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  1. Darkness Void

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    Think you could help me with that overlay script too? I need to get the overlay not to be black, yet the tutorial I was following never got that far. It's the last thing I need to figure out. Hope I'm not breaking a rule by asking this here.
  2. Darkness Void

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    Well didn't they say that? It works now. I just need Mega to return to his idle frame when stopping. Thank you for your help so far, I appreciate it. ^^
  3. Darkness Void

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    I'm still having trouble with these frames. When I move downward Mega disappears until he stops or moves in another direction. I'll link what I have so far so you can look and see what I got wrong. I have the patch but I'm not sure which script to place it in (the extra frames script gave an error when pasted there). Keep in mind this only a testing project, not for an actual game. Yet at any rate.
  4. Darkness Void

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    @Kayzee That certainty fixed that problem, thank you. ^^ And now I can see that the 8 direction script isn't working as the wrong frames are shown when moving at an angle. I'll fix that next now that I can see it. Let me ask. I got the game to show the idle frame when set to index 2, so I assume the index staring at the far left is 0, 1, 2 and so on?
  5. First off let me say I wasn't quite sure where to post this. I'm using 2 scripts to give the characters both extra frames of animation and turn in 8 directions. But it's the sprites I need help with. I thought I followed both to the letter however when I boot up the game the sprites are cropped, missing half of the sprite. I can't fix this, so I'm asking for help. The scripts I'm using are this one and this one over here. Instructions how they work are written in the scripts so no need to explain here. The sprites I'm using are at the bottom. Are they too big for these scripts? Too close together? Thanks for any help you can give. ^^ P.S Those sprites are for test purposes only right now.
  6. Hello reader. I've finally got back into RPG Maker and I feel a bit dumb for asking this. I bought and started using a custom tileset, this one. And I will show screenshots but here's the reason for this post. I made a cliff that I wanted the player to ascend via either a rope or a set of vines. But when I add the vines, rope, and even a ladder, they just replace the part of the cliff instead of going over it. I even went and made the vines an event, but the player stops dead at the cliff. I ended up just using the stairs tile but I wanted to ask for future reference why were the vines, ladder and rope replacing the cliff tiles and how should I go about fixing it. I believe it's something to do with how I added the tiles in the database, but I'm not entirely sure. Is it something to do with the A, B, C and D tabs? P.S sorry if this is in the wrong place, I haven't been here in a long time. ^^;
  7. OK first let me say that "animated enemies" is not what I am asking. Even tho 100% of searching gave me that.. I want to know how to have my customly made enemy, who has a still battle, to use the animation numbered 21, titled "Blow Ice" from the editor? From what I can see, those are player only attacks?
  8. Darkness Void

    Does Anybody Know How To Do This?

    I found the script, but can somebody give me a translated copy that isn't corrupted text? http://www.rgss-factory.net/2015/02/15/ace-mode-7-ace-v-1-7-2/
  9. Simply, the topic. This looks interesting, but there's no info on how to do it.
  10. Darkness Void

    If I Buy DLC From Steam...

    @roninator2 I'm actually hoping to XP from that bundle, VX Ace I had for a few years now but not on Steam. @PhoenixSoul Alrighty, thanks for the info!
  11. This is a simple question. I noticed a few "DLC" packs, tile sets, that I can buy and import into RPG Maker. I also noticed that they, for the most part, seem to be cheaper over on Steam. However I do not have VX Ace on Steam (XP is up in the air since the trial had long since ended). So, if I buy these DLC Packs (I really love the Fantastic Buildings Medieval pack, Medieval IS my thing after all!) on Steam, would I be able to place them into RPG Maker that's not on Steam, but my PC? And vice versa. If you will? Thanks in advance!
  12. https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=220360 Hey again, I know I know all I do is ask questions with little to show. I hope to change that soon, but right now I found something that could help me with an older project. The above is a starter kit for fans of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, however when I attempt to run/open it I get and I noticed the link above said "RPG Maker VX" so I'm assuming Ace can't open it because it uses RGSS301.dll? But I do wonder if there's a way to get VX Ace to open this, right? P.S when I ty to open it I do get the message about how Windows can't open Game.rvproj.
  13. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    I figured it out! Well, actually no. I still have no idea what "<c2=7E105D08>", is, but thanks to the below link I learnt that simply replacing the code with HEX, I can easily add and edit each text color. I thank you guys for trying to help! I might've ruined the script if I tried editing blind. >_> https://reliccastle.com/resources/152/
  14. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    @Black Mage They seem to be up for me.. And I see. Well Coloring the text shouldn't be hard to figure out but I just can't locate how to do it with this. EDIT: I reuploaded the files with a different name. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o2gbmj0uh7oeb30/Poke_Digimon.7z/file
  15. Darkness Void

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    @Black Mage Yes. But I'll link the engine so you can look. The ".2" I was told is a patch but I don't see it. Anyways all the scripts are in there. And where is that color list located at exactly? http://www.mediafire.com/file/zlm5nc157dfpviw/Pok%C3%A9mon_Essentials_v17_2017-08-27.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/nhheoxg6ur2cop0/Pok%C3%A9mon_Essentials_v17.2_2017-10-15.zip/file
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