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  1. Problem has been resolved, thank you people!
  2. Maxim5

    Move Event not working

    It's because the event sets the variables intro x and y to 0 each time it runs and the conditional branch sets it to +1, that is 0+1=1 everytime so the other event stays there. Put the conditional branch in a loop and set it to break the loop if the conditions don't meet. Something like this:
  3. Maxim5


    You just have to make skill/item that uses "One Ally (Dead)" or "All Allies (Dead)" in the scope and has "Remove state Death" to 100% in the effects. There are skills "Revive" and an item "Stimulant" available as a template when you create a new project.
  4. Maxim5

    WW1 generator parts

    Ran out of luck, even Google couldn't find it. The site which I thought had them got closed, the domain no longer exists. I used the Wayback Machine but the images could not be recovered. Best I found were these: But they both have copyrights!
  5. Maxim5

    Require Tilesets for New Game

    You can get modern-day tiles from here: Granny's Lists - Modern and Futuristic Resources Also tell me all about the game(PM or email), because we are related here.
  6. Maxim5

    RPG Maker Vx Ace Actor 3-5 Request!

    This it:
  7. Maxim5

    WW1 generator parts

    I searched everywhere, this is the best I got: Modern Soldier Sprites, Faces and a Portrait for RPG Maker VX/Ace I could extract the caps and clothes of the soldiers but I think that might get me copyright issues. EDIT: I am not any good at making sprites for games but I will check all the other sites I know. Because, I am sure there was someone giving away stuff like this for free on some site.
  8. *salute* I got it, thank you for the support. And sorry for giving the wrong script name, I don't know why I wrote that, I mean I literally had just read the script name twice.
  9. The Demo has been uploaded.
  10. I tried putting Khas light viewport to 3000 while Yanfly's fog viewport was 300 and it had still no effect at all. So I put the fog viewport way below the light's viewport, same results.
  11. Maxim5

    Not getting notifications

    OK, I figured it out, it's my browser. For some reason its not working with notifications on most sites. I mean I got notifications on other devices. I mostly use this computer so I never found out. Sorry for the trouble.
  12. Maxim5

    Not getting notifications

    Yes, both. But I think I don't get notifications for topics more than a day old(or something like that) because I got notification for this after an accidental reload of the page. I had turned notifications on for one of the topics I created and I didn't get a single notification for that, also there was a problem I had back then, I searched and found a similar topic so I started following the topic, I had turned the notifications on but I didn't get any. I checked it a few days ago and the topic was closed because of being solved. Why didn't I get notifications for that?
  13. Hello, I have been using the forum for quiet a while now and I have only a few posts but when I follow some topic, I don't get notifications for it. One of them disappeared from the "Topics Followed" list. Also for the topics I have made, I have checked the "Notify me of replies" button but I still don't get notifications. I am only getting notifications for messenger. Please help me with this.
  14. Maxim5

    Appearance change script

    He is saying that he wants the children to inherit their parents, he is not talking about clothes here. He wants a script that sets the hue of the hair, eyes and skin to match that of the parents. Or a way to do it using events.
  15. Maxim5

    Farming simulation game idea!

    Galv has some mini games, there are many free menus available on Moghunter's Website. I can find you a clock, I'll PM you soon. Lastly, to use a script open the script editor(Press F11), go down where you will find Materials. Right click on <Insert here> and click on Insert. Copy and paste the script into the big empty space on the right of the screen. Give it a name in the bottom left box and your done. The script is installed and ready to use.
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