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  1. it is generally easier to adjust a video to the game screen size with a video editing program. So if your screen is 640x480 then make your video the same size.
  2. Yea I guess the rock is still not allowed to pass through the event blocking the player. so forget that event, instead use another blank tile that only has passage setting for down and put it on that one spot.
  3. for the rocks passibility, make a blank spot on your tileset passable. But not the first one in the top left corner. Then make the area that the rocks fall with that blank tile. Just set one more event on the path for the player so that they can't walk up that path.
  4. Perfect Pixel Collision [Updated]

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/cidiomars-perfect-pixel-collision.34975/ Google search
  5. Identify Item

    To identify skills would probably require a complete rewrite of the script. But you could have a 'scroll' and identify that for the spells that when read your wizard would learn that skill.
  6. Random messages

    All messages have to be configured somewhere. I was a little confused with what you asked but I think I understand. Use a random setting on a variable. Variable 001 = rand(1...5) # something like that. Then a conditional branch if variable 001 == 1 this text end conditional branch if variable 001 == 2 other text end and so on.
  7. What is your line 66? Mine is an 'end' statement. The script works for me. Just had to add in a piece for the inputs, it was missing the B ) part
  8. Replace HP bar with graphics

    Or this http://www.gdunlimited.net/scripts/rpg-maker-vx/window-scripts/omegax-zelda-hearts-system
  9. Magic Units

  10. Mail System

  11. Looking for Mr.Bubble's gender scripts

  12. VE - Animated Battle (help with sprite changes)

    Could you mention what that script is just for clarification? Thanks for the info @Traverse
  13. Falcao son's ABS system - auto equip weapons?

    That's because that script command is only for items, not weapons or armor. I played with the script a bit and got it working. Add this below the battler settings script and follow the instructions inside
  14. Help speeding up 8 directional movement script

    There are other scripts that allow directional movement as well, if you want to try them.