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  1. why i can't make my topic on my project?

    1. kaz


      You need to post it in submissions to be approved.

  2. Goten

    Sasuke Story's

    Hello Everyone! I work one a project based on the univers of Naruto Shippuden but the game is axe on a story. which does not take the usual plot of the series, which gives me the freedom to do everything! When the Story begin,Sasuke has already kill is brother, and he decided with Suigetsu and Karin to join and take the lead of the Akatsuki. Their first mission is to take a naruto to konoha. I'm french and the game is write in french but of course i will make a game in english and and if there is interest all the necessary will be translated to them. I need all your help for the project mapper, scripter, eventer... I manage everywhere except in script. Some screens: The following are coming soon!
  3. Goten

    Hi homies!

    Thanks! I gonna be try to write well in english aha!
  4. Goten

    Hi homies!

    Hi everyone i'm Goten, i'm 17. I'm a french maker and i decided to go on this forum because i like the english community. I work on a project based on the anime Naruto Shippuden called "Sasuke Story". I love sport, music, i play piano too! I hate nothing (lol) I hope my presentation is good, good bye on the forum!