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  1. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    I figured it out! Well, actually no. I still have no idea what "<c2=7E105D08>", is, but thanks to the below link I learnt that simply replacing the code with HEX, I can easily add and edit each text color. I thank you guys for trying to help! I might've ruined the script if I tried editing blind. >_> https://reliccastle.com/resources/152/
  2. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    @Black Mage They seem to be up for me.. And I see. Well Coloring the text shouldn't be hard to figure out but I just can't locate how to do it with this. EDIT: I reuploaded the files with a different name. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o2gbmj0uh7oeb30/Poke_Digimon.7z/file
  3. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    @Black Mage Yes. But I'll link the engine so you can look. The ".2" I was told is a patch but I don't see it. Anyways all the scripts are in there. And where is that color list located at exactly? http://www.mediafire.com/file/zlm5nc157dfpviw/Pok%C3%A9mon_Essentials_v17_2017-08-27.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/nhheoxg6ur2cop0/Pok%C3%A9mon_Essentials_v17.2_2017-10-15.zip/file
  4. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    @Black Mage I'm not sure how to export scripts so I copied it into a txt file. And by window picture do you mean the image below? ScpriteWindow.txt
  5. I was looking at Pokémon Essentials (I got the free trail of XP to look at what it had) and I have a question that 3 of my friends could not answer. The below are taken from the engine (sadly the Pokémon Essentials' Wiki seemed to be gone, at least of this post) but for the life of me I can not figure out what they are. "<c2=7E105D08>", # Blue "<c2=421F2117>", # Red "<c2=43F022E8>", # Green "<c2=7FF05EE8>", # Cyan "<c2=7E1F5D17>", # Magenta "<c2=43FF22F7>", # Yellow "<c2=63184210>", # Grey "<c2=7FFF5EF7>" # White I was looking around so I could add more colored text for when characters spoke (\b gives blue text while \r gives red) and figured it was tied to the above. But when we searched the codes don't yield any colors at all. One suggested it was code only RPG Maker used so....does it? The question - What form of code are those colors and how can I add more? Further more when I used \c[5] I got pink text?
  6. Darkness Void

    So Pokemon For Ace

    @PhoenixSoul I know, it honestly feels like a huge joke by how much of a mess (again the guy linked a Rick Roll video in one of his post) it is. A good enough scripter "could" go in and fix everything, however a skilled scripter I am not. Hence this post. I am tempted to just buy XP but money's a bit tricky at the moment so saving for that is slow.
  7. Darkness Void

    So Pokemon For Ace

    So I wanted to mess around with a Pokemon game (have ideas but need the practice) but the best method I could fine is XP only with no way to use on VX Ace. But there is Pokemon For Ace, Crystal Engine. However it seems to be a dead project (and since one link the creator posted led to a Rick Roll video.....) but, the stuff is there. https://crystalnoel42.wordpress.com/pokemon-for-ace-kit/downloads/ However upon messing with there are a few problems, such as.... #1 All sprites are downloaded separately, including the battlers #2It's riddled with bugs (for example attempting to save crashes, and the project refuses to be opened as long as that save file is there) #3There are zero tutorials (text or video) meaning I have no way of learning this without trail and error Now I do believe that, given enough time and effort, all of these bugs can be fixed but I'm very uncertain. After all I have nothing to tell me how to do anything. This really does feel like a massive troll (again he linked a Rick Roll video in a topic he posted elsewhere revealing this engine) but I could be wrong. But the most recent thing regarding this engine that I could fine was 2015. So chances are it's dead but if a really good scripter took the time all the problems could be fixed. I am not a scripter, I can't really tell what's wrong without trail and error but that's just with 3, 4 or maybe 5 scripts. Not a whole engine (meaning the custom scripts this guy built into the download, there are like +20 of these scripts). So before I even attempt this burden, is it really worth it? I want to put in effort but, if you guys look at the download he gave you'll see all the custom stuff he did. And everything is broken. Should I try to fix this engine or should I just save up the $25 to buy XP and use the still being updated project? The quick answer would be "Dude you're wanting to attempt to fix a projected when there's a better one that's still getting updated?" but again, there stuff is there and VX Ace is what I'm better suited at. But can I even save this? I shall leave it up to people who are way better suited and experienced. Projects are never finished, their abandoned. But this.....I just need somebody to look and with experience, can tell me if it'll be worth the time and effort to even attempt. Your floor experts. Should I attempt to fix this or should I just buy XP for the more advanced engine?
  8. The demo runs perfectly, my own project? Not so much (I started a brand new file for another game, so far it's nothing new besides a few sprites and textures). OK I seem to be getting the following error: Script 'Dungeon Creation' line 686: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'put_to_random_place' for nil:NilClass I first copied the scripts from this topic but kept getting 1 error after another. So I ended up coping the scripts right out of the demo and I got the above error. Any ideas how to fix? It dumbfounds me that the demo WORKS, yet after ripping the scripts from it I STILL can't get this to work. I'll go ahead and link my project so you can hopefully see where the problem is exactly. It's just testing, nowhere near a started project. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xewmqz6m4slf2hw/Poke.7z EDIT:Are you serious? I found the error that was crashing my game. It wasn't a problem with the script, I needed to use a tile from "map B", basically page 2 of the map editor. I can't even understand why that was causing problems but oh well. I got it fixed after copying my own map into the demo and via versa.
  9. Darkness Void

    Spirailing Staircase And Footsteps

    Well it's for the intro scene, that's an dream. It's probably the only time I'll use it. I wanted to use it to add to the surrealness of the dream. And give an eerie feel to the player. I probably won't be able to do 3D tho...attempted blender once, every folder showed as empty for unknown reasons.
  10. Wow it's been an long time hasn't it? To keep this short I've been away because I have been working on my game's "canon" story, which is around 33,000 words so far. So yeah, been an while. X3 I actually had to bite my lip to post this, since I'm rebooting my game's beta I want to add 2 things to it that I can't really do on my own. First thing is probably the hardest. A staircase that spirals downwards, spinning as you descend it. Basically I wanted something like this. However I know doing that in VX Ace might be nearly impossible, if so what would be the best second thing? An staircase that just has you walking downward on an flat surface is just blah. The second thing I wanted to do is, well simply put footsteps. You know, the sound of walking over grass, water, snow. I have spent about an hour looking into this so I know it'll need an script. However I can not for the life of me find the bloody sounds. XD I saw an couple scripts, OK just one but it said in the tut video (the type of tut where there's music over the entire tut parts) that you need an sound of just an single step, not multiple. So I'm also asking if anybody knows where I could find the sound effects for when you walk over different surfaces, and an script that'll make it easy. If not just the sound effects would be fine. Thanks in advance! ^^ P.S What would be best for an dream landscapes? Just asking.
  11. Darkness Void

    The Town That Feared Nightfall Demo

    Updated again! You thought I disappeared didn't ya? XP
  12. Darkness Void

    So BGM Disappears

    @roninator2 I thought using the save/replay BGM would fix this but even with that the music just never starts upon loading a save..hm, yeah I'd ask if you could redownload http://www.mediafire.com/file/xu4z61v6u748kvt/Glitch_Testing.zip and see if any script is causing this problem. I tested and @ms_cutscene = false just took away the option to skip. EDIT: I'm stupid...I put the save/replay BGM on the wrong event page, now the music plays after loading.
  13. Darkness Void

    So BGM Disappears

    @roninator2 Sorry for late reply, I'm looking up where I got the script and making sure I didn't remove anything. Do you still have the glitch testing zip? I never added a new script pass that, and I don't want to go looking for where I found them all.
  14. Darkness Void

    A Question On Conditional Branches

    Well I figured out you "can" select things from inside a Conditional Branch by holding shift. Well that fixes everything. XD
  15. I try to remember to fully finish a cutscene before placing it inside a Conditional Branch but every now and again I finish it, but remember I have to go back and add a smaller Conditional Branch inside the cutscene where a few line of dialogs changed depending on if you learnt something. Let me put a example in a spoiler tag, so you guys get what I mean. Is there a way to select everything within a Conditional Branch, but not the Conditional Branch itself? Just everything inside it? I had to be careful by making a backup event with the completed cutscene as I had to go in and, for lack of a better word, surgically insert this smaller Conditional Branch inside it and make sure nothing was out of order. A game with many optional bits and pieces, Celestia it's hard to remember everything when you go and add them! XD Remember I want this game to give freedom and change on your choices, thus making you feel better inserted and--------------THINK OF MORROWIND, that's really the best possible example in terms of the choice freedom I'm aiming for. But I have OCD, I tend to forget when focusing, so its likely I'll forget to add---or later want to add---a Conditional Branch that changes a few lines and actions within a Conditional Branch depending on another choice. Also remember this game is a murder mystery, another good example would be the PC game Ripper where the killer is randomly different and you have to really pay attention to everything that changes.