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  1. Problem has been resolved, thank you people!
  2. Maxim5

    Move Event not working

    It's because the event sets the variables intro x and y to 0 each time it runs and the conditional branch sets it to +1, that is 0+1=1 everytime so the other event stays there. Put the conditional branch in a loop and set it to break the loop if the conditions don't meet. Something like this:
  3. Maxim5


    You just have to make skill/item that uses "One Ally (Dead)" or "All Allies (Dead)" in the scope and has "Remove state Death" to 100% in the effects. There are skills "Revive" and an item "Stimulant" available as a template when you create a new project.
  4. Maxim5

    WW1 generator parts

    Ran out of luck, even Google couldn't find it. The site which I thought had them got closed, the domain no longer exists. I used the Wayback Machine but the images could not be recovered. Best I found were these: But they both have copyrights!
  5. Maxim5

    Require Tilesets for New Game

    You can get modern-day tiles from here: Granny's Lists - Modern and Futuristic Resources Also tell me all about the game(PM or email), because we are related here.
  6. Maxim5

    RPG Maker Vx Ace Actor 3-5 Request!

    This it:
  7. Maxim5

    WW1 generator parts

    I searched everywhere, this is the best I got: Modern Soldier Sprites, Faces and a Portrait for RPG Maker VX/Ace I could extract the caps and clothes of the soldiers but I think that might get me copyright issues. EDIT: I am not any good at making sprites for games but I will check all the other sites I know. Because, I am sure there was someone giving away stuff like this for free on some site.
  8. *salute* I got it, thank you for the support. And sorry for giving the wrong script name, I don't know why I wrote that, I mean I literally had just read the script name twice.
  9. The Demo has been uploaded.
  10. I tried putting Khas light viewport to 3000 while Yanfly's fog viewport was 300 and it had still no effect at all. So I put the fog viewport way below the light's viewport, same results.
  11. Hello, I have been using the forum for quiet a while now and I have only a few posts but when I follow some topic, I don't get notifications for it. One of them disappeared from the "Topics Followed" list. Also for the topics I have made, I have checked the "Notify me of replies" button but I still don't get notifications. I am only getting notifications for messenger. Please help me with this.
  12. Maxim5

    Not getting notifications

    OK, I figured it out, it's my browser. For some reason its not working with notifications on most sites. I mean I got notifications on other devices. I mostly use this computer so I never found out. Sorry for the trouble.
  13. Maxim5

    Not getting notifications

    Yes, both. But I think I don't get notifications for topics more than a day old(or something like that) because I got notification for this after an accidental reload of the page. I had turned notifications on for one of the topics I created and I didn't get a single notification for that, also there was a problem I had back then, I searched and found a similar topic so I started following the topic, I had turned the notifications on but I didn't get any. I checked it a few days ago and the topic was closed because of being solved. Why didn't I get notifications for that?
  14. Maxim5

    Appearance change script

    He is saying that he wants the children to inherit their parents, he is not talking about clothes here. He wants a script that sets the hue of the hair, eyes and skin to match that of the parents. Or a way to do it using events.
  15. Maxim5

    Farming simulation game idea!

    Galv has some mini games, there are many free menus available on Moghunter's Website. I can find you a clock, I'll PM you soon. Lastly, to use a script open the script editor(Press F11), go down where you will find Materials. Right click on <Insert here> and click on Insert. Copy and paste the script into the big empty space on the right of the screen. Give it a name in the bottom left box and your done. The script is installed and ready to use.
  16. Maxim5

    Convert a script vx to vx ace

    Well, I'm not a coder but I can provide suggestions and I suggest you use Moghunter's Weather EX script. It's so far the best(and the second) weather script I have had. Here is a link : https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-weather/
  17. Maxim5

    Need a Begginer Team

    Hello, Sorry for the late response but I lost my internet connection a few days after I posted this. Thank you for your support, I hope we can start working as fast as possible. I will contact you on discord as soon as my internet connection gets stable(got unstable yesterday).
  18. Maxim5

    Need a Begginer Team

    Hi everyone. It has been a few months since I downloaded RPG Maker VX Ace. I was thinking of getting some support for my first and maybe other projects. All I need are people with even a little creativity. Doesn't matter what you are, even a little support will be appreciated. Since, this is my first project and have no real experience, I can't be paying or getting payed by others. I am sorry but I don't have much to say right now.
  19. Maxim5

    New, I mean NEW!

    Hi Rohuan. I could use some help in mapping and stuff. All you will have to do is give me ideas. I think I can handle the rest. Currently, I am working on a project and I just can't get the feeling in the maps. Any Idea would be appreciated.