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  1. Hello! Good evening, it's me again. You see, I was trying to "Modify" an already made Menu, I managed to move a few things around, my biggest complication is the following: How can I make Instead of the Iconset Icons, use individual Icons placed in the Pictures Folder? I tried to replicate the Notetag that the Plugin has, but I can't use its references outside of what is established, even changing the names and making them match. This is the Link to the Menu: http://zelindrodeveloper.blogspot.com/2016/02/rmmv-plugins-only-character-survivor.html
  2. DorFenn

    Sup everybody!!

    Hey bro! Good afternoon. I'm DorFenn, thanks for introducing yourself and deciding to join this Forum! I won't be the best at Scripting or something similar, but at least it made him want haha I hope you have a nice stay. See ya 'round!
  3. Hello Kyonides! Well, I'll try to do that, assign the measure of the Score Image to two Variables to obtain the range and add it to the objective variables. My problem now is: how can I get the Slider to be in the radius of the Variable? I have tried to use $game_variables[90] >= $game_variables[91] and what causes that is that Variable 90 (The slider) gets stuck in the Value of Variable 91. Do you have any idea what it could be? Thanks for the recommendation and reading my post, I appreciate it.
  4. Hello! Good Night (It's 1:30 in the Morning, where I live) You see, I was watching a Tutorial on how to create a Hitbar, a minigame (I'll leave the Tutorial Link at the end of the Post), and it happens that the Green Bar (The Target we must hit) is designated with variables to calculate the sides that are left over, but it does not count the proportions of the image, rather it counts the numbers of the background variables. My curiosity was, could it be possible to store the Width and Length of an image in Variables? Because if I copy the Tutorial as is, it works, but I've been trying to add more objectives for about two hours and I can't get the values to be subtracted, so instead of subtracting them, I want to have the full size of the Image but as a Variable. I know it sounds complicated, I tried to look for alternatives, but I did not find anything related to my Problem Ha ha ha. Tutorial: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/blog/eventing-a-qte-time-hits-minigame Thank you all, good night.
  5. DorFenn

    Write variables in Menu

    Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, it worked perfectly with all three variables! Thank you very much Kayzee! PS: Will you know any method to show images within the menu? o Even some text box
  6. Hello everyone! I have a problem, you see, I am scripting and making adjustments to my menu, and I wanted to draw some variables on the weapons within the inventory, the variable appears, but now it also does with the other weapons. I have tried to use derivations such as "If / Elsif", or use it as a "Case" and try with "When" but I have not been able to solve it, the variable continues to appear on all weapons. Here's the code and a screenshot. I enclosed the value in red and as it is repeated, I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
  7. DorFenn

    Get the name and icon of Skills in scripts

    Maybe not, but thanks to the script I can get the name and icon of the skill, now it works as I want it to be, but I have the same problem, the information from the original equipment is overwritten. Thanks Phoenix!
  8. DorFenn

    Get the name and icon of Skills in scripts

    That sounds good! But I wish I could write it. You see, I have to draw two objects in a window, the second image is superimposed with photoshop since somehow trying it with a bitmap to occupy the place was a good idea. But if or if I need to be able to draw the icon and the name. What is underlined in black is the overlay. if @actor.equips[0] != nil and $game_player.current_skill[0] @Equip_window.draw_text(0, -15 , 120, 50, RE_MENU::Equip) @Equip_window.draw_icon(@actor.equips[0].icon_index, 110, 20, true) @Equip_window.draw_text(0, 15 , 150, 50, @actor.equips[0].name) elsif $game_player.current_skill[0] == $data_skills[9] @Equip_window.draw_text(0, -15 , 120, 50, RE_MENU::Equip) @Equip_window.draw_icon($data_skills[9].icon_index, 190, 20, true) @Equip_window.draw_text(180, 15 , 150, 50, $data_skills[9].name) end The above is what in theory should be written in the window. I honestly don't know why that doesn't happen. I will check the Yanfly class to see if I can get something, thanks Phoenix. EDIT: Well, I have updated the code box, I have managed to show the ability and its name, but now the same thing happens to me as when I wanted to add the skills to the main menu, the skills displayed overwrite the previous equipment.
  9. Hey! Good afternoon or evening, whatever, I come again with my problems from the menu xd, now I am faced with ... Not being able to draw the skills, it happens that the VXAce (I do not know this case in other Makers) does not take as equipment Skills, and this is a problem, since I can only draw the icons and names of everything that the system recognizes as an object. That is why I would like to know if anyone knows a way to draw the skill either completely (being able to put the name and icon without any problem), or having to mess with something in the background. Greetings and thanks to all of you in advance!
  10. DorFenn

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! The Government pleads guilty to everything, but it remains as a sign that you have been forced to speak! You are sentenced to a maximum security prison. I want the new RPG Maker to have a code as friendly as the RGSS
  11. DorFenn

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! But you can only make a game with rtp in 2k3 I wish I could make better perspectives on 2D graphics
  12. DorFenn

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    I was wrong posting the message xd, but I will keep it in mind for future occasions anyway. Regards.
  13. DorFenn

    Note Field Hash

    Hey! That looks good, I'll keep that in mind when I do more complex things, thanks Kayzee!
  14. DorFenn

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    Regarding the Note Tag I was going to try it, but when I read a tutorial and it was too much to scan, I decided to use the conditionals after all. From what I do, three skills are nothing compared to those people who use a lot of them. You can see it as a placeholder xd Although it helps me too much to know which line I should edit in the future. Luckily now I can progress on my own, thanks to everyone again!
  15. DorFenn

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    I did think about it. But seeing that I only use three skills doesn't make much sense to me at least. So I make just one general modification that conditionally adds those three. Although maybe someone else is the same as me, unless you want to add all the skills. (Although I have not seen anyone who wants to mix skills within the menu of items xd)