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  1. SenorPenguino

    How Do I resize tilesets to fit in VX ACE?

    Awesome, it worked out just like how I wanted it to! Thanks for the help
  2. SenorPenguino

    How Do I resize tilesets to fit in VX ACE?

    Is this what you mean?
  3. *Hugs* Welcome to Central!


    1. SenorPenguino


      Thanks for the welcome! It's been a couple years, but I still remember you helping me out on one of my problems. Thanks again for that!


    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      I don't remember but you're welcome!

  4. So I got a couple of tilesets that are not lining up properly. I know there is a way to resize this stuff, but I have no idea how that is done. If anyone can explain the process of getting tilesets to the correct size, that would be greatly appreciated! If it helps any, here are the images I am trying to fix.
  5. I am using Falcao Pearl ABS and I am loving it so far. But I am having one issue; the knockback. I am aware that there is a notetag to turn it off completely (Enemy Knockback Disable = true) but is there a way to reduce it, so one enemy gets knocked back more or less frequently than another? Having it completely shut on or off makes a battle either a bit too hard or a bit too easy, so if you know a work-around to make the battle a bit more balanced, that would help fix my issue as well.
  6. SenorPenguino

    How do I remove the party line?

    Well that was easy. I feel dumb. Thanks though!
  7. If I have more than one party member, how do I make it so they don't follow right behind me all the time? I'm using the ABS script to change party members, by the way. I want it specifically so the character I am playing as is the only party member that shows up on screen. I appreciate the help.
  8. This part of the script is causing the game to crash when I try to use a weapon. Any idea how to fix this?
  9. SenorPenguino

    Racing mini-game?

    Awesome, thank you! It worked out just how I wanted it to.
  10. SenorPenguino

    Racing mini-game?

    In my situation, there is you and one event. How can I get this event from point A to point B, while also detecting who beat the race first? I heard it can be done easily with events, but alas, I suck. Thanks for the help!
  11. Is there a way to have a character fade in? Like a ghost appearing?
  12. SenorPenguino

    Changing the Battle System

    Good to know. Huge thanks to both of you!
  13. SenorPenguino

    Changing the Battle System

    Quick (possibly dumb) question, then I'll get to it. How would I save the location as mentioned in step 3? Only thing I'm a bit fuzzy on.
  14. Is there any way to make a battle system where there are enemies on a map moving around, and once an enemy comes in contact with you, it starts a battle in real time. Imagine something like a boss fight in Nuclear Throne. (Doesn't have to be as hectic, but that's generally what I'm going for, also, don't worry about the HUD in the picture, I just want the battle). If there is a script or something to do this, then it will be very appreciated. On the other hand, I will be surprised if it's possible. Dream big, y'know?