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  1. roninator2

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    Are you getting the error "log_window" for Game_Map that's what I got. It looks like the call for showing a message is in the vx style of code. I changed to this def broken_weapon_text(actor) message = "%s's %s broke!" % [actor.name, @non_durability_name] #~ SceneManager.scene.log_window.add_text(message) $game_message.add(message) end line 151 - selchar weapon durability script
  2. roninator2

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    I assumed that since you were 'making' a cooking system that you were programming one. either by script or by event. If so then use the script call to call the interpreter function.
  3. So to expand on this, I'm trying to modify Neon Blacks Passive skills script. The one part that is missing is that the script does not process the note box for the state. When I tried the option here I get an error. Neon Black | Passive Skills:71:in `eval': (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected '<' <atk ele: 3, 0.20> ^ (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected $end <atk ele: 3, 0.20> ^, SyntaxError from Neon Black | Passive Skills:71:in `block (2 levels) in passives' The notetag shown above is from Dekita Element Control I've tried a few variations but I'm note sure how to make the system process notetags $data_states[$1.to_i].note.split(/[\r\n]/).each do |line| eval(line) end eval($data_states[$1.to_i].note) Can that be used to process the notetags from the states and not a file. (using a file would require me to change all 3000+ items in the game) I also looked at Tsukihime's Condition states & passive addon for Neon Blacks Passive Skills, but I also get an error for that. Hime | Conditional States:113:in `eval': (eval):2: syntax error, unexpected '<' <atk ele: 3, 0.20> ^ (eval):2: syntax error, unexpected $end, SyntaxError Basically I want to have the system process the notetags for the states while the skill is learned. Now I have a complex setup, skills that require armour, equipment skills all working with passive states. If I set the notetags that I would normally use on the skill, then it works fine, but I'm also trying to manipulate other data with Shaz's State Commands script. *UPDATE I just tried VE Passive States and it worked. Going to have to change all of fomars skill notes to VE notes
  4. roninator2

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    I don't understand how lowering an items durability relates to using a skill. I assume you have make you cooking system check for the proper equipment check to do the cooking, so does it not account for the item losing some durability? Why do you need a skill? Now I see, the script wants a skill to damage the weapon, because it's supposed to be damaged in battle. Well this worked for me, but you have to specify the actor id. module R2_WDS Skill = 130 end class Game_Interpreter def damage_weapon_durability(actor_id) actor = $game_actors[actor_id] return if actor == nil skill = $data_skills[R2_WDS::Skill] actor.process_weapon_durability(skill) end end Then set the note tag on that skill, e.g. <durability cost: 1>
  5. roninator2

    Let's Make an MMO

    As an IT desktop support / server administrator / systems admin - You will not get a MMO game running with just basic IT support. I've worked with computers and servers for over 20 years and would not even know where to start. Although my job always has me focusing on productivity for people and not game development.
  6. roninator2

    Animated effects on self (or Party

    You're repeating yourself. I see the issue. it seems that without a battler on screen it does not play the screen animation. LockeZ solved it here https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/21919/ Put this code into a new script slot. class Game_Actor < Game_Battler alias center_screen_ally_battler_initialize initialize def initialize(actor_id) center_screen_ally_battler_initialize(actor_id) @battler_name = "Blank" end def use_sprite? return true end def screen_x return Graphics.width / 2 end def screen_y return Graphics.height / 2 end def screen_z return 999 end end Then add this graphic file to the Graphics/Battlers folder-><- it a 1x1 pixel size blank file called blank.png Then I used this for the skill setting
  7. roninator2

    Setting variable to ID of used skill

    If you know the formula then just put it in the damage formula or make a common event. $game_variables[1] = skill id # I tried a few variations and could not get it to work then I wrote this class Game_Action def set_skill(skill_id) if skill_id > 2 $game_variables[1] = skill_id end @item.object = $data_skills[skill_id] self end end
  8. roninator2

    Animated effects on self (or Party

    You're going to have to be way more detailed. I assume that you're using some sort of map battles script, because otherwise you are probably talking about events. Then you would just do the animation call and do the command/skill effect. No script required this way.
  9. Found this from the Internet Archive. Cremno Screenshot Taker. Link In this thread -> https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/15340-screenshot-script/
  10. Do I still need to comment on somebody's image? Been a while since anybody posted in this thread. The hotel room is good, except it is really hard to see anything in the image. but I would move the bed over one tile so that there is space on both sides. I've never been in a hotel where the bed was in the corner when there was so much space available. Going side to side instead of up and down would fit the room better. Comments on my two starting towns? https://ibb.co/gdmcX1b https://ibb.co/G0Dwqjg
  11. Welcome back. I do not have your blacksmithing demo or script or your Quest System. I do have your core script, Class based bonus level up, level up bonus script and levelup messenger with some modifications I have made to make it compatible with yanfly victory aftermath and a second for compatibility with luna engine for my game. Plus one more modification to make the levelup wait for a specific time or continue with a button press. I can share those if you would like them. As for the signature,
  12. I and several other people have the file, but we are not legally allowed to share it. It is an unlicensed version of the dll file. I know that some people had it shared and if it still is then thats where you would get it. For me to provide it or give a link to it would make me support breaking the EULA. There has always been talk about how it should be allowed. For those that do have the file and ever get problems with the program when making their game, there is no support from the company to resolve the problem. A bit of google searching for me and I was able to find it. Link is in another forum. Not this one and not rpgmakerweb.
  13. roninator2

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

    I can't say I'm a coder at all even though my college background is programming. I am usually quite skilled at modifying something somebody else wrote. Within reason. I don't know everything about ruby or RGSS. Happy to help (if it works)
  14. roninator2

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

    Well try this if you want to. Tried to account for dual wield.
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