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  1. VokalKordz

    I need help with basically everything ?

    You guys are amazing thank you for the help. The cutscene is coming along fine because of your help. However at a certain point I got text box coming and everytime I press space My actor gets off the stepping sequence and just stops. Also in a different place I put in events that my boy can only walk 10 steps up towards another NPC, but my actor gets so entusiastic that he runs straight at the NPC.... he even walks through lava... what am I doing wrong? Cheers guys.
  2. VokalKordz

    I need help with basically everything ?

    Hey, cheers for your insight The nightmare isn't so much a horror type but more an (Ooooo nooooo I'm a complete failure at life) I would like to show that everything the Character done before the game begins was tested by fire and everything burned away, he was left with nothing. His saw that everything done in his life was meaningless because he had done it for the wrong reasons. It be cool if I could make like big flames in one area of the screen and everything he has goes through and nothing comes out, in the end he himself goes through and an empty glass jar comes out. through out I'd like small pieces of text fly through the screen. I hope that this is a bit better in detail.
  3. Hey guys. I'm your perfect example of a dumb person getting in over his head trying to impress his future son. I thought it be super cool if my boy can brag at school how his dad made a video game... (Smh). Anyway, hope is not yet lost because you friendly people are here. Now if you're feeling charitable and would like to help this poor, old dad.... then.... "Everything is Awesome... everything is cool when you...." sorry Lego the movie got stuck in my head. Right what is my problem, basically everything. I have no clue what I'm doing but lets start with one thing first. How can I make a movie with RPG maker. I want my character to have this super, horrible, solemn nightmare but I don't know how make it. Could someone please help me. please.... Thank you so much. You are Awesome.... P.S and so is this forum by the way, to the guys and gals who made this forum.... you are awesome. thank you for making a place like this, where people like me can come to ask some help.