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    I'm a digital artist, have been experimenting with RMVX Ace off and on for around a year now and am ready to move on to production! LIGHTS! CAMERA! Yeah you get the idea.
    I consider myself a pretty experienced artist and am currently attending the Art Institute of Phoenix AZ for Video Game Art and Design. FUN STUFF

    I love talking to people and making them laugh, or cry (if you're into that sort of thing, weirdo >_>)

    I consider myself a horror aficionado, and watch Markiplier/Jacksepticeye horror Let's Plays religiously. I grew up watching the Alien Franchise, so yeah... hey does anyone else's chest feel funny? Funny as in excruciating agony? No? Oh alright then, carry on.

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  1. Ugh.. I keep wanting to alter the design of my main character... I just haven't found one that I'm perfectly content with... e_e

  2. So I made a critical decision in regards to my game the other day. Instead of working on the game right now, I'm going to move forward with my original idea for a webcomic series. Later one, once enough plot has passed by, I'll make a game based on a certain portion of the comic. Cheers!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nirwanda


      Wow, cool! Like everyone said: good luck :)

    3. Saturnity


      Thanks a bunch ^_^

    4. LegoLassy123


      I know I'm mirroring the others but, good luck. I look forward to seeing that.

  3. That moment when you realize your story probably won't work as a game, but you don't want to give up on it... e_e

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    2. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      As a complimence (is that even English?) to KilloZapit's comment, I'd suggest you use the RPG as a "main hub" for the story, and certain character POVs as VNs/written stories. Depending on your execution or how you handle the stories, it might work.

    3. Kayzee


      Or use the RPG to further flesh out the world in the story you want to make while the main bulk of the lore/backstory is in the VN/written stories I guess.

    4. Raiken Jenova

      Raiken Jenova

      Multiple version (game,movie or something else) like Resident Evil series concept? O_O\ that would be a guud idea, but... guess we'll deal with 'lack of grammar' while writing stuffs :'||

  4. Coming out day eh? Well it's now or never I guess. Ahem, everyone ~deep breath~ I'M A COOKIE THERE I SAID IT GOSH ~runs away and hides~

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    2. Saturnity


      But wait! If I have to worry about the cookie ninja getting me, that probably means he actually already has me Dx

    3. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      *drools and stalks his future pray*

    4. Takeo212


      Your good. I've heard that Cookie has gained a few pounds lately. I doubt he'll be as fast and nimble as he once was :P

  5. Hmm.... Perfect BMX vs. Street Fighter (360 Hadouken Wheelie bro) Elderly Quiz 95 (Who was Richard Nixon's fave shoe shiner?) Jack Thompson's Elevator of the Blood God (... but keep it PG-1 guys!) Robot Bomb Academy (C3PO takes offense to this!) The Muppets Kart - The Quickening (Faster Kermit, Faster!) Save Yourself from the Sex in Africa (................. I'm done)
  6. Got payed a little more this paycheck, so I went ahead and ordered my new drawing tablet. We'll see how it works, but there were great reviews =P

  7. Man, having no drawing tablet makes me realize how generally useless I am <3

    1. Amysaurus


      I know that feel </3

    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      You're not useless at all, Saturnity! I think you're pretty neato, myself. :P

    3. Saturnity


      To be more accurate, I feel like, without a pencil (or some other drawing utensil in my hand), I feel like I have nothing. o_ o" I've just gotten used to using a drawing tablet.

  8. Saturnity

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Haha, the sparkle brush is fabulous! ...and just about anything with sparkles for that matter (minus a certain not-to-be-named teen vampire we know) Glad to know someone who shares my enthusiasm for the glam
  9. I guess today's a nostalgia day for me. Just rewatched the animation "Draw With Me" on Youtube. It was one of the things that really got me back into drawing after annoying things happened in my life and I lacked inspiration. Seeing it again makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. <3

    1. Tsarmina


      I remember that ;_; it made me cry...

    2. Saturnity


      Right? It's such a moving animation, even though it's not very detailed or flashy...

    3. LegoLassy123


      I just checked out that video. It's so sweet and sad, and really powerful. I love the animation style too. Did you know there's a sequel? Just gives me all the feels ;-;. Thank you.

  10. Saturnity

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    I loooove these! The last guy is so glamorous with all of those sparkles, haha Can't wait to see more Amy!
  11. Saturnity

    Indie in a Week 5!

    Welp, I completely and utterly failed at even starting my idea for this. I guess this gives me a good idea of what I'll be able to accomplish in future contests, which is absolutely jack squat. Buuuuut, it doesn't even look my username was added to the list in the first place anyway, so Karma, I guess? So yeah, I won't be attempting to participate in future contests , sadly, because this looks like a lot of fun. I need to focus on my actual game project and work. I hope everyone else had fun! <3
  12. Saturnity

    Stallig Warrior Sprite

    Hey again folks! This character is an unnamed NPC from my game, belonging to the Stallig Race, a race of warriors, hunters, and gatherers that roam the world of Aultirre with their clans. Clans of Stallig are usually formed by several related families, with a governing council led by the heads of each family. In culture, they value integrity, loyalty, and defending the clan from all threats. Stallig are strangely welcoming of other human races, so long as they display respect and consideration. In appearance, the Stallig are humanoid with skin notably tougher than the humans of Earth. They have coarse hair and plates of green or black chitin grow over areas of their skin to serve as natural protection and insulation. Upon their heads grow long and majestic sets of horns, usually numbering two or four. Let me know what you guys think! <3

    © Jeremy Basham 2016

  13. Saturnity

    Treilin Walking Sprite, Cryptic

    Thanks Rezanta! I actually noticed in testing the sprite movement that the tail seems jerky, so I need to make some alterations to make it look a little more natural and a lot less spastic... heh. o_ o I have been strapped for time this past week, unfortunately, since I switched to a full time overnight position, and my sleep schedule is proving hard to fix. Hopefully I'll be able to kick out some more spritework here soon!
  14. Saturnity

    "Uncanny Valley" Steam Key Giveaway!

    Oh my bad xD That was just an assumption on my part, thanks for the clarification <3
  15. Saturnity


    Hey there! I agree with Killo's advice, although I can't say I know much about hacking. I do agree that you need to have knowledge of what it is before actually implementing it, but outside of that, I don't have experience in the field so I can't give you advice on the details of it. I can say, however, that implementing a mechanic is a whole lot better when it MEANS something. If you're going to have a hacking skill or even a hacking minigame, it's much more immersive and relevant when it means something to the characters in the story, rather than simply adding it in just because it sounds good in a cyberpunk/futuristic setting. If you DO decide to add a hacking mechanic, first ask yourself these questions: Why do I want hacking in my game? What purpose does hacking serve to the main characters? Is a hacking mechanic going to disrupt the flow of my game (more than I want it to)? Is there a way I can implement hacking without disrupting the gameplay? A lot of the time, when I consider adding a new mechanic, I go back and ask myself these questions, because simply adding something that you think might be "cool", sometimes goes against what actually works functionally and thematically in your story/game. Either way you decide, I wish you luck!
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