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  1. Terms can be edited easily from the Database section of RPGMaker VX Ace. Let's say, if you want the resource you spend during battle to be named SP instead of MP you can change it no problem. But during battle processing these terms will show up as standard and will not be updated. How do you update Terms so they show up in battle processing as well? In the attached image the change is shown in MP when the Terms I have the "mana" resource named as HGR.
  2. Ferry66

    Fading in a character?

    I have an issue with this too, particularly when trying to make characters appear out of nowhere, the game won't show the transition and skips to the 255 opacity directly. I use switches to activate the appearing event and other switches to activate other events immediately after.
  3. Been trying using this: def $game_party.battle_members.each { |actor| if [1,2, 3, 4].include?(actor.id 1) && actor.mp <= actor.mmp / 2 actor.add_state(31) else actor.remove_state(31) end But it doesn't apply the state. What do?
  4. Please do elaborate. I am in need of both a script that adds a state on a % of mp/tp and one that removes said state when over this %. Tried using several scripts like $game_party.battle_members.each {|a| a.add_state(x)} but they don't do the trick.
  5. Is it possible to bind the remaining percentage of MP (or TP for that matter) to a state? For example: a mage uses all of its MP and automatically gets the ''Exhausted'' state which will immobilize him, or a warrior uses gets to 50% of its TP and gets a state that lowers its damage.
  6. Ferry66

    Sovereignty: TCG

    The bug that allowed me to move during battle triggered when I tried moving during the transition between dialogue and battle, but I had already beaten the king so I don't know if it happens at first. The duel did end, but it didn't kick me out like entering the game without cards did. As for the system, it was weird having to equip all the cards one by one at first (although that could be just nitpicking) and the butler had explained a ton of stuff I didn't even read, that's a lot to be throwing to the player right away. The battle was alright, but I don't really get the mechanics. It is, indeed, very similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, with the life points system, but there seems to be no limit to summons or ''magic'' cards. At one point, I got a card that allowed 100 direct damage, but I don't remember picking the victim for it. Card games are goddamn complicated when it comes to explaining the rules, maybe a short tutorial would be a better showcase?
  7. Ferry66

    Sovereignty: TCG

    Just played it and it looks like a sick idea. Right now it isn't something to behold though, the interface is really confusing and the fight quite barebones, but it could become really good with some fixes, maybe combat animations for the summons, and of course the story. By the way, I encountered a bug when fighting the king guy that allowed me to move around in the battle map and find a bunch of sprites to the right, you should find some way to disable actor movement completely.
  8. Ferry66

    New in town

    Hey, the name's Ferry66, but my boys call me Fry. I'm new in the RPGMaker community and I just recently started getting into scripting, designing and writing and it's really fun! My main strenght though, is music. I've been making tunes since some time before I even picked up RPGMaker VX Ace, and I'll be glad to help anyone with anything related to it, or even make some music for them (even if it is for free, since I do it for fun). Check out my Soundcloud if you want to get an idea of how I roll: https://soundcloud.com/fry-592164899 I hope to see great things come from this community!
  9. Ferry66

    Greyscale Blood Censor

    This censoring type reminds me a lot of many gore-related animes like tokyo ghoul, where they use this kind of censoring. I personally think that censoring blood in a horror game, even if it involves children, isn't such a good idea, as it might confuse players, and also it seems all around unnecessary. I'd stick to whatever style you're developing and try to keep blood to a minimum if you're worried i might not look good or it could scare away potential players.
  10. Ferry66

    Binding an item to a skill?

    Many thanks, mr. Mod!
  11. I would like to know if binding an item and a skill could be possible. I wanted to make a skill require having some item in order to be performed and then eliminate that item as if it had been used the regular way. I understand it could be easier to bind the effects of the skill to the item itself and then use it, but I want to know if this could be done the other way around. Any help or opinion is appreciated.