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  1. Ultima Xehanort

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    Very helpful tutorial for whoever wants to put their own music in the game, and not have it sound weird Thank you very much, and congratulations for this wonderful tutorial
  2. Ultima Xehanort

    Hi guys!

    I'm Xehanort (well, not really xD), and i'm very happy to be a part of this community. I've always had a dream of making my very own RPG (or even a whole series of them), and I think this brand new ROG Maker is the right one for me =D RPG Making really started for me with VX, which I loved. There were alot of things that limited the user, like the tilesets and alot of other stuff. I've messed around a little with it, and even created my very own project (which i'll post here soon so you guys can see it) but unfortunately I never got to actually start developing the game... But now with VX Ace, and with the new improvements, this can very well be the beginning for me! I will finally start my first game. I hope I can get along with you guys and hope to not break any rules here, and I was also hoping you guys could help me with my main problems with RPG Maker (to this day, I still don't know how switches work xD). Anyway, glad to be here