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  1. Kloe

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Congrats guys! I loved Missing Pendant, and EitS2 is probably the funniest game I've played ever, so yay! This was so much fun, thanks for hosting guys!
  2. Kloe

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Right, it's done, I wanted to add more and there may be bugs, but it's done (I even showed Yuu some proof) On behalf of Team LovesJackus, (Kloe + Zelly): Jackus ♥ Zelly Also some notes: If you can't find the key in the town, look in this spoiler tag! If you can't beat the final boss, look in your items menu during the fight, "Eric's Axe" will insta-win the fight if it's too hard! Grinding is okay if you struggle with something! You can attack during the tutorial battle, and will never kill it, so use it to practice fighting You have a whole team, remember to switch it up from time to time! A game breaking bug prevents you from exiting the sewer, to fix, paste THIS in the data folder in the WWW folder to replace the broken one! If not used before entering the sewers/only save file is in the sewers and not before, you'll have to start again ;w; DOWNLOAD
  3. Kloe

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Okay, we can do this, almost done, we can beat the deadline!!! Also EitS2 Hype!!
  4. Kloe

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Um... Me and Zelly have been working super hard on a game but we forgot to signup, can we still submit our gam on August 4th?
  5. Kloe

    Amy's MV Resources

    ...Harold? By the way these look amazing!
  6. Kloe

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Yay! Time to play lots of really fun games! Congrats everyone who got their submissions in on time!
  7. Kloe

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Could I be a judge, I'd love to help!
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