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    Loading Screen When Launching The Game?

    Yes. I do have a clear reason. My story is set in a really specific universe that I made myself and a loading screen, a fake one at that would look absolutely awesome if put the right way, no matter how short - again, the shorter it is, the better. It's like a Sims kind of thing and I would love to have one. At first I simply thought it might work but I really have to try it now that I have a good motive. I had enough time to think up the story better. Thanks again to you~ I'm going to need the luck! You actually made me think about the topic a lot better. I don't think I would have thought about it without you. For some strange reason I liked to hear you ranting about why it was bad. I found it...Pleasing? Uh, don't question it. Thanks! That's exactly what I needed. It's a really good idea, both of them. I just wanted it before the title screen, but there's a very small chance I might to the latter if I ever find a good explanation as to why it would be better...Asides from maybe being easier.
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    Loading Screen When Launching The Game?

    i see. Thanks a lot, you've been really helpful. That ones out of the way, then.
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