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  1. Been way more than 72 hours and this request is still one of the most basic and valuable features RPG Maker could have. *Bump*.
  2. It's been over 72 hours and this is still absolutely necessary for my game to function, so *bump*.
  3. Battle Log messages show up if you call a script in the damage formula, you say? I don't call scripts in the damage formula (and I'd prefer not to if possible), so I didn't know that. And I knew that Battle Log messages show up when you use the Effects Box. However, I am not using a custom script that changes anything relevant. Just one for enemy levels, one for making skills show up as commands instead of Attack, Guard, etc. And a few other non-relevant ones. The fact that Battle Log messages don't show up for Event Commands is a different problem from the fact that they don't show up for "a.add_state(1)" or the like in the damage formula. I realized only after I made this topic that I need to address both issues, either in the same script or in two different scripts. Sorry for the confusion. I do want to say that, if possible, I don't want to have to call a custom script with "_add_log" in the damage formula-- that the messages would just show up with the normal "add_state" and "remove_state". I think that would make the script plug-and-play, and would make things easier for anyone who uses this script. However, I'm not sure how the system works and I don't want to make things a chore for you. Anyway, thanks a ton for your help!
  4. Alright, I'm going to "double post". I didn't see anything on the forum rules against double-posting, and my gratuitous use of reply edits makes it so my posts don't get noticed. Feel free to correct me on the double posting thing. Anyway, it seems that when I use a skill that has just "b.add_state_with_log(504)" in it or something, and it doesn't do damage, I get the following in the battle log: Message that enemy fell into state! Enemy took no damage! Message that enemy fell into state! So basically, it's double-posting the state message.
  5. Sorry! I didn't get a notification for your reply. I do have a question. Do I HAVE to have a custom script call? Can I make it so that all damage formula "add_state"s and "remove_state"s automatically post to battle log? Or at least have an option for that that I can set to "true"/"false" in the script options? Also, I just realized I needed to make it so that the event commands Actor > "Change State" and Battle > "Enemy Change State" output to the battle log, too. Sorry for forgetting! I did find this, though I would prefer something a little more... automatic...: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/36604-state-applied-message-not-showing/ Although I think the main problem is that I can't address the player/enemy at the beginning of the text. In the meantime, gonna test out your script. If this works, you are my hero.
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    What's wrong with my damage formula syntax?

    THAT'S IT!! Also, it's "add_state", not "addState". Thanks so much!
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    Random Repeats

    Your Dropbox link doesn't work. I guess Dropbox is being a jerk to everyone who posts scripts for RPG Maker stuff, because almost all Dropbox links to them are disabled.
  8. Yeah, you're right. But it gets really frustrating having to re-explain-bump, taking two weeks to get a relevant answer when I said right in the original post what specific limitations that the next replies' solutions aren't covering. It's a good thing I have other database stuff to do in the meanwhile while I wait. Anyway, time to create a secondary topic. I still appreciate the replies, friends!