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  1. Neryan

    Hey there..!

    Welcome o/. I hope you'll have a good time on the forums.. And, yeah you'll find help for sure ^^.
  2. It's good to be back ! Finally gotten over with high school. Time for some Rpg making.

  3. Neryan

    Hallo, it's nice to meet you

    Hello, I hope you have a nice and pleasant journey on the forums ! (^-^)/
  4. Neryan

    Hello, greetings everyone.

    Hi and welcome ! Hope you finish your game and share it with us
  5. Actually, I plan to start in the writing domain but i just don't know where to start. Is there some website or something ? (^-^)/ Much appreciated

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      What exactly are you trying to do? Do you mean that you're writing books? Story of games?

    2. Neryan


      I've already wrote short novels since i was young. So yeah i'm trying to write books, novels in a more "official" way.

    3. Lord Vectra
  6. Neryan

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    Nope... Well to be honest, i signed up in one (Nothing Professional >w<) but the date of it's occurence was during the week when i had exams so yeah... All my team canceled their plans aswell since we were all classmates. Oh yeah i almost forgot, the game was League of legends. What do you dislike the most in this world?
  7. Neryan

    Animating Cars in Cutscene

    No it's fine don't worry. As to answer your question. Vx Ace has a lower resolution than MV. And believe me, after seeing MV, i tried a vx ace game afterwards and suddenly the graphics didn't seem that appealing to me anymore. And When it comes to scripting we can't literally say that there's no more of it. Actually, they just replaced the Ruby coding language (which i never heard of before discovering rpg maker) by Javascript, a more popular and one that gives more freedom in scripts. Overall, I think that MV has more to offer than Vx ace, in both graphics and scripting (customization). - Oh i forgot the lovely Side Battlers creator they implemented -. I do believe that right now, people didn't get used to MV yet, and that's understandable since there's not enough ressources as much as Vx's. Personally, i wouldn't say that MV is a weak version compared to Ace but that's just my point of view.
  8. Neryan

    Animating Cars in Cutscene

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it does. Both versions seem to have the same symbol's meanings. Also, they both use big monsters tiles.
  9. Neryan

    Animating Cars in Cutscene

    Well... Let's consider you downloaded this file that i'll be naming "Cars". http://s11.postimg.org/g56nnwn8j/Cars.png Once it's been downloaded, you add the $ symbol so it makes it : "$Cars.png" in this case, then you got the Ressource Manager (or F10) import it and you'll notice that instead of picking each part of the car alone you'll be highlighting all of it at once. I just tried it on Vx ace and i guess it should work for you to. Hope that helps ^^
  10. Neryan

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    And here i join in too . My favourite rainy day activity would be to spend the whole day watching a series (Mr Robot hello o/) or a good plot-heavy anime. As long as it's watching something interesting that is. What was the most memorable year of your life?
  11. Neryan

    Animating Cars in Cutscene

    You don't need to highlight both it's parts actually. Once the software considers the two of em as one component when you add the $, you'll only have one zoomed in tile that you'll be able to manage.
  12. Neryan

    Animating Cars in Cutscene

    Hi islandgamer, May i know if you're using a car's tilesets on the map or is it separate events ? Anyways, i think you already noticed that when you create an event on a map, in the image option there are some title names that start with a clear : $ (The big monsters' ones) Those are meant for events that exceed one slot in the map. So i believe that if you add the same symbol to the car's file name. (the .png one) you'll be able to make the two slots merge and you'll only be dealing with one event. I'll let you do the rest then. Tell me if it's work - or if it doesn't >w< -, i've never tried a car in any of my projects. Peace.
  13. Hi there, i'm honestly kind of excited to join an rpg maker's community and share ideas and discuss stuff around Rpg maker's engine and why not work on a project with a group of persons instead of going all alone again, lose motivation midway and suspend the project. (which is sad don't you think ) I really like game making industry, and i already tried many versions of rpg maker since my very young age. At the moment, i'm having enough free time to focus on a project and get to know people that share the same passion as me. I'm also motivated to learn the ruby and javascript languages slowly... but surely. Oh and finally, i wanna say that i really like the website already, and i'm gonna try to leave my mark, as small as it might be. Well then, nice to meet you all. Peace
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