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  1. Very interesting game. The CGs are lovely. The ample things to upgrade, the various quests, the skill trees, and all the people to recruit even this far in give it a pretty extensive feel, and that's with a lot of stuff still not even in yet. The promise of choices and outcomes to events/quests is really high, and I've always loved games like that. At times, though, it can be sort of hard to figure out if something is in or not, or bugged. (Examples: I can't for the life of me find Chiyo, Ryoko, or Kayelinth in-game, though a couple bits of content are completely blocked due to errors mentioned later, so maybe that's it. The tower that's locked in Begus. The tower in Amagal which has an NPC ascend stairs, but has a gate blocking the way there with no responses to clicking anything in the room. The Amagal officer's building where it seems like there's supposed to be a secret room or something because the NPC goes up there but disappears, but again clicking everywhere does nothing. The fact that the guy who hits the Elf thief girl in the northern Begus border fort sticks around when you arrest her, as if there's more to the quest when there doesn't seem to be. The lack of any relationship boost, reward, or new back-in-castle text for finding Tsubaki's book.) There are a lot of various typos and a couple odd phrasings. It may be worth looking into getting a proofreader if you don't have one already. I'd like to volunteer if you don't have one and are interested, though I know a lot of game makers like to iron such things out themselves. Playing 03.03.16 version, not sure if these are known/fixed failed-to-load errors or not since then, but: -Selecting "diplomatic options" and Amagal when talking to Theremis gives me a "img/faces/Actor4.png" error. -Trying to open the chest in the inn at capital results in a "audio/se/Chest.ogg" error. -The Cleric in the small town to the south of capital gives a "img/faces/Cleric.png" in conversations after the first. -House on the ruined farm-ish place to the south of the second fort down south returns "img/faces/Ryen%201.png" when using any door. -Same "img/faces/Ryen%201.png" error when you choose to arrest the elf girl and punch the guy in the border fort to the east of capital. -Soldier in the port authority 2 building in the port gives "img/pictures/Nametag%20Soldier.png." -Somehow, talking to the guy who gives you a beer in the Begus inn/pub causes the game to spit out a delayed "img/characters/Begus%202.png" error, but only after that conversation, usually when talking to another character or using menu. -Using the staircase down in the Amagal castle's prison causes "data/Map074.json" error. -Talking the wife of the elf chief returns "img/faces/Ryen%201.png" error. -Soldier on left side of entrance inside Begus' mine gives "img/faces/Ryen%201.png" error. Things that don't involve failed-to-load errors: Trey can't equip an Iron Spear, but Tsubaki can. After the meeting with Bergus' general - Raven I think - I can no longer move or open menu. I assume it's because the event never ends, because I can juuuust see the top of Theremis' hair at the bottom of the screen where he walked off it. The event that triggers the fight with two Bandit guards in the Elf forest doesn't turn off after triggering on one of the bottom-left tiles. Minor things and non-bugs, the Clerk in the capital's potion store doesn't have her sprite hair color matching her faceset hair color. The priest guarding the stairs in Begus' church, when you try going by him when not on quest, suddenly has a woman's face for me. (That said, I've had to throw in a lot of new face files to deal with errors, so it might actually be another failed to load error for all I know.) Edit: Was replaying Elly quest for gun to verify the locked tower I can't do anything at is the place she mentioned and found a couple more bugs. Choosing to give up seems to mess things up. It kicks you to the bottom-left room, now with the angel and guards, but presents the try again/give up choice all over again. The actual scene doesn't start unless you select "give up" again or run back down to the lower level after selecting "try again." More importantly this route bugs out Elly, as trying to leave town, even if you pay 6,000 gold for the gun back, results in the choice between staying in town or leaving Elly behind.
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    Hello. I've mucked about with RPG Maker for a long while through trials until I eventually got VX Ace, though I ended up shelving actually doing anything with it while waiting to get MV after it was announced. So mostly just setting this account up to reply to other threads for now, start browsing tutorials and such, and maybe someday in the future ask for advice.