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  1. vork88

    Looking for a combat style

    I am looking for a combat style from the game time and eternity where its uses anime style and the camera is behind the main hero I would like to post some gameplay to show off what the style looks like if its ok
  2. vork88

    third person Mode 7?

    i guess no one has a script for this
  3. is there anyway to make command happen in battle after you select everyone's skills or attack? like example character 1 chosen attack but he does the ready animation for the attack and then you select character 2 command and he does the same until everyone on your party commands is selected and then the attacks proceed?
  4. vork88

    Victor Engine - Multi Frames request

    Weird i tried googling it and never got that address
  5. vork88

    Need help

    im using custom 2d sprites
  6. vork88

    Weapon question

    OK i think I understand this so common events will always run Question would this also work on enemys to make them scale with the player level?
  7. vork88

    Weapon question

    OK Take your time on it
  8. vork88

    Weapon question

    Nope can you maybe take a screenshot of a example on how it should look
  9. vork88

    Weapon question

    Im still new to rpg maker and i dont know how to make it always match my characters level
  10. vork88

    Map help

    I need help i want to set it where you recruit someone and they build a house in your town where before there is no house in the town
  11. vork88

    Weapon question

    Is the Var 2 += 4 scale base on like +4 levels like every 4 levels his sword gets stronger? I am a visual learner also do I add this on the weapon or somewhere on the map?
  12. Is there anyway to make a weapon Scale with the player's level?
  13. vork88

    Need a sprite for my game

    The swing is for her overworld sprite of her hammer and the engine is rpg maker VX ace and the animation is the character animation overworld sprite also
  14. vork88

    Skill question

    OK thanks i thought it just means to repeat the animation
  15. Is there away to make a skill do multiple damage like you use a skill it does the damage 4 times