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  1. You just needed to use If: Well Rested > 0 Control Variables: #10 Well Rested -= 1 Elsif: Well Rested <= 0 Change State: Entire Party, - Well Rested end
  2. Maybe. Looking into Game_Party I see it should have been items.include - not item.include I just tested it and yes it does work. disable_good(1, "!$game_party.items.include?($data_items[8])")
  3. That would be the formula part. I'm not the best with that. you need to do an inventory check $game_party.item.include?(key_item_id) # probably not going to work
  4. You could try Hime Shop Manager. Not sure if the two are compatible. disable_good(good_id, hide_formula)
  5. Did you add in the notetags to the enemies?
  6. This one works https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/kaimonkeys-character-creation-with-races-version-three-released.1137/
  7. roninator2

    Intractable solid tileset event script?

    So I obviously came off on the wrong foot. Not what I was trying to say. Over the last year I've been getting more and more short tempered because of the general 'people are stupid', not to imply it here, just what I've run into over time (at work). If Moes was confused with my statement, it wasn't derogatory, it is a way of saying 'you didn't look at the whole screen - cause the answer was there'. Sorry to seem harsh, it's who I'm becoming the more I deal with lower intelligence?/interest? I don't know. People in general just seem to think of themselves and I get angry. So now I have a short fuse. The question was confusing to me as I never even thought about a tileset graphic as being only walked on. It can be whatever you decide. In short, sorry, happy game making.
  8. roninator2

    Intractable solid tileset event script?

    Then that means you agree with MasterMoes that ... So, I disagree. The fact that the OP understood what to do after you explained it in detail just means they have not learned the program yet. I was saying it is confusing, because he/she does not understand the program. I laid out the options for an event, but I didn't explain the answer. An old college professor gave me a slogan that I still use today. RTFS. Read The .. Screen.
  9. roninator2

    Intractable solid tileset event script?

    What your saying is confusing. The program does not make events with tileset graphics walk-able. This is what you set it to. You have three options when you make an event... Above player, same as player, below player. With these you have trigger settings Player touch, action button, event touch, parallel, autorun. Choose how you want that event to work and select the appropriate options.
  10. roninator2

    Mon's Guide to Better & Badder Bosses

    Using a specific timer will be a little difficult, but should still be possible. An easier method would be to specify a specific turn. That's easier than running a countdown timer and checking when the timer reaches zero to perform an action.
  11. roninator2

    Window Timer

    Very sorry, I was wrong. Apparently this is one of the scripters that I did not include in my upload as Hime's site was still fully functional at the time. Use this https://www.mediafire.com/file/xs492unumanqnrb/TsukiHime.rar/file
  12. roninator2

    CSCA Game over Options

    Why would you need to change it to a switch? The script is designed to let you change the game over graphic and music with variables. You set the value for the variable and it will use that file. Graphics/System/GameOver0 Graphics/System/GameOver1 Graphics/System/GameOver2 ... etc To have it as a switch would mean you could only have two files and the files would be called Graphics/System/GameOvertrue Graphics/System/GameOverfalse Besides the fact that there should be no need to not use a variable.
  13. roninator2

    Window Timer

    TsukiHime\Scene-Window Related\Hime - Window Timer.rb
  14. roninator2

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    @LazyPanda19 Ask again if you can't find it here https://github.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/tree/master/_To Reorder
  15. roninator2

    Looking for scripting help vx ace

    You really need to say a lot more. Notice how little help that statement is?