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  1. He got the answer already. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/restrict-the-use-of-a-menu-option-for-one-actor-with-a-common-event.97598/
  2. Can you put screen shots of your event? I assume your using a show choices command?
  3. What are you doing to accomplish this. I just ran through a test and it works for me.
  4. Symphony dynamic battle direction?

    Ok I think I misunderstood. I thought you were saying that after fishing, you would end up on the right side of the river, even if you started on the left side. But you're asking to have the character positions in battle to be on the left if you fished on the left side of the river. Correct? Then you could probably use a parallel process on the map to check for player region id. When the player is on a region id that you set, use a script call to set the variable PARTY_DIRECTION to equal 6 else equal 4. I just did this and it works.
  5. Symphony dynamic battle direction?

    Ok, so a screen shot of your map for the fishing area and a screen shot of your events so that what you have done can be seen. Just providing explanations of how it is suppose to work does not help is finding the problem.
  6. Symphony dynamic battle direction?

    Well putting links to the scripts your using for symphony and the fishing would be helpful. I assume it's galv's fishing script? and Yami battle symphony? Then the issue could maybe get looked at.
  7. I have this script Rycochet - Disable Scripts Use it to disable scripts and see if you can find which one is causing the problem. Another method I use is to copy your entire project and in the copy version just delete a few scripts and play test. repeat. I was just pointing our the line as to make sure yours is the same (no copy paste error)
  8. Throwing the script into a blank project works fine. You must have inadvertently changed some code. Line 324 is update_help if active && !$game_message.choice_help.empty? for me.
  9. GubiD's TBS Animation Help

    Looking at the demo I see in battlers - holderchickanim, $holderchickanim, $holderchickanim_mini in character I see none of those.
  10. You would be better off adding states to each weapon individually. When the weapon is equipped the state is applied, when removed it is removed.
  11. Timed Button Attacks

    The demo works fine. I clicked on the link -> downloaded the zip file -> extracted the exe -> ran the exe to extract the folder -> ran the project file -> played the demo.
  12. Return problem

    then it would make sense that the variables are not being set. Next time you go to the warrior skill map press F9 and look at the variables. the values are probably blank. You can put this right at the top of the common event not inside a conditional branch which to me looks like your saying if the player is not level 2 then load the values, but you explained that you just reached level 2. I would not use the switch and see if it works for you.
  13. Disposed Window Error

    effectus goes at the top of your scripts. Try that.
  14. Falcao Pearl ABS liquid V3 respawn enemy

    you are using erase event. Erase event is only temporary until the map is reloaded. you need to use a self switch (event command) and make a second page with the self switch activated (on the left for conditions) Correction, I'm not sure about Falco Pearl ABS. Sorry if this is not correct.