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  1. roninator2

    Disable Scripts

    That would be dangerous and probably cause your game to crash. Turning the script off when it was used to disable other scripts, may cause the disabled scripts to start running and then you could get an error since none of the data for the script was initialized.
  2. Partly good. You still need to specify the damage for 1 at the end. and you can just say 1 in the formula. b.state?(X) ? dam = 1 : dam = full damage formula; dam or you could do and if statement if b.state?(X) then 1 else formula end It depends on how elaborate you have your formula. I also have used a kernel call I got from the forums. Kernel.eval($data_skills[ID of the skill that this is put in].note.scan(/<\s*formula\s*:\s*((\s|\S)+)>/)[0][0]) then in your note box you would put <formula: if b.state?(X) ; 1 ; else ; formula ; end> This lets you write out long damage formulas if they were to have multiple checks or cause states to be added, etc. Forcing a minimum, I have a script that does that, but the 1 should give 1 damage when evaluated true.
  3. @PhoenixSoul @UnknownUser1 Here's another mod. This one lets you use the weapons and armour as items or skills.
  4. Sort of. Every time I think I got it, it's just not quite there. so it gets frustrating that I didn't find a way to encompass all possibilities. I'll continue to try, but who knows how long it will take. update* well that took another 5 minutes. Better than I thought.
  5. I didn't realize this was the desired solution. I had thought you just wanted the items. But... Fixed. Hopefully this is all
  6. I feel good solving this. The issue apparently was the refresh. And I missed that Yanfly had code in there for the change_equip method. Hopefully this is fully working for you. Just tried it in battle. Works there to. Didn't realize the script changed how items were used. New issue, you can equip accessories into the extra slots, but they don't equip. Currently they get consumed. Still more to do. I think I got that fixed now
  7. roninator2

    rpg maker xp RMXP Chrono Trigger Is it possible? Help!!!

    A little bit of digging and I found it. https://github.com/vicoverse/rmxp_scripts/tree/master/CT CMS (Windowskin)
  8. You're right. I was not thorough enough. The items showed up but they don't equip. And actually they get consumed. So that's why they are not seen. I'll have to work on it more. This works as far as I can tell, but it still has a glitch. If you unequip an armour or weapon leaving the slot empty the extra slots will also be removed, except for the accessories slot. Still haven't fully figured it out.
  9. Try this and see if it works for you. This accounts for two more slots like you want. 4 => [ "Extra", true, false], 5 => [ "Extra 1", true, true], 6 => [ "Extra 2", true, true], Although in my test 'Extra' still showed up as 'Accessory' Forgot to rename it in the terms
  10. I still have no idea how you got that working. What script is doing this for you?
  11. Ok, I may have made a mistake. I wasn't thinking of your situation. What I have is for equipment not items. Sorry, I totally blanked on that piece of information. Nothing I have would work then, I'm pretty sure. What you need may be a completely new script. Although you can equip items into slots for falco pearl abs. Which under pearl battler settings -> def update_tool_usage is where it calls the use of the item when the button is pressed. But I have no idea how it equips the items. You will have to excuse my mistake.
  12. I believe I showed you how to do that. 10 -> ring 11 -> ring Each slot needs to be a different number, but can have the same name which then makes the system think they are the same slot. Seriously. My rings are tagged for slot 10, but can be put in slot 11., because they are in the category rings. and slot ring If you use a different name then it will restrict it to that slot only. At least I think so, Still figuring out stuff about this script. I just changed my armor to have 12 slots from the previous 11 I had. with two new types. So give it a while. I may be wrong, cause if I try to change some stuff it messes up my equipment. Now I'm not sure how I got it to work at all. As for the disable, you would need to use $game_party.has_item?(item, true) *not tested
  13. I'm a little confused, because it looks like you posted a solution, but I guess that was only for the actor inventory. Having equipment slots different is completely possible. I have 12 equipment slots in my game and two of them are rings (one for each hand). But I also have gloves/gauntlets. The slot name will change depending on what I specified in the actor note box. SO... What do you have set up so far? I've developed a complex armour system, so for me I have 90 armour terms, 15 slots and all equipment specified into those terms with note tags for the categories for the equip script. For example, a warrior would have and a magic user would have <equip slots> <equip slots> Weapon Weapon Shield Charm Headgear Headgear Bodygear Bodygear Belt Belt Cloak Cloak Necklace Necklace Gauntlets Gloves Greaves Pants Boots Boots Ring Ring Ring Ring </equip slots> </equip slots> with the armour note tag for example <equip type: 4> <category: Heavy Body> Then in the equip script you would specify each category This is where I have 15 types TYPES ={ # TypeID => ["Type Name", Removable?, Optimize?], 0 => [ "Weapon", true, true], 1 => [ "Shield", true, true], 2 => [ "Headgear", true, true], 3 => [ "Bodygear", true, true], 4 => [ "Belt", true, true], 5 => [ "Cloak", true, false], 6 => [ "Necklace", true, false], 7 => ["Gauntlets", true, true], 8 => [ "Gloves", true, true], 9 => [ "Boots", true, true], 10 => [ "Ring", true, false], 11 => [ "Ring", true, false], 12 => [ "Pants", true, false], 13 => [ "Charm", true, true], 14 => [ "Greaves", true, false], } # Do not remove this. I use BlackMorning VK equip to show the equip slots better.
  14. https://pastebin.com/raw/rcfvmRCh
  15. roninator2

    Victor Engine Animated Battles Enemy Collapse Effect

    No he is referring to the actor staying on the screen in a dead pose. It's not a rotation, but a character pose. # Pose displayed when incapacited <action: dead, loop> pose: self, row 4, frame 2, angle -90, x -16, y -12; wait: pose; </action> Notice the -90 But you don't need to change the 09, just change the pose you want to use (the sprite sheet and frame)