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  1. thanks, I only made the fighter guy with the cap, everything else is pretty much stock until I make up my own. I can make custom stuff, but for testing and what not, just tossing together things. Some updates, merging it around with animated backgrounds and a platform script. Credit to original script creators for platform script and parallex script.
  2. Hey guys, not sure if this will get released here, or to the public, but like yesterday I decided to try using events to create a battle system in RMVX Ace. Action Button System (ACBS) - Who knows maybe it'll give scripters an idea if they want to make a system like this. Updated: It's basically like Valkrie Profile mixed with project X Zone. If you go to attack, you can hold up on the keyboard to do an almost ariel move. You have different keys that restore, or allow you to defend. It is turn based, but seems there's a bug that allows you to attack or give you more turns. Might create a stamina bar, that builds so you can beat up the foe more. This might also go with foes. Sprites and such are pictures, so it's a bit meh with how they move around now, but working at making it smoother, maybe even using more animation for places. But thought I'd share it with you guys. Just let me know what you think. Extra credits go to MogHunter for the health bar and the picture effects. Also to sprite rippers and background artist.. Gabe Kuo sprite is mine. Eventing is me.. Still have random hp damage calculations to do, but I'll get to it. That's gonna be fun lol
  3. Hey this looks interesting. It has that feeling of a Silent Hill game in places. Keep it up, liked the video.^^
  4. lol no worries it's all back now though. The most recent post states I've started work again.^^ so no worries it's all back in motion now. Glad you liked the custom art and such as well. Team is doing a great job ^^ Here's a video displaying the sonic verse location. The Robotnick/Eggman is a mixture of the various different personalities of Eggman. And speaking of Laharl. Here's a sneak peak of his actor in this. This was a test we had did. m
  5. Update guys. The game is still moving. It's a fan game and there are many out there. I'll keep updating when I can. So if I do get a message asking me to stop, I will. But yeah contacted them and no word back. So Cross Finale is off ice now. Though I have more of my original projects to present here sometime, with Gabe Kuo featured in them and such. For now we can enjoy the fan game which is moving along quite well. I hope to update you guys with the full game sometime soon. But we'll just have to see what happens in the coming days and months. So far it's turning out to be a pretty fantastic fan game, and honestly it can only get better with time. Thanks for the support guys and I hope to get some other updates and such here when I do. Right here though, you can enjoy a collage of some of the mugs found in the game. And an update to the previous story. (full story) Risky Boots and Tyranto.
  6. Hey guys, sorry, comes with regret. I have to shut down Cross Finale for now. Not because I couldn't finish it. It's because of lawsuits or possible lawsuits that can come from this. Though it's a fan game, I don't have the permissions for some characters and until I do get them and make this into something more "Official" then I will be more at ease to continue work on this. I want to thank everyone for their interest in things but I will leave out the demos for you to play. But as far as more work on this project. I will have to lay it aside for the time being. Thanks for your time, I'll be jumping around and checking out different projects when I gather more time. Thanks again everyone!
  7. Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the voice acting. On a side note everyone. I will update here when I get more time. Working the full game now, so if you want to play anything,please look to the first page for the demos. I will try to update with videos and other things as more development pulls through. But as of now, I may be a little mia around. Though do expect me to look into your other projects moving around. Till then, thanks for dropping in everyone. I'll try to keep you guys up to speed.
  8. Skytric

    In Map Battle + Show HP

    Hmm after reading this a bit. I think a great way to get this. Is to get some kind of HUD script which displays HP and character stuff on the map, and event if you can't script a custom battle system that will basically react to the HP and MP loss. You could use Mog hunters map HUD systems or some others around for that. If anything else, you'd need to get a script that's able to either convert systems to be able to work together or make something up. I would go with the event idea and basic HUD system, variables,numbers and pictures can do a lot. But that's what I'm thinking.
  9. Hey sorry it took a bit for me to get back here. Work,work,work! But I'm happy you like how the promo work and everything is looking. For sure it's a great mash up of characters here.^^ Here are some other random in working videos, along with myself as one of the foes popping in. Need a better mic but that's coming soon. Ashely from Wario Ware - Art for her is place holder. (She does have a voice actress now.) Voice of Ashley
  10. Bored so just did some random recordings of a ruin location in progress. Servebot sprites are place holders for now. and yeah demo 2 is out so you guys can give it a run when you can. I'll also try and get out a non rtp version of it.
  11. I am stoked, the over world and everything in this are great! Can't wait to try this out for myself when more is together with it.
  12. Heh yeah it's pretty awesome. Gabe Kuo is also non Caucasian, though most the art in the promo tosses it off. I always found it interesting to kind of go different with things. Only characters I can think of outside of shantae though who are like that, is the main from prototype 2 and Lee from the Walking Dead game. Such a great character...But yeah heh glad I'm not the only one who thought that after seeing Shantae. Also first post has been updated with more character information. Thinking of collecting some cool fan art and such for things. For loading screens and other stuff. If you guys find anything good for me to possibly place in, by all means let me know. Update new shantae footage. Used the same battle from before, but just for display purposes. Heh by time you guys reach this area in the full game you might know what to expect...Or will you? Updates 2: Replaced a lot of the art for loading screens with original stuff and fan art. Updating the demo maps, finally have a way to make it seem dreamy without it looking well to crazy. New intro story, doesn't shed to much light on things, but DOES hint at the focus on the story. Still in testing stages, but you guys get to see some new updates. NEW DEMO V.2 updated to first post. Demo contains 2 places to play around in. The intro story and a rehash of the Tron battle. This demo is also much easier than the previous demo. Cross Finale V.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/660j11ho8wisefv/Cross%20Finale%20Demo%20V.2.zip Etna Tune https://app.box.com/s/rwzhs4xnckyquzd2by8t
  13. Thanks^^. Hmm Shantae was to just be a support character though that would aid you throughout the game. Thinking however, we could possibly get away with having her in the main party. Update: Confirmed thanks to ZoroarX! Shantae will be a playable character in the game now. More in battles but we'll see what happens. Contacting the actress at this moment with lines for battle. I'll keep you updated everyone. Easy snap in, but looks nice and she really does work with the party as a usable character in this.
  14. Thought I had gotten this up here. But here's another test of the Risky Boots battle with Shantae help added in. And a Big Boo boss I recently just finished, had to get the effects of a ghost type monster working correctly. In short it could be quite a boss to fight. Also when I get some more time here. I'll be updating the first post. A lot more needs to be added in places now.