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  1. KirbyStarSword

    Coders needed

    Howdy Everyone its me kirbyStarSword I am looking for Coder that is freely to help with our project. i'll give credit to coder for volunteering to the project, thank you and have a nice day. (Reason: It's the Battle system,(aka. action commands). which is timed hits i know galv timed hit and TSBS script it's good, but Galv's scripts does it not have the early or late timing its too perfect input. and for TSBS it takes longer to make other sprite and it dosent show how to input timed hits, maybe i wasn't looking or i did. and the hiring for Coder. i rather the feel like coder more than hiring it too much to waste. but I still give High credit to the coder anyway). Needed help with: -Action command (which like i said Timed hits)Defend/Attack/Skill Most of the information will be in game in Development topic don't want to put to much information to the recruitment
  2. I am looking for artist that can make Kirby character I will not commercial this project but this game will be free to play i'll give credit to the artist and music producers that helped with this project and HAL for the other projects.I will not copyright Kirby characters that is needed for the project.if i'm copyrighting Kirby characters I'll chose another Kirby character.Thank you and have a nice day. Artist Requirement: Beam,Hammer,Bow Hats and the rest you can make your own Kirby hat in needed Music Producers: Any music that can fit in except copyrights music Extra: also if you made a template of level that has kirby style or fit is fine Type of Project: VX ace style animators: kirby character needed in cutsences Coders:For battle system for kirby to dodge or block and attack More Details:Soon
  3. i would like to request a hammer kirby sprite for the rpg maker VX ace this is the picture that i need to request i would be happy if you guys help thanks. (only the drawing of the headband)
  4. KirbyStarSword

    Kirby Sprites

    I needed a kirby sprite like hammer kirby or beam kirby is there a way that has the sprite that only moves up,down,left,right movement please help.
  5. KirbyStarSword

    kirby Sprites need for RpgmakerVXace

    I needed a kirby sprite like the pictures like beam kirby and hammer kirby etc. the link for the read thing and the demo will be in the link so you can feel free to support me and Love Update:i change the link this this http://gamejolt.com/games/dreamland-kirby-fan/186485 i will reminder you if i had the download link available Here's a work in progress of hammer kirby it take awhile to make: file:///C:/Users/Justin/Desktop/My%20Sprites/Hammer%20kirby%20WIP.fw.png (you half to copy and paste the link sorry). you can help if you want .