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  1. With the Skill Rating. The first boss in the game has up to 5 moves, and I have his main attack set to a rating of 10, two are set to 8 with the remaining set to 4. Sometimes the game just says "1 hit" and ends his turn. He does this more than he uses his moves. Is that due to his skill ratings? I'm not entirely sure, so I'm asking here for help. With the Turn No, I understand that if I set it to 1 + 3, it'll be used on turns 1, 4, and 7. Every three turns. Could this also be why he does nothing at all? I'll screenshot of a few of his skills.
  2. Darkness Void

    Can I Make The Animation Tab Bigger?

    Guess I could get the largest monitor I can find and if that'll help. Is there an easier way to judge the X/Y without random guessing? For example I have an animation where the enemy summons a boulder, jumps to it in the middle of the battle screen to break and throw at the player. I have the script by Theo and know how to do it, but it'll take random X/Y guessing that would take about 30 minutes of trail and error.
  3. I'm beginning to make my own animations to be used with custom skills. However while making the animations the window is rather small, and as a veteran animator I'm kinda struggling to see it well enough to animation. Is there a way to make this window, screenshot below to avoid confusion, any bigger? If I can't make this window bigger, is there something else I can do? Either way thanks for reading and giving feedback. ^^
  4. Darkness Void

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    Openly cringes Dear Celestia that seems like a real headache..But I'm sure it'll be easier once I get the hang of it. I noticed you can use comments as a script call to turn on/off these animations for different characters. Firstly let me look over at the second person you suggested and see if their script is just as complicated. 5 minutes later.. Oh dear Luna they have a demo! Think I'll try both out, and see which is better for me to use. If I can get Victor's to work I might post another topic explaining how it works for people wanting to use it.
  5. Darkness Void

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    I'm looking at Victor's script now and, it's complicated to where my only Google results are of people asking for help in understanding it. Kinda wish everyone would include a demo instead of assuming people could just figure it out on their own...
  6. Here's a bit of a question that I'm not sure if I can do it in the editor or not. I have this idea that, to advance the story you need to drain a river by opening a fissure or gate to go down into the Earth. I could probably just have the scene fade to black, and via a variable replace the map with another one just like it but with the fissure open. Would showing the water being drained without fading the screen even be possible in VX Ace? If it's not, I can just animate it and throw it in via a ogv cutscene.
  7. Darkness Void

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    I see Victor's script requires an basic engine Module. I already have an engine for the battle system, would having another engine affect it at all?
  8. Darkness Void

    Script For Idle & Walking Frames?

    Recently I came across this template for RPG Maker, well actually it's not for RPG Maker but it works really well with it. Even though I had to cut out the idle frame, which I've been thinking about adding in anyways. So to save myself from testing out random scripts all at once, does anyone here know of a script to include a 4Th, Idle frame for where you stop walking? While we're at it is there also a script I can use to add in custom running frames? Thank you for reading and giving feedback. ^^ I also included the first two templates I custom made for someone who wants to test it out for themselves. Making the grid can be a pain for RPG Maker. >_>
  9. Darkness Void

    Plants You Can Find In Hot Places?

    Bit of a short topic here. I'm adding alchemy to my game and what you can use will include anything you could find around a volcano. But I can't find a single plant icon for the item sheet to match the extreme hot climate. Can anyone help me find some? While we're it what other icons would fit this sort of setting for the over world sprites as well as item sheet? Thank you for reading giving feedback. ^^
  10. Darkness Void

    Movies As OGV

    I've tried both suggestions but when the camera scrolls up to Sonic at the end it still gets blurry. So what else can I do? Bit of a quick question. Can't somebody build a custom script to allow VX Ace to run other formats for movies?
  11. Darkness Void

    Movies As OGV

    I'm finally messing around with the movie feature for VX Ace, and I need a little help with the quality. I went ahead and animated a very short sprite animation which will serve as the opening for the game proper after I complete it. However near the end it gets all pixelated and skips once or twice, so before I go and waste hours trying to figure it out I wanted to ask anyone here if they might be able to help me get the right settings for this OGV format to save time a little bit of time. Ill provide a screenshot and a zip of the animation in question down below. As you can see I'm using VLC Media Player. It coverts my mp4 into OGG and all you gotta do is change that extension to OGV to make it readable as a movie. Thanks for reading and giving feedback. ^^ Sonic_Chronicles_Intro_WIP__2.7z
  12. Darkness Void

    Shift-Clicking Equels Ghost Mode?

    I didn't think of that. Okay, Ive made a copy and removed Wrath Of The Volcano. When you load this copy ignore the forest and go to Red Mountain, as the former hasn't been touched in a while. Talk to Metal Sonic and after he teleports you to MAP002, just walk to the volcano and it'll ask to take you inside. I've tested and the same issue is still there. If it'll help you take any tile and make the grid. Here's a screenshot to help. Sonics_Copy.7z
  13. Darkness Void

    Shift-Clicking Equels Ghost Mode?

    This is my problem with a lot of scripts. Sometimes they just assume you'll know how this works or where to put certain things, but I'm probably just not that quick. It takes a lot of trial and error, but I once I start understanding it gets easier. I can't link my project, as the tile set I'm using, Wrath Of The Volcano, is one you have to buy to use. So by linking it to use the editor would be robbing the creator if somebody uses it to get it for free. I can share screenshots though. As you can see the wall I'm using is A. P.S if you get the demo for this script and if it's in txt format, just rename it and send it to another folder, I believe that fixed it for me. https://kokororeflections.itch.io/kr-wrath-of-the-volcano-tileset-for-rpgs
  14. Okay this is a very simple problem that I'm probably naive for not figuring it out. I've been testing around with shift-clicking to make the walls and ceiling of my dungeon to look smoother, but as a result the player can now walk into the walls as if he's Casper The Ghost and I don't know how to fix it. I'm using Kai Monkey's Random Dungeon Script Version 2, along with Wrath Of The Volcano tile set (I can't share it as its an tile set you gotta pay to download, but a simple Google Search of the name will bring it up) and yes I made sure the tiles are set to be blockable, ergo not allowing to be walked on. Does anyone know how I can shift-click and not have the player go through the walls? If not what can I do to make the walls connect without looking like boxes just pushed together? Thanks for reading and giving feedback. ^^
  15. I know you can just use the same set move route that doors and chests use, turning left and right, however with one sheet shown below that wouldn't really look right. As you can guess this project is Sonic related, and I wanted to replace the Crystals with the classical checkpoints to save the game. I got the frames just right but I just can't get it to animate. When I test it the event just animates one frame and freezes became it can't move. It's not meant to move around, so I need it to show the frames as if its walking but standing still on the spot. Does anyone know how to do that? I've tried the walking, stepping animations along with direction fix. I've tried to get it to simply step but it only can forward and backward. So that won't work. If it turns out this is impossible without scripts, should I just make each frame its own sheet and changing the character graphic? Thanks for reading and giving feedback. ^^
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