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  1. spookyvibes

    Tilesets aren't showing up correctly!

    Never mind, I figured it out! I guess I was supposed to put the A5 normal section in the database rather than the A2 ground! I should have messed around with it more before posting here haha, sorry about that!
  2. Once again, I need help with my resources... So I found some tiles that I love, and I was so excited to use them since I've been looking for the perfect ones for so long. I put them into my graphics folder and start to create my map, but the tiles end up looking like this: As you can see I'm trying to use the grass. Can anyone tell me why this isn't working? I'm pretty sure it's only an issue with the ground tiles since the building, wall, A, B, and C tiles come out perfectly fine. If I have to edit them, could anyone help me out there...? I love using RPG Maker, but I hate dealing with resources haha I wish I could just stick to events/progressing the story. (The tiles are from here)
  3. spookyvibes

    Is there a way to make my screen flicker?

    XD Tsarmina beat me to it. Here's something that is, technically, the same thing but a faster flick. @>Tint Screen: (-255,-255,-255,0), @2, Wait (Black) @>Tint Screen: (0,0,0,0), @2 Wait (Normal) Like she said, doing parallel process will work. IF YOU USE AUTORUN, it will make all other events stop until you stop looping it. It's basically Parallel Process but it neutralizes all currently active events of any kind. It is similar to Tsarmina but it is a much faster flicker Thank you so much guys, it works!!
  4. In my game, the player enters a dark room and picks up a lantern. After she picks the lantern up I made the screen tint so that it's lighter, but I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that the whole screen flickers? I'd prefer not to use a script but I will if theres no other option, I'll just need a very detailed explanation on how to use it since I'm a total noob with scripts haha
  5. spookyvibes

    Need Help Editing Busts

    Thank you so much!!
  6. spookyvibes

    Need Help Editing Busts

    So I've been working on these character busts for ages, finally got them to be in the right format/position/etc., I put them into the picture graphic section of the resource folder, and when I preview them there's this weird patch of color around my character even when I selected that green background color as the transparent color. I'm a total noob at editing, and I don't own photoshop. I've tried gimp and other random free editing softwares but I just can never get the hang of them, so I've just been using Microsoft Paint... Anyway, my question is, is there an easier way to get rid of the green patches without having to fill in every single pixel? And if I can't do it using Microsoft Paint, would anybody be willing to do it for me...? I don't mean to dump my work on you, it would help me a lot! I'll even credit you in my game haha (busts made with KHMix)
  7. spookyvibes

    Need help editing a faceset!

    Ah alright, thank you! I guess I didn't think it through haha, I'll make sure to remember that next time! @SECOND POST Posted 5 minutes later Ah yes I'm still interested! Is it too late to put the credit in the post now or should I just make a new post?
  8. spookyvibes

    Need help editing a faceset!

    Awww Booohoooo.. lol. Better find another one spookyvibes and remember what Riki said! =3 Oops! I should have read the rules, my bad... Thank you anyways though!
  9. spookyvibes

    Need help editing a faceset!

    I feel super dumb, but I'm terrible with photoshop and I need to edit a faceset! If anyone could help me, I would be sososo grateful I only want to turn the pink/red colors in her hair to brown, and to edit out the earrings! Anyone willing to help? <RESOURCE REMOVED>