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  1. I am looking for a combat style from the game time and eternity where its uses anime style and the camera is behind the main hero I would like to post some gameplay to show off what the style looks like if its ok
  2. OK i been using this and i was wondering https://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/rgss3-scripts/graphics-enhancements/animated-battlers/ Is there a way to make a transformation happen in battle using this script and having the transformed versiopn stay until end of battle?
  3. third person Mode 7?

    i guess no one has a script for this
  4. is there anyway to make command happen in battle after you select everyone's skills or attack? like example character 1 chosen attack but he does the ready animation for the attack and then you select character 2 command and he does the same until everyone on your party commands is selected and then the attacks proceed?
  5. Victor Engine - Multi Frames request

    Weird i tried googling it and never got that address
  6. I i cant find this script anymore the wordpress is no longer online
  7. Need help

    im using custom 2d sprites
  8. Weapon question

    OK i think I understand this so common events will always run Question would this also work on enemys to make them scale with the player level?
  9. Need help

    Ok i am using this script https://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/rgss3-scripts/graphics-enhancements/animated-battlers/ and in the script it says ACTOR_POSITIONS = [[400, 300], [460, 320], [520, 340], [580, 360]] and want the characters to be on the same row like a normal rpg and not scattered when i change the numbers they did not change Positions
  10. Weapon question

    OK Take your time on it
  11. Weapon question

    Nope can you maybe take a screenshot of a example on how it should look
  12. Weapon question

    Im still new to rpg maker and i dont know how to make it always match my characters level
  13. Map help

    I need help i want to set it where you recruit someone and they build a house in your town where before there is no house in the town
  14. Weapon question

    Is the Var 2 += 4 scale base on like +4 levels like every 4 levels his sword gets stronger? I am a visual learner also do I add this on the weapon or somewhere on the map?
  15. Is there anyway to make a weapon Scale with the player's level?