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  1. roninator2

    Certain Order Puzzle

    That tutorial does work, but it would not work for you because you are not looking to activate 4 switches in a specific order, your looking for activating 4 switches out of 10 in a specific order. That's completely different. You just need to have your main dolls with almost the same setup. select 1, conditional branch - is variable = 0? yes? then variable = 1, if no variable = 0, reset all dolls select 3, conditional branch - is variable = 1? yes? then variable = 2, if no variable = 0, reset all dolls select 6, conditional branch - is variable = 2? yes? then variable = 3, if no variable = 0, reset all dolls select 8, conditional branch - is variable = 3? yes? then do stuff, if no variable = 0, reset all dolls all others, set variable to 4. That tutorial should not affect anything else in your game as well. If it does then you're reusing variables.
  2. roninator2

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Looking at the script, it seems that you could just set up the script as designed (I'm sure this is what you have done already), then just use script calls when you start the game to add the enemy's or items into the Encyclopedia. $game_party.csca_set_enemy_true(enemy_id) Instructions are in the script
  3. roninator2

    Need some help with Mode 7 v1.9 on VX Ace

    Don't use f12. I have no idea what marta is.
  4. There are many tutorials on using scripts, I suggest that you read those. forums.rpgmakerweb.com is another location that you will find information. basically you will need to add in two scripts to help you. Mithran grab obj reference and a backtracer. I use Hime's. With those in and the console window set to run when you play test, you will get errors happening and the console window will give you information to the problem. A file will also be created in the project folder. Using those you can ask for help in figuring out what is wrong. Often a change in the script order is needed or a small addon script to fix a patch for the conflicting scripts to work together. Until you do some or all of that, no one can help you. And to answer your question, no you do not need to remove the script. Even if somebody says it will not work with the other script X. I know cause I use yanfly and victor sant which everybody says they don't work together. I just had to learn about the scripts and find a way to stop the problems. Good luck
  5. roninator2

    Need some help with Mode 7 v1.9 on VX Ace

    The F12 is a common problem. If you were to search around and read stuff you would find that it is not a very good reset and you should never use it. That's why there are scripts out there to try and disable that key. Look for one of those.
  6. roninator2

    My crafting script is not working... help pls

    Often such errors are because of a copy paste error. I use this script and it works fine
  7. roninator2

    Actor Command Window Cut Off

    So there it is. You have visible line number set to 4. Change it to 3 and it will fit
  8. roninator2

    Yanfly Class System Problem

    You got to stop posting the scripts. Make a link to the script like I did. The script you posted is all messed up cause you didn't even use proper code format. Only 1 hour! I've been learning RPG Maker VX Ace for over 2 years now. Don't give it so little time. So here is part of your fix #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: draw_current_param #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_current_param(dx, dy, param_id) change_color(normal_color) dw = (contents.width + 22) / 2 draw_text(20, dy, dw, line_height, @actor.param(param_id).group, 2) reset_font_settings end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # draw_right_arrow #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_right_arrow(x, y) change_color(system_color) draw_text(x + 20, y, 22, line_height, "→", 1) end For the second part, under class Window_ClassList < Window_Selectable in def initialize therre is a dh = part. the setting is to use the full height of the screen - what is already used. you can change that to a specific number and it would shrink it.
  9. roninator2

    Yanfly Class System Problem

    This post was for the same thing/ maybe that script edit will work for you.
  10. roninator2

    Actor Command Window Cut Off

    First thing that pops out is that you have the actor command window y set to -16. This is not height, it's position. So this script is not the only thing that is causing your problem. Somewhere else you have the window adjusted.
  11. roninator2

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    The menu command is in the CSCA Menu Organizer line 70 Price is on line 638 and line 860 in CSCA Encyclopedia
  12. roninator2

    Appearance change script

    If he has a method of adjusting the color, then there is a method for knowing what the color is and setting the children to it. If this is the case then a script is not necessary, just knowing how to use the script that does the color setting is required. If it's not a script that sets the color, then it's even easier.
  13. roninator2

    Need a quick FAQ for how to use scripts?

    If you study the Master Demo, you should be able to get an idea on how it's done. until then look at these Andar's Starting point for new users Andar's Guide on using Scripts
  14. You have to commission someone to make it for you.
  15. roninator2

    Emotional Responses

    Set line 95 to @menu_btn.bitmap = Cache.system($game_variables[Emotes::Emotes_Var])#"choices-menu") Then put up below line 69 Emotes_Var = 12 #variable to use for graphic file Then you just need to set the variable data to the graphic file name. Control Variables -> script -> "choices-menu"