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  1. roninator2

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Try downloading it again. Must be either a corrupt file or your system is having issues, There are no problems for probably anybody else. It works fine for me.
  2. roninator2

    Window Animations

    If you are willing to share your findings, it would help the community.
  3. roninator2

    Window Animations

    another animated window script is NASTY animated windows but it only does the main window. As far as the other stuff you wanted, I have never seen anything do this. It's not a common script. You may have to make something up.
  4. roninator2

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    That just needs to have the party changed to actor.
  5. roninator2

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    I had a thought and turns out it works. I change one line in Vlue Formation and it works.
  6. roninator2

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    I know what the problem is. It's in TSBS script. It's late and I'm going to bed. I'll look more tomorrow. This part is beyond my skill. But I will try What it is doing is loading the actor graphic file expecting there to be a full sprite sheet, while TSBS is using the file as if it had a $ to specify a single sprite sheet. So instead of 4x2 sprites it's 1x1. The script loads the sprite sheet and takes the small sheet and puts the small pixel in thinking that the size it is.
  7. roninator2

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    You should put that into a spoiler so I don't have to scroll down 10 miles. The missing sprite does not happen to me. It works fine. I don't however have a battle script to show the sprites on the battle screen. What battle script are you using?
  8. roninator2

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    Using the code that Sixth provided and some modifications of my own... Tada. the script order I have is vlue formation yanfly party formation command There are two lines that need to be changed in vlue's formation script. the instructions is in Sixth's post for the script. basically... # Search for the first two lines like this in the script: members.each do |actor| # And replace both of them with this: battle_members.each do |actor| And the battle command
  9. roninator2

    Battle Guests

    That sounds like a 'pet' script. Three that I know of (which I have) Vlue pet and summons Falco Pet servants Galv's Battle Pets But they don't really take action. That will most likely be a new script request, unless it's one I missed from the thousand I have.
  10. roninator2

    Adjust Loading Time

    Ok I think we are referring to the show count. Line 234 make it like this $game_variables[Galv_VarBar::ACTIVE_TIME] * 0.8 You can change the number lower or higher. What this will do is set the amount of time to display the bar. * 0.8. My testing shows that 0.5 is way to fast and 1.0 is the same as it was.
  11. roninator2

    Adjust Loading Time

    line 73 stays the way it was in the original script. The number is the variable you want to use. Currently set to 100, so the variable is 100.
  12. roninator2

    Adjust Loading Time

    can you post the error message. That should not happen. There must be a typo
  13. roninator2

    Adjust Loading Time

    You will need to change two lines in the script. Line 234 @show_count = Galv_VarBar::ACTIVE_TIME to become @show_count = $game_variables[Galv_VarBar::ACTIVE_TIME] Line 317 ($game_temp.varbar[1] - $game_temp.varbar[0]) / (Galv_VarBar::ACTIVE_TIME * 0.5) to become ($game_temp.varbar[1] - $game_temp.varbar[0]) / ($game_variables[Galv_VarBar::ACTIVE_TIME] * 0.5) The way it is set by default is that the value is defined when you start the game and does not change because it is a Constant. A constant is a value that is defined when you place a capital letter at the start of the name Active_time is also a Constant Constants in the game are designed to never change, hence the name constant. If they were to change errors would pop up. If it was @Active_time then it becomes an instance variable, which is used throughout that class. active_time is a local variable, lower case letter at the start when you try to set ACTIVE_TIME = $game_variables[XXX] it will give an error as you are trying to set a variable in a module, which does not understand [ ] symbols You could use def blah; $game_variables[x]; end but then you would have to call that def somewhere. Easiest method is to change the code that calls the constant to search for a variable instead.
  14. Right, thanks. forgot that it was a constant.
  15. roninator2

    Battle Pouch - Script Request

    This may be resolved as the member posted this question on RPGMakeWeb which Sixth responded with a snippet.