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  1. Hyde233

    Guard command issues

    Sounds like a decent solution, but the main problem is that it'd be too tedious to program if you had a wider array of states than just one. Also, what if you were afflicted with multiple states?
  2. Hyde233

    Editing end of battle text?

    Oh... Well that slipped right by my head. Apparently I had "Match case" turned on in the find feature which made it difficult to find what I was looking for. Thanks, mate.
  3. Hey guys... I return after a couple of months again only to ask a question. I'm sorry about this, but I tend to not particularly interact much on forums. Anyways, I wanted the currency symbol to appear to the left side of the currency amount and I eventually found a script that did this for the most part. There were a few text boxes and dialogues that I had to fix manually, but I got through most of them. There's one last text box I need to fix up and it's the battle ending text. When I defeat an enemy, it'll display how much currency I got, but the symbol will still display to the right of it. My game is loaded with a bunch of random scripts, however, the battle ending sequence should still be in its default state, and I don't plan on using any scripts for such things. I tried looking through the Game Objects and Windows portions of the coding, but I couldn't find much. Here's the script I'm using, if anybody's interested: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/892-left-side-currency-symbolicon/
  4. Hyde233

    Active Time Battle script not working?

    So um, I've managed to fix the problem. Long story short, after some random messing around, I've managed to find out that the problem is caused by the save file. The save file I had in the game was created before I put in the script, so if I try to trigger a battle on that saved file, it'll cause error messages. Up until now, I only used that save file to test things and avoided starting a new game every time, so I wouldn't have known that the save file was causing this problem.