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  1. XS - Icon Menu

  2. Input Actor name not work

    I'm sure it has something to do with the multiple language options you have. Not sure what is causing it, but putting the script into a new project for me works fine. Try this. name.zip
  3. help with tilesets import

    The image is not the original. It's a screen capture of the original or conversion. the image has multiple layers that have been blended together. Without taking the time to manually remove the white parts, it's pretty much useless. It would faster to ask a pixel artist to redo the tile sheet.
  4. counting game Level Grinding | LV 4

    Four Hundred Seventy One
  5. Export Messages to File

    Possibly because there is a part missing. Line 69 page = event.pages page = event.pages[i] Just tried it myself. Works great.
  6. animation of draw_text() ?

    I have this script already. with wiggly script without script *EDIT Nevermind - Found that this script has problems with my battles as well. I must have more than one conflicting script.
  7. animation of draw_text() ?

    Thanks for pointing that out. I got it to work (almost perfect), by using letter.x = pos[:x] + self.standard_padding + 9 + ((Graphics.width - $game_variables[42]) / 2) I just had a few characters off a bit and when showing icons in the message they were a bit to the left. will play with it more. edit* So the m's and w's are squished to the left for my font. the other letters are fine. without this script the text is good. putting 2 spaces before the icon display can make it be aligned properly.
  8. animation of draw_text() ?

    Thanks for making this. It mostly works for me. I was wondering if you know if it can be made compatible with yanfly message system. Specifically when I set the variable for the text box width, this script will ignore this and write it starting on the left and not within the box size/position. Additionally there is a typo line 209 wait_for_one_chaaracter character spelled wrong.
  9. $$$ for Rpg Maker VX Ace bugfix

    I would not advertise that you would pay money for a bug fix. Many people are willing to help and most just want a thanks. Your pictures don't tell us much. If you can provide a screen shot of the script list you have and when the problem occurs, what event was running when it happens or what you were doing, then you may be able to get some help. Otherwise you might as well fix it yourself.
  10. Character wont move...

    you report your post to have it closed. But normally that is not required as unless someone else has a question nothing else will get put in the thread. so after time it will fall down the the bottom of the thread list.
  11. Help with Modern Algebra's Quest Journal script

    sorry, If I understood then I would have said q[:objectives][1] = "Kill, Kill Count \\V[61]"
  12. csca CSCA Vehicle System

    By default the vehicle control for landing is the Z button. X will give you the menu and S takes you to the interior. I did not find any issues with the problems you described. You must have scripts that are conflicting.
  13. Can you make the character go back the way he came? Or is it that he follows the player? Perhaps something to say if he reaches this spot, or that one, he goes behind the building, or in a building and then you can use set event location command to move him back to the start.
  14. Help with Modern Algebra's Quest Journal script

    The script may be confusing, but all the instructions are in there. For a script that has 2 objectives you would have two entries for those objectives. 8 objectives, 8 entries.
  15. I have to admit, that sounds like a dumb idea. Once the file is deleted then the player just needs to save the game again. If you prevent this and the player dies then the player has to start over. If you can find a way to prevent these instances then I would recommend using an autosave script and limit the save files in the game. So if you allowed only 25 saves, then the autosave would save at position 30. So the player would never see it. Apart from that what your asking to be able to do a copy function (for backup) or rename, then to copy or rename back. I do not believe rpg maker has access to the computer system that easily.