and than force the real attack action. That worked, but during Battle my hero first step forward nill appeared (because the first skill didnt do dmg) and than he steps forward again to do his attack. (I use Yanfly battle engine and visual battlers) Soo. yeah, that solution is not perfect ether. Didnt find an skriptcall to turn the first Animation off too. That leads me here. Can you guys help me? greetings: Thorgaaz
  5. So there is none? Not even with scripts? Thats a bummer.
  6. Hi, me again. My question: Is there any possibility to add all Information of Dammage Formulas to Elements or Items? Like adding it to a Weapon, and whenever you use a skill, wearing that weapon it uses the skills formula, but also calculates the dammage of the Formula you added to it? The things you could do with that were incredible. 10% Lifedrain or Manaburn on a weapon? No problem, apply 10% Elemental dammage and add Drain to that Element. Complicated Formulas which let all your attacks growth based on the number of hits you had inflicted upon your enemys? Or giving each element something spechial? Here is the answer, the List goes on, but i yust dont know how to do that. So please tell me, if there is an solution.
  7. Thorgaaz

    Bridge over Water exception.

    Ok, that is an little embarissing now, but the Problem is already solved. The point is when the tile i used as the event graphic is marked with an Star it goes for Grassland but not for Water. Marked with an Circle it is passable for both. So I yust use the circle version. So sorry for posting a thread which is solved so quickly. greetings: Thorgaaz
  8. Ok, so here is the Problem. I made a Bridge connecting two cliffs. Between the cliffs is a river. But i cannot cross the river. I already read something similar in the Forum but i still cant figure why or how it is working (or solved) The strangest thing, I already have some bridges, oneconnecting two cliffs above grassland, and even two over water (one of them at higher groundlevel too, using the same method. (Switch between above and under character Layer) and all of them are working fine. Only that last one doesnt. The only difference i could tell is that i used the Grassland version (from left to right and with other tiles) than the water bridges (until now up-down bridges) So does anyone know how to fix it? Sure I could change the area so I can use an up/down bridge here too, Or maybe use an fixed rute or through ability, But all of that doesnt seem perfect (and quiet unlogical thinking the other Bridges are working fine) In the end Im sure it is some kind of Layer issue. But until now I cant fix it.
  9. So there is no perfect solution i guess? Well I think i would stay with the high basehit but low normalattack solution than. Changing the Numbers shown in the Menues. Maybe creating another normalattack, so that the enemys can use the old one.
  10. Hi guys, me again. I have following Situration: An Hero lvl1 with Basehit 80% has two skills from the beginning aside from the basic attack. An hard strike with more Damage bot low hitchance, and the opposite. (low dammage but with high hit chance.) The normal attack has the best total stats, The Problem: Normal and hard attack works like an charm, but the highhit attack is troublesome because i cant create an skill with more than 100% hitchance. And as much I understood that even means 80% beeing an physical attack. (Because of the Heros Basehit) So is there a way to change that? My goal is to reach around 130% hitchance using an physical attack. At the moment i yust use the secure hit option, but thinking about this beeing an basic-skill this seemed an little too overkill for me. Plus people might exploit it using the heaviest bad-hitting Weapons possiple not caring about Hitchance at all. Anoter option I figured is setting the Heros Basehit to 130% but reducing the normal attack and Heavyattack to 50 or 60%. But this simply doesnt seemed right. If an Beginner looks on the 130% screen but miss even the slowest oppoments with an good chance, he might have an bad feeling during the playtrough. So is there an good solution to set the skillhitchance above 100%? Greetings: Thorgaaz
  11. Perfect Ultimate Answer. Big Thanks. Problem solved.
  12. Well I have found another simple problem which gives me an headache. My Situration: I have an Enemy who stand around on the Map. I Talk to him, and after that an Battle happen. And now, i want to have him disapear. My Problem: I know about the self-swiches. After Battle it turn on, and the event vanish thanks to the second side. But the Issue with that is, that the Enemy even disappear after you ran away too. It only check on the Battle and not on the outcome. I tryed to use conditional brances during the troop section too. (If eney is dead than swich on.) My event had if swich on than site 2. But my funny enemy seems to not care about inbattle conditions. (tested it with messagebox too, and no after death condition yust didnt work) So is there any way to check on dead enemys or victorios battles only?
  13. Thanks sounds interesting. I always thought walls and the typeA mountains works similar. But you´re right, A1 to A4 tiles do work differently from the A5 once. I would try it. only one thing to ask about it, how can I prevent the Mountain from disapper? Wouldnt the Wall override it? Or do you mean an invisible B-E Tile which has one way blocked? (next to the flower) come to think about it, it should work too. Well I will try it out. Thanks again.
  14. Thorgaaz

    forum games This Vs. That

    So True all of it. Its questionable the mages should be slaves, but beeing rare and having a backgrond is nice thing. (Your post about Boo is true too. I remembered Fat and evil Boo and forgot about Kidboo is again another form. To answer the Question Ace, but it might not count, because I only know this one. If it counts, here is mine. Many equil-powerful gear, (for making decision and stile) or growing tiers (to get players permanent searching for better stuff)
  15. So I do need to use events. Well lets see it posetive. At least I know an easy way to create secret passages now. But if I use them isnt (lower than the player) the better option? Because than its only a graphic and my completely working A-Tile would yust keep his funktion. Which means I can walk on it coming from the upperground but not from the lowergrond. (the letter one was be the Problem i talked about) Setting it to the same as the player would yust bock the way all the time (as long as i dont use swiches) which means there wouldnt be any difference to yust put an X to the Flower in the Tilesmenue . Well at least in the point of movement. am I right?