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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, I just have a few questions, which possibly might become a request. So I bought the Samurai DLC pack a year ago but never got around to making full use of it besides the autotiles and monsters, until recently where I've started making a Samurai-themed game set in Edo Japan. 1.) Can anyone tell me what do the kanji signs on the signboards on TileB mean? 2.) I remember a few years back there was a Samurai Character generator, Satton I think it was called.. But I can't seem to access the site from the links, does anyone have any working links. Or if the site is really dead, is there a collection or an album of the generator resources? I could really use more variety for japanese townspeople characters.
  2. Grandmadeb's list http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/2854-grannys-lists-modern-futuristic-resources/ http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/627-closet-gets-organized/
  3. How would the animation break out of the loop, via a press button or after a certain number of loops?
  4. Kaneshon

    Rock Paper Scissor Battle System Request

    I did a similar feature for an old project in VX Ace albeit using events, though I haven't tried MV yet. I'm sure it can be accomplished just as well. Although the only thing that made it easier was onscreen map encounters and not random. It was easy for me to store enemy's stats to variables then do formula to do AI and damage. If that's what you had in mind, i'd be happy to offer some insight.
  5. Kaneshon

    Problems with XS Mods

    You're probably pressing the wrong button. Playtest your game, then press F1 to check which buttons are mapped to your keyboard. C Button doesn't necessarily mean its the letter C in your keyboard. By default it is the Space button.
  6. Kaneshon

    My Game Idea

    Rather than having all Youtubers as playable characters, why not have most of them appear as minor/supporting and offer the main characters skills/items/weapons/armors/etc. that makes a reference to their channels? Having over 50 playable characters (I can think 12 is plenty enough as it is) is heavy work in implementing dialogs and story plots. How would you be able to highlight each character that sets them apart from the rest? How would the gamer choose which characters to choose in their party?
  7. The original script only checks whether a switch is on or not, but doesn't check if a bust exists or not. I seperated the conditional contents of the Draw_Bust, and inserted it to a new method check_bust. Thanks to Chungsie's suggestion using exist? I used this as a condition to check first if a bust exists or not, then flip the switch used by the script according to the result. Glad to see it works, I didn't test if manually flipping the switches on/off would ruin the script, you can try it but I'd advise keeping it dormant lol.
  8. Sorry solution was not working.,, I forgot that I had a switch turning on and off at a particular event during testing lol. Nevermind that.. Still working on it.... Okay try this: It replaces the following methods: draw_face draw bust and adds a new method: check_bust Copy the following and paste it to your Bust script Starting From line 184... alias yamibusts_draw_face draw_face def draw_face(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled = true) check_bust(face_name, face_index) return draw_bust(face_name, face_index) if $game_message.bust_enabled? yamibusts_draw_face(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled) end def check_bust(face_name, face_index) @bust_sprite.mirror = false if face_name && face_name != "" folder = $game_message.bust_folder name = "#{face_name}-#{face_index + 1}" if File.exist?("Graphics/#{folder}/#{name}.png") $game_switches[YamiBusts::ENABLED_SWITCH] = true @bust_sprite.bitmap = Cache.cache_extended(folder, name) else $game_switches[YamiBusts::ENABLED_SWITCH] = false end else @bust_sprite.bitmap = nil $game_switches[YamiBusts::ENABLED_SWITCH] = true end end def draw_bust(face_name, face_index) off_x = YamiBusts::WINDOW_TYPE_OFFSET_X[@background] off_x = $game_message.bust_mirror ? -off_x : off_x off_y = YamiBusts::WINDOW_TYPE_OFFSET_Y[@background] @bust_sprite.x = self.x + off_x @bust_sprite.x += self.width - @bust_sprite.width if $game_message.bust_mirror || Window_Message.auto_mirror(face_name) @bust_sprite.mirror = true if $game_message.bust_mirror && YamiBusts::SHOW_BUST_MIRROR || Window_Message.auto_mirror(face_name) @bust_sprite.y = self.y + off_y - @bust_sprite.height @bust_sprite.z = YamiBusts::BUST_Z_INDEX $game_message.face_name = face_name # for addon script end Tried it and it works, credits to Chungsie!!
  9. Kaneshon

    Making Custom Animation Assets

    Each frame dimension must be 192 x 192 For more specific info you can consult the Built in Help File via pressing F1.
  10. @chungsie, I think the OP is aware of this and wants to have the script show normal faces if it can't find the Bust for convenience. tbh its troublesome as well as confusing, in switching on and off if the Bust character is in heavy dialog with a minor character. I'll try my hand in checking out the script and finding an edit, hopefully this will be a good exercise.
  11. I'm not much of a writer, but it always made me wonder how to write dialogs and adding the usual sighs or the occassional stutter without making it look annoying, particularly in videogames. Do you add any style or formatting when putting sighs/sobs/hiccups/gasps in your dialog. Or it doesn't bother you at all. Would love to know what you guys think.
  12. Kaneshon

    Writing Dialogs with Feelings

    Thanks for all the helpful tips and advice everyone, I totally appreciate it. This will help me tremendously with my writing. tbh I've never made a habit of using color tags besides pauses lol. But will have to experiment on that.
  13. You can Turn OFF Switch 9, or whatever switch you've set up so it can use normal facesets. Turn it ON again to activate busts again.
  14. I like the shade of green it looks good, but I find the trees too repetitive at the bottom, maybe put some large pine trees(like in the center left) to have some variety. Also the squareness of the upper edge portions of the cliff tiles, don't really do the parallax background justice, perhaps rounding it off could soften the blockiness. The tree on the right side of the map near the edge shouldn't produce shadow at the edge and the autoshadow is present in the right side of the map, but not in the left.
  15. Kaneshon

    Game problem!

    Just tried out your project, and apparently the Switch 1 is bugged for some reason. I tried another unused switch, in my case 81, and I was able to progress through the next map. Weird.
  16. Kaneshon

    Game problem!

    I think a demo would really help at this point, its hard to pinpoint what exactly the cause of the problem is. There are so many questions we have about your problem and its really hard to identify it: For example :- 1.) We don't know how many events you have in the map. 2.) We don't know the tileset passabilities you've set up for the map. 3.) We don't know how you've evented the map. 4.) We don't know if/what scripts you're using.
  17. Kaneshon

    I can't playtest anymore!

    Looks like your file got corrupted or some sort. Can you try this? First create a new project file. Then from your (corrupt) game folder, transfer all your folders over to the new project folder Overwrite all the files. But don't copy the Project file or the Exe file. Try opening the new project file and see if it can save and playtest.
  18. Kaneshon

    Insert a movie before title screen

    I'm not familliar with splash screens/intro titles. So I'm not sure if variables/switches get stored. Have you tried turning on a switch, and then using a conditional branch, if switch is on, transfer to another map instead? You can also try Tsukihime's script, which I think works like the one you have: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/19123-splash-screen-map/
  19. Nifty script, it always irked me there's a Continue, when I don't even have a save file. Also you don't have to replace any lines from the Window_TileCommannd, you can just insert in after Materials and before Main, since this script will overwrite the make_command_list method.
  20. Kaneshon

    How do you start your story ?

    I'm more of a creator and a gamer who invests on the characters rather than the story itself. The plot and the world can go crazy or silly for all I care, as long as the characters have depth, progression and development.
  21. Kaneshon

    Monster that damages upon touch

    lol I didn't notice that, but yes Direction Fix affects Event Touch triggers.
  22. Kaneshon

    Monster that damages upon touch

    I've tried doing what you did, and it works fine with me. Strange. Can you try replicating this type event of on a new map for testing?. See if the problem still persists. Also do you have scripts installed? I'm thinking it could be a script conflict affecting event triggers.
  23. Kaneshon

    Monster that damages upon touch

    That's weird, your event should have worked. One question though, how close is the monster to the player in the map after his dialog?
  24. Kaneshon

    Avatar Creation In-Game

    It could be that you're missing a graphic file needed or the file is not named correctly according to the script.