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  1. roninator2

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    Maybe add in if condition def make_item_list if skill = $game_party.members.any? { |actor| actor.skills.include?($data_skills[9]) } @data = $game_party.all_items.select {|item| include?(item) } @data << $data_skills[9] if @category == :item @data.push(nil) if include?(nil) else @data = $game_party.all_items.select {|item| include?(item) } @data.push(nil) if include?(nil) end end
  2. roninator2

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    Ok. So it may have been a clash with the object.class features/calls/sets? can't remember the term. interesting. Thanks
  3. roninator2

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    I honestly have no idea. I do know from experience that That;s why I suggested the << operator as an alternate. I didn't think there was an issue with the << operator though. I had used in my project something like this object = data1 totaldata = totaldata + object and that works. but totaldata += object ; does not I don't understand why. If + works by itself then math operators are defined but += is not? They all fall under their parent classes, or at least they should. Well I'm still learning ruby.. Lesson 93/174 on udemy. And yes it is weird to only add on 1 skill.
  4. roninator2

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    The + goes before the = like Kayzee showed you in the code block. If that gives an error then there is a coding block where that section does not recognize using math operators in a full capacity. the other option that may work is @data << $data_skills.select {|skill| usable?(skill) } The << is a push operator. It is used to add on data
  5. roninator2

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    Now I see why things have gotten a little crazy. I guess the idea of a patent is not possible for code. Makes it challenging for an author to protect their work. I still don't understand people and why they would want to replicate code and call it their own. Another sad point for humanity.
  6. roninator2

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    Yanfly has just been depreciated. I disagree. While there were reasons for Yanfly to remove her plugins from the public, I would say that all she needed to do was put tighter controls on the use of them, not make them paid for. Some authors have their script free for non-commercial but paid for commercial use. Regardless, Yanfly's plugins are of great value and she has always been a leading contributor to the RPG Maker community. It was only due to a few bad apples that caused harsh measures to be implemented. As long as you make free games then using Yanfly plugins is not a big issue. It's when you get into making a commercial game where it becomes a problem as you are new and would have normally have had to pay for the plugins; from a legal standpoint it would be a violation. m2c
  7. roninator2

    Help With Galv's Message Busts Errors

    Looking at the script. You would normally use Actor1 file Select the actor face. in this case the script sees this position as 1. so to show the bust you would have a second file called actor1-1 You don't use your bust file for the message image.
  8. roninator2

    Lune Smooth Camera Slide

    You either have a bad copy/paste or you have a conflicting script. Or maybe you put it in a bad location in your script list? I have over 500 scripts in my games and it *works without errors. *doesn't slide properly for me, but no errors.
  9. roninator2

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Care to elaborate what that script is?
  10. roninator2

    Help Developing an Army system!!

    That looks like a horrible game. Glad I don't have it. I had a thought, would something like Vlue's pets and summons be similar? You have your main character and you have an army that you have as a 'pet'. Maybe something can be modeled like that.
  11. roninator2

    6 Character Main Menu

    There are script for Ace that will help with the grey out part and it would not be too hard to fix the hp/mp showing. Let me look Ok so having non battle member greyed out is a default function of VX Ace. Just set the max battle members. As for the 6 members on screen, that could be possible it would take work, but I'm not going to invest into this. I have other things I need to do. Plus you are using Luna Engine, this also changes things as whoever make a script for you need to make it using luna engine. I have luna engine but like I said not going to invest as this will take a few days. You could wait for help or ask a scripter to commission it. Not many of them left, I would recommend a-moonless-night on rpgmaker forums. Contact her (via PM), Upload your game to her and wait.
  12. I have to ask, how did you get Hime's script to work? I put the notetag in the actor, the class, the skill - even the map because it says in one part .map! <replace: 26 27 28> or <replace: 26> But it NEVER replaced ANY skills. So I grabbed Fomar's skill replace script and it worked perfectly with the notetag in the skill notebox (makes sense). THEN I saw your problem. So here is the fix. class Window_VictoryLevelUp < Window_Base def draw_new_skills(actor, temp_actor) new_skills = actor.skills - temp_actor.skills return if new_skills.empty? dw = 172 + 24 dx = contents.width - dw change_color(system_color) text = YEA::VICTORY_AFTERMATH::SKILLS_TEXT draw_text(dx, 0, dw, line_height, text, 0) end end certainly
  13. roninator2

    Permanently Remove Input Up

    Do you have a diagonal script in your project as well? might solve the only up issue.
  14. roninator2

    Publish on STEAM

    Not really sure, but I suspect that it's not an ftp to their servers. Upload the game files and then they check it out. All of this is in the documentation if you were to read steams terms of use.
  15. roninator2

    Publish on STEAM

    Welcome to the club. (I'm still working on my game) First I would recommend to come up with a name for your company. Second make an email address for it. Third sign up for steam with that email Fourth pay the $100 USD fee for 1 slot. Fifth make you game Sixth read all the documentation that steam direct will provide you when you are ready to publish. They will help. Seventh publicize. Eighth keep up with social media posts and emails and questions and ....