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  1. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    RESULTS! Takeo212 Notes: Overall, fine, though I did notice a bit an odd deal w/ the snow effects. They would continue from the town to the forest, then once you entered the house and then exit, it would vanish. Not sure if this was intentional or overlooked, but for someone who would play and not go back to town, they'd likely never notice. Snowing indoors? Lol. Score: 7.5/10 RavenBlueIndigo Notes: Text was way too small. I run on a 1366x726 screen, and the default box window wasn't kind to your text and font. Could barely make out anything as the game played. Not sure where you get cash from, as I was offered stuff twice, and couldn't afford anything. Interesting concept though. Score: 6/10 Please see me in Discord for your prizes. Takeo gets 2 steam games from a pool of 6 games. Raven gets 1 game from the remaining games.
  2. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Everything is going well. Your entry is working fine, I'll let you know in your results if I found any bugs.
  3. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Reviewing the games now, results will be posted on the 23rd, and prizes will be awarded Christmas Eve, before midnight, CST.
  4. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Submissions are closed! I will judge the entries submitted.
  5. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    I'll let it slide, since it's technically self-created assets.
  6. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Okay guys! Let's get the other two entries submitted! You have 24 hours from the time of this post to get your post submitted! 12:49AM Central Time! (GMT -6)
  7. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Sorry I wasn't on to announce the start. I'll be judging the entries, so please make sure your links are valid, wherever you choose to upload them.
  8. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    That's five, I'm comfortable with that if no one else comes in by tomorrow at noon (CST).
  9. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Bump. Hoping we don't have to cancel this a second time!
  10. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Bump. This is open to non-forum members as well, so spread the word if you can through skype, discord, or other means.
  11. Nyuuchan353

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    5 is the max, I might judge them all if I have to, lol. 2-3 is fine, just send me a PM if you wanna judge.
  12. Indie By Night II! Ho-ho-holy humbug edition! The theme of IBN II is: Ho-ho-holy humbug. Make something winter/holiday themed on a budget: Free! (Only Free DLC is allowed. Purchased DLC or assets are not allowed for this contest) Contest Sign-ups: December 11, 12AM CST to December 14, 11:59PM CST Contest Start: December 15, 12AM CST Contest End: December 17, 11:59PM CST Submissions are due in up to 24 hours after contest end time (December 18, 11:59PM Local Time). Rules: -Please submit your game before the specified time-frame. If you have questions, please ask ahead of time. -Deadlines for submissions are at 11:59PM for your local time! -Please keep links valid until judging is over. If a link is invalid come judging time, this will get your entry disqualified. -Games that have problems loading (due to missing assets, etc) will be disqualified. Game bugs, if minor, will be allowed. -You are the only one allowed to work on your game. You may have people playtest, but nothing more. You can use resources made by others/public resources. -No assets are to be made prior to contest start. -No copyrighted material without the express permissions of the copyright owner. If you have an email or other proof, please submit it in advance of submitting your game, or include the permissions in your submission post. -If you wish to be a judge, send me a PM. There will be 5 judges, myself included. Judging is to be semi-anonymous. You may reveal if you are judging if you wish to, however. -You may stream games if you play them, judge or not. If you are not okay with your game being streamed, please note in your submission post. FAQ: Q: Why is sumission time local to everyone? A: Finishing times are 3 days after start, but submission times are local to each member, so it gives plenty of time for people to submit (and not be left out). Q: Can I use/edit premade assets that I made? A: If you have premade stuff you'd like to use/edit, that's fine, just don't edit them prior to the contest. Contest Entrants: Nirwanda RoooodWorks RavenBlueIndigo Seriel Takeo212 R
  13. Nyuuchan353

    ebay has me pretty steamed right now...

    Has been solved for a while now, lol. Filed an appeal, and they reversed the decision. Staff can close this post now, unless people wanna use this topic for discussion about off topic stuff.
  14. Not dead, just technologically disabled, lol. Desktop has...issues. Will be building from scratch when I can drum up the resources to do so.

    1. Nyuuchan353


      Can probably use this as an excuse to start writing dialogue scripts or something, lol. Recently picked up a couple 150 page reams of notebook paper as well as a couple 5-subject notebooks, lol.

    2. lonequeso


      You had me at dialogue :) Why does your desktop hate you? Did it see your browser history? =p

    3. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      Ohh... I'd love to build a new machine, but I'm poor and none of my friends need my help >_>

  15. Yeah. Guess this one is cancelled. I'll post the next one around late February or early March (st. patrick's or valentine's?).
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