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  1. roninator2

    Swapping window positions

    I have use negative values, but that was usually to fix off positioning. You could also use high value positive numbers if you need a window far off the screen. As for testing, make a copy of your project and play with it.
  2. roninator2

    Character select script?

    You may also be looking for a player reserve party script.
  3. roninator2

    Swapping window positions

    Any window manipulation would require scripting. Either you manually go in and write the changes to all of the code that points to each wndow, or you use a combination of scripts to make the changes with yourself specifying the locations. What I mean by that is Luna Engine. It is designed to allow you to manipulate almost anything on the screen. But you have to still set it up and sometimes manually create additional scripts from Luna Engine to control the window. Either way You have to learn the code and make the changes.
  4. roninator2

    Categorize Item Scene

    Full modded script with option to hide categories Updated again. Text description added for CategoryConditions
  5. roninator2

    RPG VX ACE maximum game window size?

    If you are going to still with vx ace then there are a few tutorials on the RPG Maker Forums. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com As for vx ace screen size, the native max size is 640x480 But there are scripts that can present in full screen and scaled size. although the resolution is still 640x480. There is also a hi-res dll file for high resolution but it is no longer distributed. So if you never had it, you are not supposed to be able to get it. There is also a script make by KK20 that allows some resizing. I used this in a test and got it working for 1280x960 If you want to use current hi res graphics, you will need to use MV. There is no size resolution limit for MV.
  6. roninator2

    Categorize Item Scene

    I got it done, All is working. in the module put CategoryConditions = { :item => lambda { !$game_party.items.empty? && $game_party.items.any? {|item| !item.key_item? }}, :weapon => lambda { !$game_party.weapons.empty? }, :armor => lambda { !$game_party.armors.empty? }, :key_item => lambda { !$game_party.items.empty? && $game_party.items.any? {|item| item.key_item? }}, :all_item => lambda { !$game_party.all_items.empty? }, :potion => lambda { $game_party.all_items.any? {|item| item.find_category == :potion} }, :ammunition => lambda { $game_party.all_items.any? {|item| item.find_category == :ammunition} }, } and change category description to this CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION = { :item => "Viewing basic items.", :weapon => "Viewing attack-type items for use in battles.", :armor => "Viewing head, body, arm and leg equipment.", :key_item => "Viewing important items.", :all_item => "Viewing all items.", :potion => "Viewing potions.", :ammunition => "Viewing ammunition.", } in ICAT_WindowItemCategory put def update_help #I'm too lazy to find a way to identify description by symbol. @help_window.set_text(ICAT::CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION[@category_list[self.index]]) end alias icat_make_command_list make_command_list def make_command_list ICAT::VISIBLE_CATEGORY_INDEX.each { |symbol, label| add_command(label, symbol) if ICAT::CategoryConditions[symbol].call @category_list << symbol if ICAT::CategoryConditions[symbol].call } end In class RPG::BaseItem put def find_category self.note.split(/[\r\n]+/).each { |line| if line =~ ICAT::Regexp::BaseItem::CATEGORY c = ICAT::CATEGORY_IDENTIFIER.key($1) return c if c != nil end } end
  7. roninator2

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    $game_variables[X] = $game_troop[X].xstat.str should work
  8. roninator2

    Categorize Item Scene

    I tried to do this, but don't know of a way to specify if a category has any items in it. Also if this was something done, it would probably work for all categories. So if you didn't have any weapons, then the category would not show up. But like I said, I haven't been able to get it working. Maybe someone else can try. I either had it showing all categories or none and then all items showed up as if it was the all category. I might play with it more.
  9. roninator2

    FP: Move Routes

    Does anyone have a copy of this script?
  10. roninator2

    Enemy Voices in Battle

    You can find a repository of script here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/recovering-lost-scripts.103561/ I have this script in my section called to_be_reordered download the zip file. a-f
  11. roninator2

    Add barriers to fly script!

    I'll check it out later. I'm away from home at the moment. Back Wednesday had some free time. remoted into my computer Checked it out. I mixed block all with player block. Checked the code again and I made a change. Should work now. @AeghtyAteKees EDIT* another change. Issue with the script causing the player to not move if @through is set to on, even if no region is encountered.
  12. roninator2

    Add barriers to fly script!

    In my tests, player restrict blocks the player, player fly blocks the flying and player block blocks both.
  13. Watch some video on the basic operation of the program. I'll bet that when you created the npc's you have several tabs, but the last tab with nothing on it does not have any settings to specify when to use it. Which means that the empty tab (on the right) is what shows up.
  14. roninator2

    Add barriers to fly script!

  15. roninator2

    Add barriers to fly script!

    silly me. It works without the extra line. I just had to rewrite that section because I had to remove @through. The script by itself without the addon will stop player movement because it return true if @through is on. Since in Galv's script @through is on when flying, all player movement is blocked. You want an extra region that will block flying but not player movement?