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  1. TaranAlvein

    Character Battle Advancement Option?

    How are they meant to advance? Is it through a movement command, or do different actions move them to different parts of the battlefield? And do different types of characters start in different parts of the field?
  2. TaranAlvein

    Having trouble scripting Show Choices

    The only irony is that you can't see the log in your own eye.
  3. TaranAlvein

    Having trouble scripting Show Choices

    Not judgmental or snide? Let's see... I rest my case. The question is answered and the thread can be closed.
  4. TaranAlvein

    Having trouble scripting Show Choices

    While I appreciate your helping me out with this, don't be a judgmental ass. I use the default editor as much as I can, but when I have to script something, I have to script something. There are plenty of valid uses for a longer Show Choice list. Suppose I had any kind of choice at all with more than four options, and thought it was more aesthetically pleasing to have them on one list instead of a series of nested lists? Hell, what if it was more than just looks? What if the player had to make an important choice that happened to have more than four options, and I wanted them to see all their choices at once, so they could weigh them equally? One-liners may make you think you're cool, but they aren't constructive at all. Next time, I'd rather you didn't help me at all than point out what I'm doing wrong with a snide remark.
  5. TaranAlvein

    Having trouble scripting Show Choices

    That didn't work either, I'm afraid. Thanks anyway, though. EDIT: Also, I tried pasting it to a new project, since sometimes things just don't work for some reason, but it still didn't work there, either.
  6. I've done something like this myself. You guys are making this WAY more complicated than it needs to be. I just used a pair of variables for the Hour and Minute, and had a Parallel Process event that would change the screen tint whenever the hour reached certain values. My recommendation: Make a Parallel Process Event wherever you want time to advance, and create a loop. At the start of the loop, make your Conditionals for checking what time of day it is and setting the tint. This way, if you emerge from a lit map (like inside a building or something) into the night time, the first thing that happens is the tinting is changed. Instead of having switches saying what time it is, make a variable that stores the current time, in hours. Every 600 frames, advance the hour by one (I say 600 since it appears from the snippet of eventing you've shown us that one hour equals about ten seconds). Have your conditionals check to see if the Hour equals certain values and set the screen tint accordingly. If anything I've explained is unclear or doesn't work, let me know and I'll look into it. EDIT: Oh yeah, don't forget to reset Hour to 0 every time it hits 24!
  7. TaranAlvein

    Party Member Phasing?

    If you just want the party followers to enter the player, that would be done with the "Gather Followers" option (the middle-left of page 2), then the "Change Player Followers" option just above it (set it to Off). If you want the party members to reappear, you just have to use the "Change Player Followers" option again and set it to "On". Just be warned that your party members will still follow you, even while they're invisible, so if you want them to become visible again all in one place, rather than in a line behind you, you'll have to "Gather Followers" before you turn "Change Player Followers" on again.
  8. TaranAlvein

    Character Biography Script

    I think the best way to do this would be to use the script you mentioned before, and make Actors for the significant NPCs you want to include in the Biography list. Is there a reason that would be infeasible?
  9. Ohhh, sorry. I thought you were telling me what to look for, since it looks so similar to the default script (didn't even notice it was called "cookie_jump" and not "jump"). It works perfectly. Thanks a ton! Edit: Actually, the script ended up being unnecessary. Seeing how you used the script, I finally realized what the "Script" button was for in the Move Event menu. I was able to achieve the same effect by simply entering the script "jump(-1, -0.5)". Still, I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks again!
  10. Yeah, I was able to find where it was defined. What I'm having trouble with is figuring out the syntax for calling it. I tried looking at examples of calling methods, but they didn't seem to help. I thought I had it with this, which didn't throw an error, but nothing happens when the jump should occur: What am I missing?
  11. I'm trying to script a non-standard jump (I want the player to move one tile left and half a tile up, so it looks like he's on top of a table instead of merely next to it). However, I can't figure out how to script a Jump movement. It appears to require defining x_plus.abs and y_plus.abs, but I can't figure out how to do that specifically. Could anyone please help me with that? For now, I've merely created a move route that has a script in it to move the player up half a tile just before he jumps, but it creates an awful-looking jerking of the screen, and I don't like how it looks.
  12. What is it you want to do, anyways? If you're trying to make certain passable tiles impassible, you can do that by placing invisible events in the player's way whose Priority is set to "Same as Characters". If it's the opposite, that's a lot more complicated, but with some fiddling (and a little scripting knowledge), you can make it work.
  13. There's really no reason that shouldn't have worked. Stupid question: When you tried to set "Through" using the editor tools, did you make sure the target was "Player", and not "This Event" or something? I've made that mistake before...
  14. First, you'll need to create two things: A Status Effect called "Defense Down" (or whatever you want to call it), and a Common Event for the item (I would name it after the item, so you know which one to use). I'll walk you through the whole thing. First, creating the status effect: Go to the States tab, change the maximum to allow more status effects, and create a state called Defense Down. I personally made mine with the Auto-Removal Timing of "Turn End", and set it to 4-6 turn duration, but that's because I assumed you want the state to wear off eventually. You can leave the timing at "None" if you want it to be permament. Next, in the Features box, go to the "Param" tab, select "Defense", and set it to the percentage you want the status effect to reduce it to. Now, your Common Event. On page one of the editor options, in the "Actor" section, choose "Change State". I assume you want it to affect your whole party, so leave the Actor as "Entire Party", then select "Remove" and the "Sleep" status. Finally, to create the item itself. I set it to target All Enemies, since I assumed you wanted it to affect the entire enemy party, and set the Occasion to "Only In Battle". In the "Effects" section, go to the "State" tab and select your Defense Down status effect. Now, create another effect, and this time, go to the "Other" tab, and choose "Comon Event". Then, select the common event you created before for your item, and voila! It is complete! Now, this is assuming you wanted the item to affect all allies and all enemies. If not, that's going to take some clever scripting that's well above my abilities. Edit: Whoops! While typing this up, I forgot you wanted it to affect a single enemy and single ally. Well, this should start you on the right track, but it gets really complicated if you want it to affect one and one. You might want to go to this area and ask! http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/forum/82-ace-script-support/?prune_day=100&sort_by=Z-A&sort_key=last_post&topicfilter=all
  15. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but you want to make it so that each enemy has a differing random chance of dropping differing currencies, right? You might need to make a couple of arrays for your monsters; one containing how much currency they drop, and the other containing a number to tell the game what type of currency it should be (for instance 1 for copper, 2 for silver, 3 for gold). Then, you'd have a third array to hold what the probability of dropping their respective currency would be. It sounds to me like you basically have to do a lot of tedious hardcoding. Though, you could set their dropped currency equal to their ATK or something, which would cut out a lot of work. I'm really just spitballing here though.