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  1. roninator2

    Items Class Restriction

    Again, tested and works fine. <actors: x> and <classes: x> both work as described.
  2. roninator2

    CSCA Save File Plus

    You must be the same user from Rpg Maker forums that gives very little info. You're the first person in 6 years that has said anything about this script. Don't you think it's not the script but something else.
  3. roninator2

    [LDS] Save Screen 1.0

    yes it does You have to put a name in the display name for the map. If it is blank, then nothing will show up for the name.
  4. roninator2

    Zombie Regeneration Functionality?

    I figured it out. def hrg; check_for_zombie ? (check_for_poison ? xparam(7) : xparam(7) * -1) : xparam(7); end def check_for_poison; @states.include?(2); end
  5. roninator2

    Permanent Resistance Bonuses?

    Neon Black - passive skills
  6. roninator2

    Lockpick minigame

    Yes, Now I don't know if the script calls are good as I've only use the demo's examples for testing. I also think your 0.1 will not work. The script says " Tidloc.exe "LockPick",:game,*d*,*r*,*p* " So the numbers your using are the difficulty, which point to the array for speeds. Speeds = [[1 ,1 ,1 ,1 ,1.2], [1.6,1.6,1.6,1.6,2 ], [2 ,2 ,2.1,2.2,2.3]] first line is 0 second is 1 third is 2
  7. roninator2

    Lockpick minigame

    You need to reverse your thought pattern. You're using >= where you should be using <= If the random number (or assigned) is 80 Having <= 25 returns false; next <= 50 returns false; next <= 75 returns false; next <= 100 returns true; do action If it was 35 you would get <= 25 false <= 50 true The structure should also be nested. Conditional branch <=25 do action else conditional branch <=50 do action else conditional branch <=75 do action else do action (must be more than 75 but less than 100) end end end The way you have it says if my number is 80 <= 25 ; false >= 25 true >= 50 true >= 75 true
  8. roninator2

    Need help with a sprite set.

    That image looks like it was designed for Rpg Maker XP. The image sizes for XP are 4x4, which is what you have. The image sizes for VX Ace is 3x4. Normally you use an image editing program to cut off the first column. These are edited and not a finished product. I see spots that have to be adjusted. Also the head is not centered.
  9. roninator2

    Skill Trees

    I do have that script. It and many others can be found here. https://github.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/tree/master/_To Reorder
  10. Well there are a few differences. Beside the fact that you event 11 is now event 2? Did you start a new map? Anyways... The event 2 as you have just shown is the same as event 11 from before and both are not using the variables for the enemy. You have Oni = variable 1 & 2 The tutorial is Robot = Variables 3 & 4 <- which is correct. That was what I had asked before. Why use variables 3 & 4 if you just assign the position to 1 & 2. There are other differences, but what you have for them looks like it might be better. I just put all of that tutorial together and got it working. Maybe with a few adjustments though. The one thing I don't like it that the player movement stops when the enemy touches him.
  11. I don't understand what your event 4 is doing. Your event 11 looks fine but why use variables 3 & 4 if you just set the location to 1 & 2. Event 10 is above players? this would make it to never touch or cause a game over. The oni should not appear in that area unless your common event is not correct.
  12. roninator2

    Help Request- Name Input Window Location

    Yanfly's ace message script can show the name window. You can position it left, center or right. But it would be on top of the text box window. There should be a way to position the name box lower if that's what you want. As for lines under letters, you need to explain more. Perhaps a screen shot of the issue. I don't recall ever seeing lines under letters.
  13. roninator2

    Enemy Using The Animations

    Yanfly's Weapon Attack replace? -> you can set different weapon types to use any skill for its basic attack
  14. roninator2

    Enemy Using The Animations

    I'm a little confused. If you want a specific enemy to use a specific animation for their attacks then you make a new skill for the attack, give the enemy this attack; which you would assign the animation number 21 to that attack.
  15. roninator2

    Morality Metre for Menu

    https://github.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/blob/master/_To Reorder/Grouped scripts A-F.zip
  16. There is a new script that has been made available at RPGMakerweb forums https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/witchs-house-menu.107945/ Or you can fix this script. The error is from line 123 It should say item = @data[index]
  17. sorry, happens when you set it up quickly and not thinking straight with a flu.
  18. your item would call a common event, yes. Which can be setup something like this.
  19. roninator2

    Achievement System

    I ran into the same problem. I got a fix from A-Moonless-Night on RPGMaker Forums Might not be the same as yours, but I had the lag issue when using a mouse in the window. The problem is the script itself. It rewrites the info window a lot. Don't think I can share my snippet without her permission. Additionally I made an addon that allows changing the window skin and a pause before the window starts fading. # )----------------------------------------------------------------------------( # )-- AUTHOR: Roninator2 & Original Script by Calestian --( # )-- NAME: Calestian's Achievement System extension --( # )-- CREATED: 2019-04-05 --( # )-- VERSION: 1.0 --( # )----------------------------------------------------------------------------( # )-- REQUIRES --( # )-- Original Achievement Script by Calestian. --( # )----------------------------------------------------------------------------( # )-- DESCRIPTION --( # )-- Allows Setting Window skin and pause before disappearing. --( # )-- --( # )----------------------------------------------------------------------------( module Clstn_Achievement_System Notification_Pause = 300 # Frames to wait before disappearing Window_Skin = "Oceanic" # Must be in quotes end class Window_AchievementNotification < Window_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize @window = $game_party.notifications[0][1] @item = $game_party.notifications[0][0] super(x, 0, width, height) $game_party.notification_enabled = false self.windowskin = Cache.system(Clstn_Achievement_System::Window_Skin) @view = Clstn_Achievement_System::Notification_Pause refresh end def update if !disposed? && @view > 0 @view -= 1 elsif !disposed? && self.opacity > 0 self.opacity -= 1 self.contents_opacity -= 1 self.back_opacity -= 1 else $game_party.notifications.delete_at(0) unless $game_party.notifications.empty? if !$game_party.notifications.empty? $game_party.notification_enabled = true SceneManager.call(Scene_Map) else $game_party.notification_enabled = false end @view = Clstn_Achievement_System::Notification_Pause end end end
  20. So in the first part, does it give you any errors if you add in a 5th actor position? ActorPos = [[480, 200], [485, 220], [490, 240], [495, 260]]
  21. Thanks for the Part II of the script. Can we have the rest? Pretty please.
  22. roninator2

    Digital Clock

    Just had a thought... What if you used it for a fourth wall breaking game. You play the game and check that it's 2am, you put up a text "don't you ever sleep?"
  23. Where did you get the script? The links on Ramiro's site are dead except for one. Without being able to see the script no-one is going o be able to help you.
  24. roninator2

    Changing the color of the font shadow?

    Since you're using Luna Engine, I would recommend using custom bitmap sprites for the number values.This would be Type_1 for the hp_num and mp_num and tp_num. Then you can graphically create the numbers however you like.
  25. True, the features for equipment does not allow for specific stats, only percentages. The only way I see around this is either use passive skills linked to the armor, and use common events to add on the stats, or Ask to have a script made that will convert the % bonus to + values. *edit - I'm looking at Hime Feature conditions add param script. It almost does what we need. I wonder if an addon can be made for it that will check the feature -> save the value -> remove the feature -> add the stat by value *edit 2 This thread needs to be moved as well. It is not a script. I found that Hime Feature conditions work with the add param addon. I was just not able to get it to understand mhp. I was able to set a formula like so... <cond_ft: add_param "a.hp <= a.mp" atk 5> I could also use values <cond_ft: add_param "a.hp <= 200" atk 5> but if I tried <cond_ft: add_param "a.hp <= a.mhp" atk 5> It would give me a stack level too deep error. So this may work for the OP but I don't know what ruby expression can be used to specify 25% of mhp. It changed the atk on the fly in battle as well. *Edit 3 So it works with a variable. I set a autorun to gather the actors mhp. Then used the variable in the formula <cond_ft: add_param "a.hp <= v[37] * 0.75" atk 5> Works. but you would have to use variables for each actor and a new line for each variable in the note box.