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  1. I think all that needs to be changed is def escape_possible? return BattleManager.can_escape? end
  2. So your referring to evented battles? random battle always have a chance to escape, unless you have something that is changing that. And the calculation you are doing is giving a number so I thought this was your base for judging if escape is possible. It works fine for me.
  3. So your referring to evented battles? random battle always have a chance to escape, unless you have something that is changing that. And the calculation you are doing is giving a number so I thought this was your base for judging if escape is possible. It works fine for me.
  4. essentially your duplicating methods and not using the correct ones where you intended them to be. I'm actually surprised you didn't get any errors. 1. Fading takes a little more effort and makes it a little complicated. Using show hide is simple. 2. duplicating methods 3. put in a check for the escape value, but then it needs to be an instance variable not a local variable. #============================================================================== # ** Show Escape Chance #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This script displays the chance of escaping a battle in a separate window # in the bottom right corner of the screen, above the party member window. #============================================================================== class Window_EscapeChance < Window_Base # Set the dimensions of the window WINDOW_WIDTH = 240 WINDOW_HEIGHT = 50 def initialize super(Graphics.width - WINDOW_WIDTH, Graphics.height - WINDOW_HEIGHT - 122, WINDOW_WIDTH, WINDOW_HEIGHT) # Set the window opacity to 100 self.opacity = 100 # Set the window's z value above the party member window self.z = 110 refresh end def escape_possible? return true if @escape_chance >= 1 return false end def refresh contents.clear # Calculate the escape ratio escape_ratio = ($game_variables[4821] * 0.01) + ($game_party.alive_members.length * 0.1) - ($game_troop.alive_members.length * 0.1) @escape_chance = (escape_ratio * 100).to_i # Draw the escape chance text centered in the window text = sprintf("Escape chance: ") change_color(Color.new(255, 255, 0)) # change text color to yellow draw_text(0, 0, contents.width, line_height, text, 0) reset_font_settings draw_text(0, 0, contents.width, line_height, "#{@escape_chance}%", 2) # draw escape chance number with yellow color end end class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base alias show_escape_chance_create_all_windows create_all_windows def create_all_windows # Call the original method to create all windows show_escape_chance_create_all_windows # Add the escape chance window to the scene add_escape_chance_window end def add_escape_chance_window @escape_chance_window = Window_EscapeChance.new @escape_chance_window.hide if !@escape_chance_window.escape_possible? end alias hide_escape_chance_on_skill_ok on_skill_ok def on_skill_ok # Call the original method hide_escape_chance_on_skill_ok # Hide the escape chance window hide_escape_chance_window end def hide_escape_chance_window @escape_chance_window.hide end def show_escape_chance_window @escape_chance_window.show if @escape_chance_window.escape_possible? end alias hide_escape_chance_turn_end turn_start def turn_start # Call the original method to end the turn hide_escape_chance_turn_end # Show the escape chance window hide_escape_chance_window end alias show_escape_chance_turn_end turn_end def turn_end # Call the original method to end the turn show_escape_chance_turn_end # Update the escape chance window @escape_chance_window.refresh # Show the escape chance window show_escape_chance_window end end
  5. This is a known situation and is done by design. Character sprites are intentionally made to be 4 pixels higher so that they do not walk on the bottom of the tile, which in most situations make it look like the character is walking on the lower tile. Like if it was a cliff, the character would be on the edge and not 'comfortably' behind it. This is often corrected in the situations that need it by simply putting a ! in front of the file name for the character. This tells the system to not raise it up. The code that does this is in Game_CharacterBase line 252. If it is an object character raise the y position by 4 pixels. Doing the check on line 245 where the character name does not include '!'
  6. I found the one for Dekita, but it also doesn't work in my project. https://dekita.gumroad.com https://www.mediafire.com/file/4ezu8kza3ja39jt/RM_Game_Launcher.zip/file
  7. part of the forums problems. Before we were able to get back in and see posts there was three threads for your request for scripters.
  8. I am always interested in learning more. If you get a few scripters together I would also like to collaborate with them on whatever script is made so I can understand more if it's something I would never have known about.
  9. I doubt you will ever get an artist to 'basically' do free work. Are you wanting static battlers? I can take the resource sprites and break them up to individual files, and use photoshop to resize, but they may not come out well.
  10. roninator2

    Question Rgarding Skill Rating/Turn No.

    From what I've been told (and what I remember) the skill ratings is the chance of a skill being picked. It sort of works out as an odd based value. If the first skill is at 4 then the enemy has a 1/4 chance of using that skill The skills are picked from top to bottom. Then the second skill has a 1/4 chance, the third a 1/8 chance, the forth a 1/10 chance and the fifth a 1/8 chance. The odds of the fifth skill ever being used is minimal. The help file says this Success Rate The rate (0 to 100%) at which the use of this skill succeeds. The actual success rate is affected by the skill's effectiveness against the target. I don't play with the ratings as that usually just messes it up. I leave everything at the default 5 and just list them in the order I want the enemy to use with the most likely at the top.
  11. roninator2

    Help with Yanfly's Victory Aftermath

    Do you have a bad copy of victory aftermath? It works fine. Do you want to send your scripts file and I can see what you did wrong
  12. roninator2

    VX Ace F12 Fix: Not Fully Functional

    Every time I see this I don't know what to do. I don't think I have anything on my system that can compile it to something useful. Side note you call it hiddenchest but the folder is called hiddencest. This looks like stuff for MKXP. Are you familiar with MKXP-Z? I've tried the exe for mkxp-z but it doesn't know what to do with win32api calls so it never finds the dll files.
  13. roninator2

    Can I Make The Animation Tab Bigger?

    BIgger monitor would not help, but you could maybe decrease your resolution that would make it bigger. When you place an animation frame in the window you can nudge it around with the arrow keys. If you mean where it gets placed on the screen when used, I find that you have to decide how the animation is going to play (center of body on player, feet, head, or the screen) then adjust the images accordingly. You may be shifting the frames a bit if you're looking for perfect pixel placement.
  14. roninator2

    Can I Make The Animation Tab Bigger?

    Answer: No. It's the editor window size. unless you redesigned the software to make it bigger then that's all you get. I'm not sure if MV or MZ will have a larger animation window either.
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