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  1. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Try this.. I can't get it to error out. I was overthinking the structure. I thought I had to point to the party window to get the id. def on_list_ok Sound.play_equip replace = $game_actors[@party_window.item] actor = $game_actors[@list_window.item] index1 = @party_window.index actor_id1 = actor.nil? ? 0 : actor.id if actor.nil? $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = 0 $game_actors[replace.id].clear_equipments window_refresh @party_window.activate return end actor_id2 = replace.nil? ? 0 : replace.id if actor_id2 != 0 && !$game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) $game_actors[replace.id].clear_equipments window_refresh end if $game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) index2 = $game_party.battle_members_array.index(actor_id1) $game_party.battle_members_array[index2] = actor_id2 end $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = actor_id1 window_refresh @party_window.activate end
  2. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    I see. I didn't try with an empty slot. It give me the error too when selecting an empty slot. Sorry. Have to work on it some more. *forgot about my last post where it removed.
  3. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Maybe make a new line and type it in. then delete the previous line that you copy/paste
  4. I don't quite follow. You have an armor type (hat) You have a baseball cap (armor type Hat) You equip baseball cap You have in baseball cap note tag <passive state: 77> true; </passive state> So the state is applied when the baseball cap is equipped. You have a second armor. Sombrero (armor type hat (or whatever)) you equip Sombrero You have in sombrero the note tag <passive state: 77> true; </passive state> state is applied with Sombrero equipped. Is this not correct?
  5. Where do you have the notetag added? Armor, skills, states? If it's for specific armors then put in each armor <passive state: 77> true; </passive state>
  6. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    For me that's line 1276. What have you added in? Yanfly Party is also the only script I have in the test project. Maybe there is an incompatibility?
  7. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    You are correct. A little bit of trial and testing produces this as a positive result. $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[replace.id - 1]].clear_equipments #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # on_list_ok #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_list_ok Sound.play_equip replace = $game_actors[@party_window.item] actor = $game_actors[@list_window.item] index1 = @party_window.index actor_id1 = actor.nil? ? 0 : actor.id if actor.nil? $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = 0 window_refresh @party_window.activate return end actor_id2 = replace.nil? ? 0 : replace.id if $game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) index2 = $game_party.battle_members_array.index(actor_id1) $game_party.battle_members_array[index2] = actor_id2 end $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[replace.id - 1]].clear_equipments $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = actor_id1 window_refresh @party_window.activate end
  8. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    After line 1203 I added $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[index]].clear_equipments #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # on_party_ok #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_party_ok case @command_window.current_symbol when :change @list_window.activate when :remove index = @party_window.index actor = $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[index]] $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[index]].clear_equipments Sound.play_equip $game_party.battle_members_array[index] = 0 window_refresh @party_window.activate end end
  9. roninator2

    Skill Set Effect Error Line 37

    You've modified the script. This is the original. #=============================================================================== # Skill Self Effects # By Jet10985 (Jet) # Requested by Touchfuzzy #=============================================================================== # This script will allow you to specify a skill's effects tot arget the user # instead of the target, on skills that don't already effect the user. # This script has: 0 customization options. #=============================================================================== # Overwritten Methods: # None #------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Aliased methods: # Game_Battler: item_effect_apply #=============================================================================== =begin To specify the effects, use this notetag in the skill's notebox: <self effect: 1> or <self effect: 1, 2, 3> to specify more than 1 effect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use of this script could be as the following. You make a "Berserk Strike" skill, which does 200% damage to an enemy. You make the 2nd effect "Defense Down 50%" and want it applied to the user. You'd use this notetag: <self effect: 2> =end class RPG::Skill def self_effects if @self_effects.nil? @self_effects = [] self.note.each_line {|a| scan = a.scan(/<self[ ]*effect[ ]*\:[ ]*(\d+(?:[ ]*,[ ]*\d+)*)>/i) begin scan[0][0].scan(/\d+/).each {|b| @self_effects.push(@effects[b.to_i - 1]) if b.to_i >= 1 } rescue Exception => e end } end @self_effects end end class Game_Battler alias jet3745_item_effect_apply item_effect_apply def item_effect_apply(user, item, effect, reffed = false) if item.is_a?(RPG::Skill) && item.self_effects.include?(effect) && !reffed user.item_effect_apply(user, item, effect, true) return end jet3745_item_effect_apply(user, item, effect) end end
  10. roninator2

    Pictures in VX Ace

    You can try this https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/triple-triad-hi-res.107832/
  11. roninator2

    Basic Options Menu

    I hope you have learned by now that you can wait a day or two before posting on another forum since you now have the answer on rpgmakerweb. Just to notify others looking at this. issue is basically solved.
  12. roninator2

    Trying to smash a bug in one of my old scripts...

    Thanks for the script. I didn't have that one. You have any other gems lying around?
  13. roninator2

    Thunder Spirit Battler

    What image did you try to get? They look fine to me. Click on the image -> click download
  14. roninator2

    Thunder Spirit Battler

    Lots of stuff here https://www.gdunlimited.net/resources/cat/rpg-maker-vx-ace/battlers/1/views/desc/96
  15. roninator2

    [RGSS3] Yanfly Equip Menu Addon Request

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/yanflys-skill-restrictions-with-neon-blacks-effect-box-script.91693/#post-832716 Box text cut off. and https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/menu-items-item-effect-boxes-compability.98847/#post-890135 toggle effects Beside that, my mod allows you to remove effects from the display. I haven't shared it since it is my add on. But if you want it that is fine, I just would prefer to keep it out of the masses. It's not coded the best way, but it works. It also prevents a minor issue, where you don't have to worry about where your <effect note> text goes in the note box. The original script was written that anything you had above the <effect note> would show up. It just means that the code has to go at the top of the note box.