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  1. roninator2

    VX Ace F12 Fix: Not Fully Functional

    Every time I see this I don't know what to do. I don't think I have anything on my system that can compile it to something useful. Side note you call it hiddenchest but the folder is called hiddencest. This looks like stuff for MKXP. Are you familiar with MKXP-Z? I've tried the exe for mkxp-z but it doesn't know what to do with win32api calls so it never finds the dll files.
  2. roninator2

    Can I Make The Animation Tab Bigger?

    BIgger monitor would not help, but you could maybe decrease your resolution that would make it bigger. When you place an animation frame in the window you can nudge it around with the arrow keys. If you mean where it gets placed on the screen when used, I find that you have to decide how the animation is going to play (center of body on player, feet, head, or the screen) then adjust the images accordingly. You may be shifting the frames a bit if you're looking for perfect pixel placement.
  3. roninator2

    Can I Make The Animation Tab Bigger?

    Answer: No. It's the editor window size. unless you redesigned the software to make it bigger then that's all you get. I'm not sure if MV or MZ will have a larger animation window either.
  4. Because you can't start a new game? Weird. There will have to be some major editing of the script. I may try this Either some editing of the script or possibly using Yanfly Menu Engine
  5. Most instances of adding scripts means you start a new game. I don't have the knowledge to modify a save game or change the code so that it will auto correct.
  6. It's just a big value check statement. If crafting items is empty or weapons is empty or armours is empty etc then return false. The slash at the end is a continuation to the next line. It gives an error because when it's getting checked it is looking for @crafting_weapons.empty? etc and it says @crafting_weapons is nil so it can't ask nil if it is empty? Nil does not have a method called nil because nil is a null value which means the object does not exist. I was suspecting this was caused by a script overwriting some of the data. Like maybe you have another script in there that uses the same name for the method and it doesn't find the crafting for weapons or armour. Do you have other crafting scripts? Look for load_notetags_crafting And see if you have several returns (search by CTRL+SHIFT+F) Maybe another script is using the same name and overwriting the creation of weapons or armour crafting settings.
  7. What is your script order? I think the crafting script should be above the instance items. Can you replicate the issue in a blank project?
  8. roninator2

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    I have a project that I got from someone else for their commercial release so I can't share that. But here is a screenshot of the design of some image files. I don't fully understand the script either, but maybe this will help.
  9. roninator2

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    Sometimes, but having several base scripts should not be an issue. I have 5 in my project.
  10. roninator2

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    I've seen several people use Victor Sants Multi frames script in their project. You can have as many frames as you want and multiple images, such as diagonal. There is also Galvs character animations script.
  11. roninator2

    problem with falcao pearl abs v3

    How are you changing the weapon? I would recommend starting with the falco pearl abs demo and adding onto it from there, because it sounds like you have started a new project, so you may have missed something.
  12. roninator2

    Minimap opacity when walking behind

    Answer on Forums.rpgmakerweb.com but here is the revision
  13. roninator2

    Tent style items

    One way would be to make tents not consumable and do nothing, but on the specific spot you do the eventing for a tent and then just remove one from inventory. Of course only do the tenting if the party has one. I believe there are also scripts that can do a similar function. TinyMine SavePoint (not so easy to find, let me know if you want it.)
  14. I just tried to reverse the thorn effect. Try this. Use <bleed X> Requires Yanfly Lunatic states script. Add the code to the lunatic script. * Never mind, now I see that you want this to apply only when they successfully hit the enemy. Missed that part.
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