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  1. Im alive again ya wierdos.

    1. Chaosian


      We're weird still, ya aliveo.

    2. Rezanta


      Man, being weird is better than being alive!

    3. lonequeso


      No! No weird zombies, please.

  2. I think i'm addicted to Mike n' Ikes.

    1. Tsarmina


      dude. you are not alone O.O

    2. lonequeso


      I'm just addicted to the Ikes

    3. Green With It

      Green With It

      But which ones are IKES LONEQUESO?!@

  3. Did I ever mention that I despise Algebra II?

    1. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      Why, Algebra is so much fun! =D In no other subject will you do nothing but solving brain teasers. =DDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. I seem to switch projects a lot. Would any of you consider this normal?

    1. lonequeso


      Kinda. It's good have a lot of original ideas, but at some point you have to buckle down and decide to stick with one until completion. Otherwise, you'll probably just end up with a bunch of half finished projects.

    2. Chaosian


      I've spent months on projects and then killed them before they even took off the ground. I don't think it's too uncommon to switch around.

    3. Purple Phantom
  5. I got my college acceptance letter! Now i can get my degree in 3D Design!

    1. lonequeso


      Congratz! 3D design is a lot of work, but super fun.

    2. Tsarmina
    3. Chadzter01
  6. Im not dead, the doctors just put my brain into a mobile phone for the a bit.

  7. I just love spriting with the NES color pallet

  8. Sorry for being absent lately i have been busy with school and grades.

    1. lonequeso


      Are you all edumacated now?

    2. Green With It

      Green With It

      Not yet I just started my second smester of my senior year of highschool. But im getting there

  9. So I thought of an idea to add a mini chapter in my game that adds backstory towards the main protagonist's grandpa's experiences during WW1. Im possibly thinking of making his full story into a new game and make this mini chapter a shornted down version

  10. Since im afraid of using my laptop for rpg work right now, I decide to write a short story that combines an idea that ties in with my game's story. Ill probably post it as a blog post.

    1. Makara


      But why are you afraid?

    2. Green With It

      Green With It

      it crashed recently and I almost lost all my data. Until i set up my new computer im putting my project on Haitus

  11. I feel pretty dumb right now, I got a new PC tower for christmas with it all in there. It came with discs and I thought i needed to install stuff I just read the disc and it has in BOLD letters, "THIS IS A BACKUP THE STUFF IS INSTALLED ALREADY"

    1. lonequeso


      LOL! =D Good news is that couldn't have happened if you didn't get a PC tower for Christmas :)

    2. Rikifive


      Don't install random stuff if you're not sure what they are. It usually leads to PC full of useless software, like multiple antiviruses. ^^


      Now wait for more PC towers and make a PC castle. jk

  12. So my computer blew up and I lost some data good thing I have back ups

    1. Green With It

      Green With It

      Fortunatly I only lost some work i did this morning

    2. lonequeso
    3. Makara


      I feel your pain, specially when it's about Microsoft Edge and it's great tab restoring feature.

  13. Since i've joined this amazing community I have received a lot of advice and tips regarding how a dungeon should be made, and such. I've also received a lot of support from you guys here as well as a small circle of people who I discuss this project with. Non the less i'm not here to list all the praise I am getting, i'm here to discuss the direction my game is taking as of January 2016- Present.(2017) I would like to start of and give a percentage of where i'm at so far. I am around 8% done with my game so far. This percent seems pretty tiny to most people who might read this, but ironically this is the hardest amount of effort I have EVER put into a project let alone a possible commercial game. What have I done since last year exactly? Well, to start I have made my main Protagonists a lot more likable and given them personality. Compared to early 2015 or late 2014 these characters i made are more relatable and also fit the era they live in, (ex. 1950-1960) Also I made the locations in the game more simplified and constrained most of the towns into one country (america) but also gave some locales to places like the pacific isles, and even the Soviet Union. Whats the plot synopsis on your game GWIT? Below are some screenshots of the game so far.
  14. Got two towns completed under my belt and barely broke 10 maps so far, the down side is that I have to make tow dungeons and then it might get big with the maps.

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    2. lonequeso
    3. lonequeso


      Now for Forests! Mine usually end up being mazes for some reason. You could even go all Lost Woods w/ it.

      Climbing trees to get stuff/access other areas works. Or narow trails w/ hidden paths sprinkled in. Buring away/chopping vines or giant flowers in your way. If there a river/lake, you can make a little puzzle to cross. Pushing logs or blowing lily pads. Jumping across rocks (if you have an auto-jump). You can do it w/out auto-jump, but it makes more sense.

    4. Green With It

      Green With It

      that sounds like a really good idea ill give that a shot!

  15. My resolution this year is to get my RPG maker project completed.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TobiObito4ever
    3. ashm


      hope this will be a good year for us to finish our game.

    4. _____


      i've tried that before. didn't work. now it's basically 'i'll get my project done whenever, i guess'