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  1. Exclude them. Only have brackets around the number.
  2. Yes. You would put $game_variables[6] instead of amount, assuming the amount variable is game variable #6.
  3. Let's say the variable to hold the item ID is variable #5. Then all you'd have to do is a script call: For an item: $game_party.gain_item($data_items[$game_variables[5]], amount) For a weapon: $game_party.gain_item($data_weapons[$game_variables[5]], amount) For armor: $game_party.gain_item($data_armors[$game_variables[5]], amount)
  4. Vincent

    Tutorial battle help

    Can you give an example of how it can be done without scripting?
  5. Vincent

    Tutorial battle help

    You need a script. This should do the trick: module Tutorial Switch = 6 end class Window_ActorCommand < Window_Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Command List #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_command_list return unless @actor add_attack_command if $game_switches[Tutorial::Switch] == true add_skill_commands add_guard_command add_item_command end end end What you need to do is turn on the switch during battle when you want all the commands to be selectable.
  6. Exactly how does a BattleStart graphic work? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

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    2. Chaosian


      Very interesting..

    3. Trihan


      Vincent: Correct. So make the bits you want to fade out first black and have it go gradually towards white in the effect pattern desired.

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      I'll need to experiment with this...

  7. Every abandoned project can be summarized in one reason: goals that exceed capability.
  8. It takes a lot to make a stew

    1. Intocabille


      Especially Eintopf

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      Eintopf? German puns are just the wurst...

  9. Vincent

    Press Start script

    Thanks for the pebble of information! I went ahead and updated the script so it uses a module for customization rather than constants.
  10. I would sure love some Pun = {:joke => hash}

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      Pun = {:joke => hash} huh? *hands you a potato*

  11. Vincent

    Press Start script

    Another great suggestion. The script has been updated, and I have learned a bit more. Thanks!
  12. Vincent

    Press Start script

    Hey, thanks for the feedback! I was actually planning on making it transparent so that it would look better, but I am just now getting to really learn RGSS3 so I didn't fully understand the super keyword until yesterday. The original post has been updated to reflect your addition. Thanks again!
  13. Vincent

    10 Minute Infinite

    WARNING: If ESRB were to rate this game (which it didn't), it would be rated M for suggestive stuff of all kinds. And the language is occasionally vulgar. Abstract: The world is ending in ten minutes. You must use that time wisely to gain levels, recruit allies, and find better equipment. Yes, this is based largely on Half-Minute Hero, but it explores the concept of a one-time run. Once the time is up, that's it. You're done. Genre: RPG, Strategy, Puzzle Average Game Time: 50-65 minutes Story / Setting / Purpose: In the town of Starton, our hero is faced with a terrible threat: the wicked Vile Ain cast the Immolation Incantation, a spell that will destroy the world in ten minutes. As the planet tears apart at the seams of time, Hero must rush around Starton to gain experience in a far more efficient manner than level grinding--he must do odd jobs for NPCs that will give him levels regardless of his current experience. Even this small town houses a variety of places, including the OHKO Corps and an enigmatic 98ers Club, seen only by warriors that have attained level 98. Character Bios: Hero: The protagonist if you couldn't guess. Everything goes awry on his first day of training at the OHKO Corps. He is the only one willing to take a stand against the imminent threat to the planet. Vile Ain: The evil, dastardly villain. He has the most deadly spell of all: the Immolation Incantation. As dim as he may seem, there is still the question as to how he learned this spell and where he found the strength to use it. Sgt. Banana: The sergeant of the OHKO Corps. Despite the position of power he holds, he is still far from level 99. Sgt. Banana is a capital example of a caring pervert. Gerl: Gerl is the obligatory female lead. She has an insatiable appetite. She may agree to help Hero with his impossible task, but what would a hungry girl want for such a feat? Moonman: Some dude living in the sewage system of Starton. He is rarely seen when not inebriated, but perhaps there is some veracity to his words... And many more memorable NPCs! Credits: Scripts: Galv, Yanfly Music: Joe "Bean" Esposito Any other resources are RTP. Everything else besides that (story, mapping, etc.) was by me. Screenshots: Features: No random encounters--all battles are storybound. Unconventional level grinding: Levels aren't gained from experience netted from battles. You must help out various NPCs or solve complex problems, thus boosting your power. Strategy: Reaching level 99 in ten minutes is absolutely possible, but can you do it? Can you top that with getting all of the best equipment available? Player Ranks: There are a total of three. If you beat this game, feel free to reply with your end rank; I'd love to see! Puzzles! I can't explain what kind, as that would be a spoiler. Play to see for yourself! Numerous NPCs that inhabit a world constructed from allusions, idiosyncrasies, and other bizzare phenomena. On the surface it may be a silly world with a bumbling villain, but is that the true nature...? Download (RTP Not Included) ~6MB: https://www.mediafire.com/?lj7luv09m47vk90 Changelog: Fixed critical bug in endgame. Known Issues: None so far.
  14. Instead of turning on a self switch, use "Erase Event."
  15. Vincent

    Where to start learning?

    The best teacher is experience. Just jump into it and make a small-scale game. As you need to make certain things happen, you can mess with stuff until you make a system for the desired result. Then you grow more and more efficient with time.
  16. Vincent

    How to Create an RPG Town Theme

    While you don't get into the hardcore specifics, your style of teaching is incredibly easy to follow. Color-coding the different instruments was a very minor but helpful aspect, I should add.
  17. Space Dandy season finale tonight. Watch it, baby.

    1. OneCutStudio


      It's the season finale already?! Am I the only one who wants Dandy to get together with Honey?????

  18. I implore everyone reading this to go watch Space Dandy. It's pretty dandy.

    1. Urikashima


      I did, and I loved it. The real challenge now is making sure my friends see it.

    2. AJNR


      I saw a commercial for it yesterday on Adult Swim, it looks really good. It reminds me of Cowboy Bebop.

  19. Vincent

    10 Minute Infinite

    After a few bug reports of a serious bug in the endgame, I finally got around to patching it. So here's to that.
  20. Vincent

    Medieval language in games?

    Preferably not. Medieval English is a dead dialect, and modern English is branching out to where it's almost a different language. Most (younger, anyway) people would agree that ye olde language is boring and detracting from a piece, and that goes double for a text-heavy genre such as RPGs. You wouldn't want people to lose interest in your game just because the dialogue is deterring them. Now, if you could emulate the style of medieval English in a flavor that isn't boring, such as a "made up" dialect, I'd like to see that.
  21. Vincent

    10 Minute Infinite

    Glad to see at least a handful of people are enjoying this game. Not sure what else to say other than it pleases me to know that others are being pleased. I appreciate the feedback thus far.
  22. Vincent

    Fun and Games With Dmariin

    I have to say, your LP style is nice. There was honestly never a dull moment. I greatly anticipate future commentary. On the technical side, you may want to stretch the video to fill the YouTube box. It feels squished. Other than that, you're doing a great job.
  23. Vincent

    10 Minute Infinite

    Very much appreciated for your time. I hope that you enjoy the game, and I look forward to your feedback.
  24. Vincent

    Fun and Games With Dmariin

    Since I'm having LP withdrawals and also enjoy seeing people play my stuff, I'll throw in my request here. It's a full game, 10 Minute Infinite. Completion time usually ranges from 50-65 minutes. Gameplay involves doing weird things to gain levels as opposed to grinding. More info can be found in the thread itself. Thanks in advance.
  25. Nothing like replaying a game you haven't touched in years.

    1. magic2345


      Let the nostalgia flow through yoooouuu