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  1. Help

    Ok, so the first post sounded like you needed to look at some tutorials for the program. Your second post sound like you want to modify the position and maybe the size of certain windows. While this can be done by making your own scripts to adjust the windows, I can only say that the only script (engine) that I know of which could do what you want is Luna engine. It is a very complicated system where you have to almost know the coding language to get it to do what you want, but it can do what you asked. There are other options as well. Some scripts allow larger choices. Meaning you can have 5,6 or more options in the choice window. Hime more choices (large choices) Other scripts change the way it looks. Galv visual novel Look for script posters and see what they have which might work for you. I have internet favorites for about 20 script makers and their sites.
  2. Looking for help using FLEP/MARTA

    Provide links to the scripts. I have never heard of it. And you also posted this type of question in multiple threads and forums. Desperate much?
  3. Need help with Game Over Choice

    I just tested this with Dr. Todd's Game Over script and it doesn't have that problem https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/game-over.1719/
  4. More Mr. Bubble scripts found. Auto Life Effect Bow attack action sequence RPG Tankentai sideview battle system Gender Functions Gender requirements Limit sell items to buy items Shield Blocking
  5. This thread had it @Vis_Mage you should have used a spoiler tag.
  6. show the other event leaving the house. This one looks fine. I wonder what is in the leaving the house event. Also listing the scripts you use (if they are few in number) would help. Scripts should not have any effect on this, but just in case... Cause it could be the time script you have. If you removed that does it work? or the lighting script?
  7. Help with pre-existing Skill Type Sub-Menu script

    I just tried that script and I do not have your problem. What other scripts do you have? And what order are the scripts in?
  8. I got this from another post somewhere. put it in your script list. In that case just use: Code: class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def your_custom_skill(a, c) if $game_party.include?(c) a==c ? a.add_state(13) : (a.add_state(55); c.add_state(13)) else a.add_state(54) end end end Call this method in your skill formula using Code: a.your_custom_skill(a, $game_actors[3]) It works even if you use Code: b.your_custom_skill(a, $game_actors[3]) because the method receives the caster as a parameter which is actually redundant.
  9. Self Increasing Prices in Item Shop?

    the picture lost from the shop manager script page on Hime's webpage The only part I couldn't figure out is how to increase the variable when you buy a potion
  10. Tidloc's Minimap

    I don't know what you have done wrong, but the demo works fine for me.
  11. Stat Allocation System

    Have you seen or tried KMS Distribution system? I'm using it and it allows the values to be removed and redeployed. But only the points added on not the stats the player receives from the start or levels gained.
  12. Jump with Button Press

    Can you set the timer so that the player has to wait a second before it will jump again. Works for me like that. But I don't need a lot of jumping.
  13. WASD Movement

    Don't have this one saved, but this one is free https://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/d13x-engine/