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  1. If my scripting is any good, this should work. Hopefully
  2. Then I would do this return if $game_switches[If_By_Switch::AUTOSAVE_OFF] == false && If_By_Switch::AUTOSAVEBB_SWITCH || If_By_Switch::AUTOSAVEM_SWITCH || If_By_Switch::AUTOSAVETM_SWITCH || If_By_Switch::AUTOSAVE_SWITCH Then put If_By_Switch::AutoSAVE_OFF = 1 # whatever switch you plan to use. inside your module. Another though is maybe you can turn a switch on based on other code. So that you only have to check for one switch not four. In each section that would turn on your AUTOSAVE... switch you would just turn on that one common switch which would be in each part of the code.
  3. Not entirely sure. I would have to play with it, but some of the code looks off. def ALL_SWITCH return $game_switches[0] return true unless ALL_SWITCH.nil? && AUTOSAVEBB_SWITCH ||\ AUTOSAVEM_SWITCH ||\ AUTOSAVETM_SWITCH ||\ AUTOSAVE_SWITCH end This looks like it will return right after reading first line.. Returning the value in $game_switches[0] nothing else gets run. Maybe you wanted it to say return if $game_switches[0] == false But you would have to specify a specific switch not 0.
  4. Well the error is because you did not point to the value correctly. If_By_Switch::ALL_SWITCH Autosave.call if ToddAutoSaveAce::AUTOSAVETM && If_By_Switch::ALL_SWITCH || If_By_Switch::AUTOSAVETM_SWITCH You could also use the include command class Scene_Map < Scene_Base include If_By_Switch You'll need to do the same for the autosave module commands
  5. roninator2

    Need a script that makes minimum damage 1

    I'm surprised you did not find any. There are several pages when I search google. Your google search in google needs to be "rpg maker vx ace 'function' script" So in this case 'rpg maker vx ace minimal damage script' But in this case I see that they are all garbage links. Here are some...
  6. Think about what you were doing. Are there any scripts you added? Did you make any changes to scripts? What you're seeing is that the Galv's script is now having a compatibility issue with another script you have. Can you give us a list of the scripts you recently added, or a list of all your scripts? Thanks
  7. roninator2

    Problems with rtp2000

    Didn't realize it was an adult game. Looking it up there is a wiki page with instructions for it. Whatever problems you're having with this, I won't help.
  8. Totally not what he was asking. That's up to you. VX is an older software. In fact VX Ace is old as well. But almost anything you find will be VX Ace or MV. Ace uses scripts and MV uses plugins. There are a lot of scripts for Ace, but they are slowly disappearing. Some people are trying to preserve them. If you want something new, get MV. The best thing you have right now with VX is the asset package (graphics, music). You can modify them or use them in other versions of RPG Maker. *EDIT ... to answer your question, yes VX does not have the regions option.
  9. roninator2

    Magic Junction System

    Do you still have this script?
  10. roninator2

    Does Anybody Know How To Do This?

    I just google translated. Which version of the script do you have. That page looks like it is an older version and does not include map rotation. Would you rather have this one? http://www.mediafire.com/file/2669l04ux6emmy6/%5BVXA%5DMode7_Ace_V1.9_Rotation_V1.7.exe/file
  11. roninator2

    Files Corrupted

    I tried to put the files in a blank project one by one and it would not load even after replacing all one by one. It got stuck on the tileset file. I replaced it and still said the file was corrupt but when replacing all files it worked fine.I'm sure all are corrupt. There was only about 2 I did not copy over in that test.
  12. roninator2

    Files Corrupted

    you just needed to find the decrypter program. Data.rar
  13. roninator2

    Keypad Input

    it's very easy to use this script. Not sure where your confusion is. In your event use a script call command and enter keypad_input This bring up the window. The player enters a number and selects ok or X. When the player selects ok the value entered is stored into the variable you specified in the script, default is 1. Then you can do whatever you want. Normally you would use a conditional branch to check if the number entered is equal to a specific number you have in mind. Then do whatever commands you see fit. That's basically it. The script also allows you to limit the number input to a specific number of digits.
  14. roninator2

    Simple Message Feature

    It was missing a piece. when 'PIC' text.sub!(/\[(.*?)\]/, "") bmp = Cache.picture($1.to_s) rect = Rect.new(0, 0, bmp.width, bmp.height) contents.blt(pos[:x], pos[:y], bmp, rect, 255) with the instructions from yanfly \pic[x] - Draws picture x from the Graphics\Pictures folder.
  15. roninator2

    Multiple Currencies

    Most of yanfly's scripts sets the menus to a specific set of instructions with the option to add on other commands. This is what you need to do, which is why I asked that you make a new thread.So we can provide you the instructions to do so, without filing up this thread with a problem that has nothing to do with this script.
  16. roninator2

    Multiple Currencies

    so Providing more details on what scripts you added would be helpful. Also you should make your own thread for support, not comment in here. By the time we fix your problem we will ave added 10+ posts to this thread.
  17. roninator2

    Variable display on Menu screen

    Your request is quite varied. There are script that do some of what you asked. DP3 Morality Meter and Gauge will show a graphic bar where you use a variable to adjust the bar and you can use the variable for whatever you may need.
  18. From all that I know... You will be in violation of the terms of use for publishing it for commercial use. Can't be too sure for non commercial. But I sure that the hacked dll is not allowed. If this is a mod you did yourself, then you're in violation of the terms of use for modifying the game files.
  19. roninator2

    Permanent Death Mod?

    Found this. It's the part I was thinking of - https://mrtrivelvx.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/roguelike-save-system/
  20. actually I just realized that it could have been done another way. Shift click map for the edge around the walking path and not put anything for the walking path, then use events with graphics for the ceiling that is set to above player. Both solutions assume the player will not walk on the castle wall, which you can do if you gave a path to it. Then you would need to do a little more eventing.
  21. The only way to do this is to make an additional tile sheet (tile E) with pass-ability settings set and then you would do Shift click mapping to make it look good.
  22. roninator2

    YanPac Battle HUD

    This is because rpg maker uses it's default icon set values. You overwrote the icons for the system by making your own iconset. The icon that would be shown here by default is the one in the image at the top of this thread. The fist with lightning symbols. If you use a skill, does it show that icon? You should make your icon set from the default set and just add on what you want at the end of the default icon set (make a copy).
  23. roninator2

    Stack Level too Deep?

    Got the demo, Made a few adjustments and sent you the scripts file in a PM.
  24. roninator2

    Stack Level too Deep?

    make a demo and I'll see what I can do. That is a wall of text. Normally I would diagnose the problems as soon as I get a few problems. So my error log would be only a page long. and more detailed than that. I'll put in my backtracer in your demo and fix what I can, then send it back to you.