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    That's my Exploit Keeper!

    A short game made in less than a month, developing an idea I had in mind from long time ago after playing lots of poorly made RPG Maker games. Edinya, the guardian of the sacred tree, is suddenly awakened by one of her guards, who reports to her of inexplicable events within the forest that she must urgently go investigate... The two creators of her world, the two game developers, are in conflict over who holds the intellectual property rights of the game, and their character Edinya is right in the middle. Help her find exploits within the games in order to put an end to their struggle that is wreaking havoc on the entire game world. Exploit Keeper is a puzzle game, where you have to change the version of the game between the well developed one and the poorly developed one, to find the game bugs and exploit them to be able to continue the plot. Badly programmed mechanics might be useful if used in the right place... Between features that work poorly, repeating events and unindexed values, you will find every kind of nightmarish bug for beta testers! Probably not intended Screenshots: Length: 30-60 minutes. There is a "solution system" if you can't solve the puzzles. There are two standard endings, and a super secret one! Game both in English and Italian. Credits: In the game folder Download: https://waldorf.itch.io/exploit-keeper
  2. A short Christmas puzzle game created for the Christmas game contest 2021, made in 24 non-consecutive hours. Story: Fazey, an expert gate builder, returns home after sending his letter. He meets Amilpha, one of his (if not the only) acquaintances, who convinces him that Santa Claus is evil and wants to steal all of his sweets. And so they start this adventure in his home to seal off every route with gates, but they meet a bitter surprise... Characters: Fazey A simpleton boy, expert in building doors and gates. Lives in a house that he keeps expanding day after day, to have more space to build even more gates. Amilpha Weird girl that stealthily lives in Fazey's home. He built an entire network of chimneys to easily move between rooms without encountering the owner. Santa Claus? Legends say that a certain "Santa Claus" enters your home every Christmas to steal your sweets, starting with milk and biscuits near the Christmas tree. But are those rumors true? Gameplay: Jingle Gates is a puzzle game, where you need to build every gate in the level in order to continue. What does it have to do with Christmas, you'll wonder. Simple! … Uh- …right! There are also items like gifts to pick up to do some funny things, like jumping into fireplaces! Wood: When you have wood and a hammer, you must build a gate when you go into a door. Gift: You can move to the linked fireplace by using the gift. Hammer: Used for building gates. When you build one, the hammer ends on the other side. Cake: ??? (Not a lie) There are 9 levels, scaling in difficulty. Screenshots: Download: https://waldorf.itch.io/jingle-gates 108 Mb Standalone Length: 40-60 minutes. Game available both in English and Italian.
  3. What does a really stressed map do with his psychiatrist? He-vents. XD Hello everybody! I'm Waldorf, an Italian maker! I've been making games with RPG Maker for 10 years, but only recently I started approaching the English community and translating my games. I tend to focus on gameplay and eventing/programming, and I always seek new ways to make a game feel entertaining and really unique! I make games because I love sharing my stories and ideas with other users, and RPG Maker is the best tool for it! My favorite part is using the same universe as setting in my games, in some subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) ways. XD This year I joined the "Indie Game Making Contest 2022: Rebirth" with "The Respawn Banter", and I was just translating two other games I made, so I will be happy to share them! I really loved the game I made for the contest, so I was thinking about continuing it.
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