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    Do this Poll! Tell me about Yourself.

    Lets give it a try!
  2. BlueFlame

    What drives you to create?

    As a kid I always wondered how a videogame was created: How could a person create a world inside a cartridge? Then I became curious, then interested, then driven to create something. That drive to create something came to me as a love of writing fiction ( not fanfiction) and what ifs like turning my room into a dungeon or looking a little girl and aboy walking trough a dark forest. I could say that what drives me to create is my way to found things around me able to be something else or part of something bigger.
  3. BlueFlame

    Meta and 4th wall breaking?

    It heavily depends on the context of the game like South park stick of truth: The game obliterates tropes associated with RPG games (the Canada part was hilarious!). If the game does not have that kind of context the results could vary IMHO.
  4. Game Title: The world is a lie (current version: Beta 0.0) Abstract: Travel to a world of dreams to save it from the darkness. Genre: Fantasy RPG. Game Progression: Story events: Completed. Battlers: Almost there. Sprites: Almost there. Maps: Completed. Story: Completed. Music: Completed. Items: Almost there. Weapons/Armor: Completed. Recruitment: I am not searching for anyone at this moment. Required: Story / Setting / Purpose: Story: It is a bit long so bear with me please. Setting. A fantasy world that its a dreamwolrd Purpose. To save the world by embarking on an epic quest to save a dreamworld from the darkness Character Bios: Ravyn. A eleven year old girl that is considered a weirdo by her peers. She is taken to a dreamworld to save it from its destruction. Kindhearted and brave. Lycoris. A witch over a millenia old that wants to save her world. She is bossy and brash. Nathim. A bountyhunter that just started the business a week ago. He is deadpan and sarcastic Rym. A stoic assasin, even tough she is just a bit older to Ravyn she considers her a goddess avatar and bowed to protect her. She is sotic and logic and can be childish when alone. Credits: Plugin: Exp_plugin by Hime works. Artwork, sprites (some of them at the moment): Yours truly. Audio, tilesets, sprites (some of them at the moment), effects, battle animations, etc.: Rpg Maker MV default resources. Every other resource not listed here is provided by default in the RTP. Screenshots: this is a work in progress, it may change. Features: Some battlers are quite disturbing.
  5. Bump. Edited all battlers and new battler design and no watermark.
  6. BlueFlame

    Say Hello to mis amigos de RPGMaker!

    Tell me about it! You have to work on every single stage of the game! and you already know what that means: Challenge accepted! If you wish to create a game topic for your game, as long as you follow the submission rules in the area you want to submit too (Showroom for early games, Gaming Lounge if you have a demo and Masterpiece if fully completed), Include the engine it was made in within your tags and you should be fine ^^ Thanks! I will work on the blueprint and post it as soon as I can! Hola! Mucho gusto (just kidding!) Game design is awesome! I came here to learn as much as I can. Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate the warm welcome!
  7. Allright then I will take some notes, including the fact that there are three spanish speakign persons (Hola amigos! igual variaré entre ingles y español XD) It seems that I tackled a problem with the first battler AKA the first boss, indeed it was the first one that I made and I was thinking about a cross between a kokeshi doll (the head) and a butterfly with sharp-like claws made from scissors and cloth, I will fix it. Now, I will fix the watermark too, it is, indeed very difficult to get a glimpse of the battler with it. And last but not least, I was looking for a disturbing, creepy or unsettling vibe, that is because in my game, the small battlers are rather cute until something happens and everything goes down the drain fast. I will upload more details soon in the showroom section. Thanks a lot guys!
  8. BlueFlame

    Say Hello to mis amigos de RPGMaker!

    Thank you so much guys! By the way I need some help here, I have a game that is almost finished, and I need some feedback on it, but in order to do so, I need to post it on the submission forums first? In the likeness of creathing a new thread there using the Showroom Blueprint?
  9. Hello there! Well this is my first project and I will post the artwork here because I really need some feedback ( had it displayed on DA but nobody seems to care about it and that makes me a little sad) Anyway I will start with the battlers and the title screen, just a few things before: 1. I do not know how to draw properly so my drawing skills are very low. 2. I use photoshop and ilustrator. 3. Some of the text is in spanish, do not worry, I'll translate it. With everything said and done, lets begin! Title says: The world is a lie. And now the Battlers (AKA Bosses, btw they are all static) Small battlers:
  10. BlueFlame

    Say Hello to mis amigos de RPGMaker!

    Thank you so much my hooved friend!!! By the way that pixel derpy on your signature looks awesome! Thanks!!! Nice to meet you too!
  11. Hello there! I'm Blue. Creator of BlueFlameStudios (A studio that only has one person working on projects...anyway). I remember some time ago when I got my hands on a copy of RPG maker... it was awesome!... Sadly, I only could do a few things on my own and I was kinda excited about filling my game with lots of resources from lots of places and you know, the game was a mess. Then again I found out some tutorials, kinda learned a bit of the way this software works and I could create a horror rpg, sadly, my hard drive malfunctioned and I had to replace it, so my project went bye bye and with it a long sad time without RPG Maker (My copy of the SW was not a legal one shame on me). But now! I came here in order to learn! To make friends that like this software (Yes I bought both: MV and Ace on steam)! And to fulfill a dream of mine and become a game developer! Thank you all in advance!