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  1. Rem System Version: 1.00 Introduction Do you wish you could have NPCs be more dynamic when they say something? Or maybe, you would like to have easy ways to import text into your game. I definitely know it can be annoying to play with switches in RPGMaker MV just to have your NPCs be more dynamic. Well, I have a solution. The Rem system allows you to import text from text files directly into message windows in your game! This can make your NPC more dynamic, and interesting without all the extra work of using switches and variables to do so. Furthermore, this is just a base, there's more to come using this system. Features Message window text replacement Allows you to dynamically switch text in-game Switching in-game text randomly Switch in-game text sequentially Script call for reading text files from any filepath Script call for reading text directly from the compendium Easy to use text codes for replacement Automatically generates folder structure for you Read text files from any file path Get text data straight from the text conpendium Script File Find it Here. Script Calls & Text Codes Script CallsRemIn.readTextFile(filePath, fileName) RemIn.getCompendiumText(sectionName, key) Text Codes\TX[sectionName-FileName] \TXS[sectionName-FileName] \TXR[sectionName-FileName] How To Set it up Download the plugin Run the plugin in game Insert text files into any subdirectory folder (commons, dictionary, maps) Instructions on use Use text codes (\TX, \TXS, \TXR) Look at the help file for detailed description Setup Example Window Credits Free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Credit with the name Endless Illusion Studios. Thanks Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it! If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions for improvements please comment down below.
  2. Intro: A plugin that allows the developer to create in-text information. This plugin creates the ASK system like in the game Wild Arms 3. It allows you to select text within a message window, and ask about that word or phrase. Features: Movement controls inside a message window Selecting text within a message window Activating conditional branches based on selected text. Option to remove brackets, and proper selection rectangle with other text codes. You can have multiple windows one after another with a lot of definitions and still access them the same way.For example: One window with 1 word, and another with 2 or three after (The selection rectangle will adjust to the words in the following window). Instructions: Install the script with the same name: EISASKSystem.js (default name). Have fun! Video Functions: /* Setup - Creating Context Word / Phrase * To create a context word use: * \ASK[ Word or phrase you want to ask ] within the message window. * These words can then be selected with the arrow keys. * Right / Down advances the pointer, left / up moves backward. * * Functions * KR.AskManager.isWordSelect(index) * -Each word is indexed from 0 to maximum words in the plugin once it appears in * a message window. You can then assign them to game variables to do conditional * branching. This function checks if the word has been selected or not. * Example: KR.AskManager.isWordSelected(0) * * KR.AskManager.clearWorldList() * - This script call clears the world list. This is to give the developer * better control over when the word list should be cleared. For example, * to evaluate the conditional branch after the word once the message window * closes. * Example: KR.AskManager.clearWordList(); */ Setup Example Windows: Setting up ASK in event window: Passing selected information to control variables: Clearing the word list before exiting the event window: In-game screenshots Please download the attached file to use the plugin. EISAskSystem.js Credits: Free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Credit with the name Kino or EIS. Thanks: Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it! If there are any bugs/issue, please contact me via message on the forums. I want to try and make the script as extensible/flexible as possible, so if you have an ideas also please message me. Enjoy ~
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  4. Hello, my name is Kino. I've actually frequented this forum before, but now I'm going to be an official member. I've also been working with the new RPG Maker. I have created plugins and scripts for the new RPG Maker under the name Endless Illusion Software. Hopefully I'll be able to provide you all with some new plugins that you haven't seen before, and I hope you all have a great day. --Kino