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    "all in one" inventory

    All items class Scene_Item < Scene_ItemBase def start super create_help_window create_item_window on_category_ok end def create_item_window wy = @help_window.y + @help_window.height wh = Graphics.height - wy @item_window = Window_ItemList.new(0, wy, Graphics.width, wh) @item_window.viewport = @viewport @item_window.help_window = @help_window @item_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:on_item_ok)) @item_window.set_handler(:cancel, method(:on_item_cancel)) end def on_item_cancel return_scene end end class Window_ItemList < Window_Selectable def initialize(x, y, width, height) super @category = :item @data = [] refresh end def include?(item) return true end end
  2. Found a demo for parallax mapping and tried zeus map effects script. It works. What parallax script are you using? The one I tested was Yami Engine Ace - Overlay Mapping
  3. roninator2

    Or statements for quest

    Use variable command with script condition. $game_actors[1].class.id Then do condition check against the number.
  4. roninator2

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    That's a good script but maybe you can try map zoom addon by MGC http://rgss-factory.net/2012/04/15/ace-map-zoom-ace-zoom-de-la-carte/
  5. roninator2

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    I actually don't see how you are zooming. You said you used an event, but there is no command to zoom. Are you using a script?
  6. roninator2

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    XP System Requirements OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/2000 0 (64-bit OS is NOT supported) Processor: PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor. Memory: 128 MB RAM. Graphics: 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode. Storage: 100 MB available space. Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card. Maybe these are not that accurate. My os is windows 10 64 bit and XP works fine. Your old laptop may have been more powerful with the cpu, but these softwares don't need much. It's a combination of what you're trying to do + the machine capabilities + video card capabilities. Since it is a weak laptop I would assume you have an integrated video card that is not very powerful. Which means that the cpu has to do all the work. So since you have a slow cpu, it would cause lag. To find out what your video card is and it's capabilities, you need to look it up. Start with directx diagnostic tool. Click start -> run -> dxdiag -> run program Select display 1 tab -> then you will see what it is and then google the capabilities of it. To upgrade your cpu for a laptop would mean getting a new laptop. Unless it is a really expensive laptop you can't change the cpu. All you can do is up the memory, but your laptop is at max. So there is really nothing you can do to improve that laptop.
  7. roninator2

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    I would think that the biggest cause of lag is your cpu. That laptop is not very powerful and actually falls under the minimum requirements to properly run vx ace. System Requirements OS:Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Processor:Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor. Memory:512 MB RAM. Graphics:1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution. Hard Drive:400 MB HD space. You have a low grade cpu and is only at 1/2 of the desired speed. With a sufficiently powerful machine the lag should not be very noticeable.
  8. What method are you using to use a random skill?
  9. roninator2

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    I don't have an answer for you, but I use Blackmorning YEA status addon and it does what you want, but I don't really understand how. It takes the states in the array and gets the resist value from it for your character and displays it. This is some inner workings I don't understand yet.
  10. Sorry you are right. I didn't find it in my script list. Press turn system script. Comment out (#) the entire method def prior_command on line 673 (lines 672-676) The press turn system by default blocks going back to party menu. Or you can add this below all battle scripts class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base def prior_command start_party_command_selection end end class Window_ActorCommand < Window_Command if $imported["YEA-BattleEngine"] alias ptbn_process_dir4 process_dir4 def process_dir4 return if BattleControl.battle_type == :ptbn ptbn_process_dir4 end end end # Window_ActorCommand
  11. Did you create a new tileset? Or is the map set to use that tileset?
  12. roninator2

    Help me with my script.

    It's interesting you did that much without knowing about x & y. Under create command window you just add in the position adjustments. @command_window.x = 0 # whatever number you want @command_window.y = 0 # whatever number you want That should adjust to the position you want. Can't help you with the scrolling image. The best thing I know if move picture. You can google for a script call command if that's what you want.
  13. You need to provide a sample demo. Putting the PTB scripts into a test project only gave me one error which if I commented out that line, the battle worked fine. What command script from yanfly do you have. Its not called Command Party, so what is the actual name? And yes it would be best to setup a sample demo for me to check what you ahve done.
  14. What is the press turn script you are using?
  15. Sorry if I wasn't clear. The maps themselves may be fine, as you said you can play them, and yes I understood that part. It was possible to have the maps imported since if you were able to get to one map in game then the transfers to the others would probably work just fine. bujt if you made them all then you need to do as I suggested. There is a mapinfos.rvdata2 file. That's what corrupt. Performing the steps I mentioned should work. Make a backup! If you make one extra map, what number is it? Is it the number of one of the maps you are missing? Or is it past all the maps you have created, i.e. you have 30 maps in total and making a new one defaults to the map name of MAP031.
  16. This means that you took maps from another project and added them in or your maps file is corrupt. MAKE A BACKUP! The easier way to add maps is to just create a new map. Take note of the map number. If the map you want is map 55 and the map you just created is 51, then you will probably need to make 4 more maps until you get map55 in the editor. When that happens you just need to close the editor and copy the maps you imported previously into your project folder or from your backup. Load the editor and presto the maps are now there.
  17. roninator2

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    The OP hasn't twitched a game in over two years. And hasn't been here on the forum for two years.
  18. roninator2

    Let's Make an MMO

    I may know him. I'm retiring this year.
  19. roninator2

    ace Questions Regarding Resource Licenses

    It has been discussed many times in other threads and forums. *You can use resources from any RPG Maker engine IF you own that said engine. So you can use MV assets if you own MV, for commercial purposes. The same goes for other assets. If they say you need to provide attribution to use them, then there should be (unless the author specifically says so) no problems using them in whatever engine you want. If the author says this is for MV only, then you will either have to not use it or ask the author for permission. If the assets are paid for, then it will be fine unless it specifically says *this maker only*.
  20. roninator2

    tileset Need A4 tiles for a home

    There are plenty of free resources. Look for them. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?forums/rpg-maker-vx-ace-resources.29/ https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/forum/198-vx-ace/
  21. roninator2

    Free Movement

    It gives the answer right on the first post. So you put the note tag on the map note box.
  22. roninator2

    Script Bugs I've been having.

    Errors are always the results of code added or changed. So, what scripts have you put in your game or what have you changed?
  23. roninator2

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    Are you getting the error "log_window" for Game_Map that's what I got. It looks like the call for showing a message is in the vx style of code. I changed to this def broken_weapon_text(actor) message = "%s's %s broke!" % [actor.name, @non_durability_name] #~ SceneManager.scene.log_window.add_text(message) $game_message.add(message) end line 151 - selchar weapon durability script
  24. So to expand on this, I'm trying to modify Neon Blacks Passive skills script. The one part that is missing is that the script does not process the note box for the state. When I tried the option here I get an error. Neon Black | Passive Skills:71:in `eval': (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected '<' <atk ele: 3, 0.20> ^ (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected $end <atk ele: 3, 0.20> ^, SyntaxError from Neon Black | Passive Skills:71:in `block (2 levels) in passives' The notetag shown above is from Dekita Element Control I've tried a few variations but I'm note sure how to make the system process notetags $data_states[$1.to_i].note.split(/[\r\n]/).each do |line| eval(line) end eval($data_states[$1.to_i].note) Can that be used to process the notetags from the states and not a file. (using a file would require me to change all 3000+ items in the game) I also looked at Tsukihime's Condition states & passive addon for Neon Blacks Passive Skills, but I also get an error for that. Hime | Conditional States:113:in `eval': (eval):2: syntax error, unexpected '<' <atk ele: 3, 0.20> ^ (eval):2: syntax error, unexpected $end, SyntaxError Basically I want to have the system process the notetags for the states while the skill is learned. Now I have a complex setup, skills that require armour, equipment skills all working with passive states. If I set the notetags that I would normally use on the skill, then it works fine, but I'm also trying to manipulate other data with Shaz's State Commands script. *UPDATE I just tried VE Passive States and it worked. Going to have to change all of fomars skill notes to VE notes
  25. roninator2

    Forcing a skill onto an actor

    I assumed that since you were 'making' a cooking system that you were programming one. either by script or by event. If so then use the script call to call the interpreter function.
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