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  1. Exclude them. Only have brackets around the number.
  2. Yes. You would put $game_variables[6] instead of amount, assuming the amount variable is game variable #6.
  3. Let's say the variable to hold the item ID is variable #5. Then all you'd have to do is a script call: For an item: $game_party.gain_item($data_items[$game_variables[5]], amount) For a weapon: $game_party.gain_item($data_weapons[$game_variables[5]], amount) For armor: $game_party.gain_item($data_armors[$game_variables[5]], amount)
  4. Vincent

    Tutorial battle help

    Can you give an example of how it can be done without scripting?
  5. Vincent

    Tutorial battle help

    You need a script. This should do the trick: module Tutorial Switch = 6 end class Window_ActorCommand < Window_Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Command List #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_command_list return unless @actor add_attack_command if $game_switches[Tutorial::Switch] == true add_skill_commands add_guard_command add_item_command end end end What you need to do is turn on the switch during battle when you want all the commands to be selectable.
  6. Exactly how does a BattleStart graphic work? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

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    2. Chaosian


      Very interesting..

    3. Trihan


      Vincent: Correct. So make the bits you want to fade out first black and have it go gradually towards white in the effect pattern desired.

    4. Necromedes


      I'll need to experiment with this...

  7. Every abandoned project can be summarized in one reason: goals that exceed capability.
  8. It takes a lot to make a stew

    1. Intocabille


      Especially Eintopf

    2. pencilcase27


      Eintopf? German puns are just the wurst...

  9. Vincent

    Press Start script

    Thanks for the pebble of information! I went ahead and updated the script so it uses a module for customization rather than constants.
  10. I would sure love some Pun = {:joke => hash}

    1. Kayzee


      Pun = {:joke => hash} huh? *hands you a potato*

  11. Vincent

    Press Start script

    Another great suggestion. The script has been updated, and I have learned a bit more. Thanks!
  12. Vincent

    Press Start script

    Hey, thanks for the feedback! I was actually planning on making it transparent so that it would look better, but I am just now getting to really learn RGSS3 so I didn't fully understand the super keyword until yesterday. The original post has been updated to reflect your addition. Thanks again!
  13. Instead of turning on a self switch, use "Erase Event."
  14. Vincent

    Where to start learning?

    The best teacher is experience. Just jump into it and make a small-scale game. As you need to make certain things happen, you can mess with stuff until you make a system for the desired result. Then you grow more and more efficient with time.
  15. Vincent

    How to Create an RPG Town Theme

    While you don't get into the hardcore specifics, your style of teaching is incredibly easy to follow. Color-coding the different instruments was a very minor but helpful aspect, I should add.