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  1. Abstract: Magecraft is an indie developed A-RPG, reminiscent of the oldschool games of the SEGA / Snes era. Genre: A-RPG Average Demo Time: Varies a lot. I would say around two and a half to three hours. Game Progression: The game should be around five chapters. The game is at chapter two at the moment. Recruitment: Any help is always appreciated. Testers, coders, anyone willing to be part of this project with relevant experience is very much so welcome. Trying to write this spoiler free, keeping it as vague as possible... Synopsis: In a land where the many fall under the complete dominion of a small oligarchy the political climate reaches a pinnacle of tension. On the brink of war, the old alliances have fallen and the rulers of the land grow more paranoaic every day. An evil long forgotten, thought to be destroyed ages ago, found it's way back into the world. Creeping itself inside the softer minds and the colder hearts, it managed to manipulate their will to create discord amongst the people. Blinded by their greed and their lust for power, the leaders of the world ignored wise counsel from the erudite scholars and seem set in their warmongering ways. After imploring those in power and being cast aside, those with reason lost faith and started to despair. Only a few, with their eyes open, recognized the signs of the old evil coming back. As it's power grew, entire villages started to fall under it's curse. Blaming each others, kings and emperors gathered their armies, ready to strike. As none seemed to want to listen to reason, a resistance had to be organised to stand a chance against the armies of darkness. As the light of hope started to grow dimmer, a divine being descended upon the mortal lands in the moonlight, in search for the Chosen One, that could one day lead the resistance and cast back the Ruler of Darkness to the shadows. Waking from a deep sleep, riddled with strange dreams, Axar, an odd boy with silver hair, started to walk to the nearest village to meet the voice he heard in his sleep... Character : Axar lives a reclusive life in the mountains. Never quite fitting in, he prefers the solitude to the busy life of a villager. One morning, after having the strangest dreams, he feels compelled to leave his isolated home to travel to the closest village, but he is too clever to believe in coincidences... Videos: More on the Youtube channel Website: http://magecraftrpg.proboards.com/ Screenshots: Full album : http://imgur.com/a/KtxaT Features: Dynamic combat system, challenging enemies, see for yourself in the videos! Download: Current version as of April 4th : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfk65gvh2iou1pm/Magecraft4.exe?dl=0 Always up to date version can be found : http://magecraftrpg.proboards.com/ (click the Join the Alpha! text) Known Issues: None Credits: Special Thanks to : Galv Hime Kread-EX Lethrface Falcao Ninjamida Zylos RAFAEL_SOL_MAKER V.M of D.T Modern Algebra Casper Gaming Yanfly orb Khas Matt Sully (Gump) Fomar0153 Syvkal Shadowmaster/Shadowmaster9000/Shadowpasta efeberk (alongside OriginalWij) Neon Black Absurdiness Zerbu Nicke