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  1. My battler folder is currently empty. I just tried your suggestion and no longer got the "Graphics/Battlers/Slime-Spritesheet" error but instead an error relating to Yanfly's Battle Engine. I assume that means Rhyme's script isn't compatible with it. I removed Rhyme's script and during a play test everything was running fine. Once that was working, the Battle Test started working again. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! I completely overlooked script compatibility lol.
  2. Today while doing Battle Tests I encountered an error message reading "Unable to find file: Graphics/Battlers/Slime-Spritesheet" while running a basic battle with the default Slime battler. The strange thing about this is, it was working fine last night. This error occurs with every enemy in the database. While under the Enemies tab I can select battler pictures from my resources and the image appears fine. The image even appears correctly under the Troops tab. The issue is with Battle Tests. I figured this problem was from a script I installed last night called Animated Enemies by Rhyme. Battle Test worked fine last night, with custom battlers and default characters.The script wasn't making any difference though so I removed it. Now, with the script gone Battle Test don't work anymore. Things I've tried but still encounter the issue with: 1. Removing all battle related scripts 2. Adding a custom spritesheet named Slime-Spritesheet under Graphics/Battlers If anyone has any ideas how to fix this, please let me know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!