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  1. roninator2

    Khas lighting erasing events?

    Maybe you can explain why users need to have different usernames on different sites? User1978 Do you need to continue this discussion here when you should have your answer on forums.rpgmakerweb.com
  2. roninator2

    Khas lighting erasing events?

    That should not be possible, unless you have done something that links them together. I've never had issues with Khas lighting like that. Show us a screen shot of your door event and any configuration you have in Khas lighting script plus the event you turn the script on.
  3. roninator2

    Player Turn & Move

    What part does not work? Sir billy script needs to be above galv jump. The only issue I found was that while walking, if you turned it would not stop to turn before continuing. I made some changes that should work. It did in my testing.
  4. roninator2

    Event Position: Fine Tuning

    So you have an email address that you will never use again? You could ask an admin to tell you the email address. @Rikifive Can send you a DM for that. Will you forget this email address? lol
  5. roninator2

    Event Position: Fine Tuning

    This is all you should need. I tested on event fine tune 3.4 class Sprite_Shadow #--------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Sprite_Shadow#blend_update (Overridden) # Remove the color change introduced by Vlue's Eventing Fine Tuning #--------------------------------------------------------------------------- def blend_update end end You just need to click on forgot password.
  6. roninator2

    $D13x Teleport

    From the master demo https://www.mediafire.com/file/dv0uusf6trenj5r/%24D13x_Master_Demo.rar/file
  7. roninator2

    Throw Items away

    added a check for item is nil. Not tested, but should work.
  8. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    And my playtest works fine. Here it is again, with the size at 120
  9. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    I bet that when you changed the number for the size you removed a )
  10. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    What other scripts do you have? That line simply reorganizes the items so that they are in order. Otherwise it swaps around so that the item you have equipped is at the bottom of the list. And it works perfectly for me in a blank demo. I found the problem. It is trying to sort nil values. I'm updating the code above. Didn't know you wanted to unequip. To do that I would simple change one method. There's also a method I forgot to remove. Why you had to make any changes, I don't know. Is your game running at 640x480? The script was made for 544x416.
  11. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    Does this work?
  12. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    Ah, so you actually want the command window to be the slot window. weapon, shield, helmet, armor, accessory. But which ones. It makes a difference, because each item has it's own equip type (slot_id) You say armor, so that's the body armor? then you don't want shields or helmets?
  13. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    How many equipment slots will you have? 0 - weapon 1 - shield 2 - helmet 3 - armor 4 - accessory etc
  14. roninator2

    Request For Equip Menu

    Is this for a single actor menu? You will only ever have one actor in the party?
  15. roninator2

    Army Manager

    Then you should just need this class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase def command_formation SceneManager.call(Scene_Army) end end
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