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  1. I can't deny any possibility, but it's not really that probable as every component is pretty much new. Thank you for your time, it's a great script which makes life of every developer who uses it easier, and it fixes a lot of nightmares for me. ;)
  2. Okay, I managed to make it work but I really, really have no idea where the issue was. All I did was just setting up completely new project and using script there. Just a detail, the previous testing project was clean, nothing was done there, so... I dunno what went wrong.
  3. That's why it's strange, all mistakes people commonly make and you mentioned, not my case. I checked if perhaps I missed copying part of the script over or something (everything is possible), nope. Honetly, VX Ace never stops to surprise me with unexplainable stuff.
  4. Okay, I am glad I see that coder is still checks in even after those years cause I have a strange issue. Script doesn't work, and I mean literally as there's no word wrapping happening and yes, automatic setting is set true. Script is placed in Materials section, as it should be, no other scripts present as I wanted to test it alone before trying to use it with Yanfly's scripts.