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  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while! I'm still working on this game! I'm almost done with Heat Mountain (fifth dungeon in the game). After I get that done, and finish the next dungeon, the first arc of the game will be complete, and a demo will come. I can't promise any date for when it will be done, but we'll see. Anyway, please check it out!
  2. Thank you so much! -- So far I'm at the 70% mark with the demo. Just finished the third boss fight of the game. The cherry areas probably took me the most time to make out of all the dungeons so far, but it's been fun! Nature and forest mapping is definitely my favorite to map.
  3. LegendaryMoon

    Sugar Sweet

    this game looks amazingly cute. Will play it for sure!
  4. LegendaryMoon

    Welcome to Arin's Blog

    I took a look at the videos and I like how battles are playing out. Can't wait to see more from this game.
  5. Okay! Updated the thread to include a "videos" section for my game. Please check them out and tell me what you think.
  6. tfw you want to work on your game but you keep getting distracted by youtube videos and etc.

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    2. LegendaryMoon


      I found a solution! I started playing a new file and taking down notes of all typos and mistakes! When in doubt, polish your early game!

    3. dipping dots

      dipping dots

      Happened to me too. Once my internet cut out, all I could do was work on my game, so I made good progress.

    4. YamiKitsune


      I can't stop this. X3

  7. @Kermex Woah! Nice ruins. I like the lightning effects. I also like how the arrows point to exits and a minimap kinda helps you navigate.
  8. 'Aight. Let's start working on some sidequests! There will be a lot. :)

  9. Soooo I tried out this game and I'm really enjoying it!
  10. Thanks for reminding me. I included a gameplay section in my edit. As for bolide, I wanted my name to sound unique but still have a fitting message behind it. Since this game deals with meteors and such, I chose Bolide, which is.. "A meteoric flash or flare created when a meteoroid explodes or vaporizes as it passes through Earth's atmosphere. Also called fireball." Since the world changed after the fateful meteorite crashed into the land, everyone's fates were tied to the meteorite, thus the name "Fates Bolide"
  11. Genre: Fantasy Progression: Arc I: 80% Arc III: 0% Arc III: 0% Final Arc: 0% Postgame: 0% Total: 16% (I plan to release this game's demos as each arc is finished. There will be a demo after Arc I, Arc II, Arc III, and then the final release will follow.) No demo release date determined yet, as I'm currently juggling school/work stuff. But I hope for a release by the end of the summer. Story: Characters: Credits Screenshots Gameplay Videos
  12. Just spent a few hours working on my skill tree for my characters. I'm exhausted lol

    1. Chaosian


      "EVERY game is better with skill trees."

  13. Just downloaded the Dungeons and Volcanoes Tile pack on steam. But it didn't come with "TileA" "TileB" and such, so I'm not sure how to set up the graphics so I can easily create the tileset for it.

  14. LegendaryMoon

    Help with making my spell system idea

    Thanks for the input! I will be glad to show more of my game as things progress.
  15. Things are going better now. Managed to start getting progress on my new spell system. Next up is balancing the battle system and mapping the Aoi River.

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    2. ihartrpgs


      I can't wait to see the spell system in action. ^-^

      Good luck on balancing your battle system, I am awful at balancing turn based systems, so I avoid them at all costs. :P

    3. LegendaryMoon


      Yeah. It's really hard to balance the enemy's power with the heroes' power. But I can't wait to put everything in action once I get it right.

    4. ihartrpgs
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