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  1. Updated Shunichi versus Final Fantasy. Started making it an original idea along with giving it a new name.

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    Shunichi versus Final Fantasy (Non Profit)

    Thank you both. I was change up the idea. But first, I need a name for it though since I am out of names for games.
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    Shunichi versus Final Fantasy (Non Profit)

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try changing things up for the game.
  4. CHANGED THE NAME TO - Tales of The Wanderer: The Deadly Trials New Idea Based on the comments, the game will be expanded on. The plot will be the same except instead of going through the Final Fantasy worlds, he will go through Zeosh, a dimension full of various worlds that are haunted by Unius, God of The End Days. The worlds slowly begin to crumble: plants die, oceans dry up, and monsters start to rise up. It is up to Shunichi, once known as the god Gothar, to destroy Unius to restore the worlds to their full glory. There are planned to be 7 worlds to explore, each with their own interesting environment and backstory. You can recruit various characters from each world to help you on your quest. There are many weapons that you can use and create. The crafting system can be used to refine old blades and create new equipment easily. For example, you can scrap down your rusty sword and use the parts to create better equipment. Old Idea I have an idea for a fun but long game. The idea of Shunichi versus Final Fantasy came up while I was thinking of new game designing idea before I start creating my first commercial game. The plot is that Shunichi, the God of Fire and Shadows, has to go through many trials after his banishment from the other gods due to him creating monsters in the world he was ruling over to strengthen the people. His trials consist of going through the dimension of Final Fantasy and stopping the problem being caused over there are are going to destroy each world. He was stripped of his powers and left at Level 1 with a rusty sword and mage clothing. The game world is a mix of various Final Fantasy worlds from 1 to 6. He can recruit characters from the series and even battle them in the arena. There is a crafting system where he can make equipment from the drops of monsters.
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    My Introduction

    Hello, my name is Shunichi and I am a game developer. My plan is to make an amazing RPG Maker VX Ace game with a team of developers. Making games alone is hard due to me being a novice game creator. If i work with other game designers, i can learn from them and become a better game designer through being mentoring and learning by experience. Pros: Have very good ideas and can usually put them to work. Can create characters, backstories, and crafting materials for games very quickly. Can make side quest easily. Cons: Terrible at actually creating maps, skills, and stats for monsters.Changes mind a lot when developing the game. It takes a long time for me to come up with an idea for the main plot. Anyways, I am glad to introduce myself to all of you.
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